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Do the evolution...

Oct 10
So sue has tagged me with a writing idea. Using her description, I am to "participate in a blog meme about the evolution of my blog." I'm not really sure if it's a meme as it's not a series of...
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Cristal on ice...

Oct 12
It amazes me how fast life moves when you're running behind schedule much like I am this morning simply because I hit "off" instead of "snooze" on my alarm clock. Yeah, the extra 55 minutes of sleep felt great and...


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I love my crackberry. I do. :) Sorry.


Is part of this story missing...?



What, did you get settled with one?


Nat, so I'll exchange your love of your CrackBerry with my enjoyment of two Nickelback songs and we'll call it even?

kilax, oh so many stories. So so many.

Dustin, thankfully no. But I'm sure Murphy's Law will play out now.


Uhhhhh, maybe it's time for an iPhone?


Very nice hammer!
You are definitely ready for an iPhone. My Sprint contract is up next month and if only ATT/Cingular had better coverage where I live....


I have to say - I love my crackberry, too! Although it has yet to betray me... if it does I'm going to dive headfirst into iPhone love!


Hilly, got $300 to spare?

bogup, ball peens rock.

Bre, I just don't get CrackBerries.


What do you say we throw it off a mountain top, and crack open a six-pack. We could toast it's demise. LOL


Sounds good to me.


Um... I'll just come back later when you're all calm...


sue, when you find me, I may be buried in a pile of shattered CrackBerries.


I have an ongoing theme on this...


cheryl, yay! A fellow CrackBerry Hater!

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