Cristal on ice...

It amazes me how fast life moves when you're running behind schedule much like I am this morning simply because I hit "off" instead of "snooze" on my alarm clock. Yeah, the extra 55 minutes of sleep felt great and looking at the clock to realize what time it was is better than a triple shot espresso to get you going, but I just don't want to make a habit of it.

It's not just myself that's moving fast to get things done, though. I feel like everything else around me is moving with equal speed. The things that I see are blurring together like objects outside a race car. It's almost comical really. It felt like the water in the shower was raining down faster, the fan in our room was spinning with no abandon, trains outside tearing past like bullets, and my fingers are ripping across the keyboard right now... you get the idea.

I feel as though I'm living a time-lapse life this morning. Instead of working at 60 frames per second, my life is only capturing one frame out of every minute of my life and then tearing through its presentation at regular speed thus appearing much, much faster.

How do I make it slow down?

And don't say "decaf."

Totally Unrelated Aside (TUA): From the "Mark Another Thing Off My List Of Stuff To Do Before I Die" department, I can now officially say I've had Cristal! I'm not going to share in the details as to why, but I did. And, even before I knew it was Cristal, I thought it was a pretty good tasting champagne so it's not as though my opinion of it was tempered by the knowledge of what it was.

So, yeah, I enjoyed it.

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Those extra minutes of sleep sound great! I "slept in" this morning but I did it sort of on purpose. Instead of getting up at 5 like I normally do, I got up at 6 and skipped running but now I feel totally behind in everything I am doing this morning.

You know I would never ever suggest decaf to you.


For some reason I thought you were writing about trying crystal meth from the title of today's entry.

Which, coincidentally enough, would probably make you not care so much at what speed your life was moving.

Or anything else, for that matter.


tori, the funny thing is that I'm still wide awake three hours later. Usually I'm yawning up a storm by now. And thank you for not suggesting decaf as it might've been met with violence.

Dave, I can't quite say I've had that opportunity yet. Nor is it on my Before I Die list either, for any police organization types who might be reading this post. ;-)


How to slow down? I have no clue. I just realized it was Friday.


sue, just realized it? I've been looking forward to it since last Friday.


I thought you were writing about crystal meth at first too. :)

I've only tasted champagne once, and that was out of a Dixie cup at the high school graduation party.


ajooja, what is it with all of you and crystal meth today? A blog addiction going around I'm not aware of?


Crystal meth? Never heard of it! *snort* That was laughter! I swear!! Not that I need it to get through the week!...well, I do, but ..... not seriously!!


Oh crystal meth? I am so pathetic that I thought you were going to talk about Crystal reports!


I did the same thing this morning except that my alarm was going off every nine minutes, but instead of waking up and getting ready to go to work, I just worked the alarm into my dream and kept on sleeping.

Thankfully, I don't do shit at work so that hour that I missed didn't have any impact.


metalmom, well, clearly you're not that familiar because you implied you'd snort it and that's just not good. ;-)

Hilly, Crystal reports?

Brandon, lucky you.

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