And it makes me smile...

Howsabout some snippets?

The post-mouse clean-up continues in Casa Kapgar. I'm feeling less and less bad about the steps I had to take to eliminate our houseguest considering how much he, well, "left behind" for us. We completely wiped the counters clean with bleach cleaner. Same with under the sink and our lower food cabinets. His presence was felt in many, many places, if you know what I mean. We also wound up throwing out a lot of foodstuffs. The little prick even got inside the cannister we use to hold many of our kitchen utensils. Yeah, that's right, we emptied it out to find little brown specks all over the inside. Not fun. Not at all.

Do you remember back in May when I announced I won a radio contest for a DVD box set of Twin Peaks, season 2, and I was confused because I couldn't remember entering the contest? Well, I still don't remember entering it, but I have won something else from the very same station. This one I'm pretty sure I remember entering but only because I didn't think there was a prayer of actually winning it.

It's the first season of Jericho.

I started watching this show last season and made it through a handful of episodes before giving up. It wasn't fantastic, by any stretch. But it wasn't terrible. And I think, this time, I may actually watch it. Heck, it's free so why not, right?

But I would like to know when I'm going to start winning the contests I want to win. That's not asking too much, is it?

Oh the agony I could've saved my fellow man if only I'd had a rocket launcher installed on my truck. I'd be a hero to millions the world over who are tired of bad music being piped into their workplaces and offices and stores they visit on a daily basis.

Target acquired

Sorry it's a bit blurry. I was driving at the time. And I did black out his license plate. I'm not targeting this guy specifically so no need to worry him and, consequently, the local authorities. But that doesn't make Muzak any less evil.

Typically I'm one of those people who knows immediately whether he likes an album or not. I can listen to it once and know if I will ever listen to it again. That's just how I roll.

But Lily Allen's Alright, Still has me a bit confused.

I really can't decide if I like it or not. Some of it appeals to me but in a way I can't quite put in words and, thus, I don't know if I truly like it.

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Not sure I would include mouse turds in a snippet list of things that make me smile, but dreaming about rocket launchers aimed at a Muzak van. Definitely! LOL


I hate mice! I worked in a movie theater where mice were a HUGE problem. I kept my feet off the floor as much as possible!

I feel the same about Lily Allen. I still can't tell whether she's too fluffy for me.


Snippets back:
- at least you found the mouse before said "remnants" ended up somewhere that really made you go ewwwww
- Congrats (I think) on the win
- Dare I say I like Muzak? GOTCHA. Just wanted to see if you were really reading this.
- Lily who?

Happy Hump-day


i like lily but a lot of it sounds the same to me. thus the reason i listen to it in small doses.


Evidence of mice always seems to turn up in the funniest of places. Like chewed sofa cushions. Really.

And yeah, the Muzak van should have been taken out.


I love Lily Allen, but can't figure out why. It isn't something I would expect to like, but I do. I agree with Sizzle that a lot of it sounds the same to me too.


Lisa, no, the mouse turds don't make me smile. Just a lyric that's appropriate since it's a Lily Allen song.

metalmom, I can't imagine what it would be like to watch a movie like Arachnophobia or Willard and suddenly feel mice running over your lower body. GAH!!! I feel the same way about Lily. It's almost too fluffy but I still enjoy some of it.

sue, you like Muzak??? For shame!

sizzle, it does sound somewhat the same after a while.

Dagny, nothing chewed up yet, so far. But Katie just found some mouse excrement in the rug in our upstairs bathroom. First evidence he left the ground floor. I wish I had that rocket launcher.

tori, Lily is not something I'd expect to like either. That's one of the reasons I'm so confused.


I have to be in a Lily Allen sort of mood - maybe you're still trying to find which mood she fits in for you!


If the driver of the truck was caucasion then you could have yelled out the window "Play that funky muzak white boy ..."


Or Caucasian. :)


I heard Lily Allen on SNL and damned near muted the TV multiple times. For some reason, I just hated that music, couldn't stand her look or presence. Viscerally, immediately, like a bad reaction to fish. I finally never did mute the TV for the same reason one often can't help staring at a car accident. This has happened to me before, but very rarely, notably with Morrisey. Eeecchhh.


Bre, I'll betcha that's it.

g-man, at least he has his choice of which caucasian/-on he wants to be. And he was Hispanic.

Catherine, at some points I wanted to mute her, too. But I kept going with it. I think I found two or three songs I liked. May delete the rest.

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