A question for you...

Okay, so I'm a bit late jumping on board Hilly's meme. Sue me!

No wait. Please don't do that. I'm not particularly well off in terms of money as it is and if you were to take the little bit I do have, I'd be really screwed. So, instead of suing me, just chastise me in the comments. Deal?

Phew! That was a close one.

Anyway, about a week ago, Hilly posted a series of questions about herself and we were to guess the answers. Several other bloggers have run with her idea in a far more timely manner than I and, now, finally, here I am throwing myself to the wolves. I'm going to put a little spin on it though. Each question will have a final option in which you all should feel free to put in your own answer for fun. Of course, you can always answer the questions seriously and still give a fill in just for kicks. This should be interesting... soliciting the opinions of the Peanut Gallery. Oh boy.

1. What's my favorite meal of the day?

a. Breakfast
b. Lunch
c. Dinner
d. [your twisted answer]

2. In real life, am I?
a. Painfully shy
b. A bit removed until I'm comfortable
c. The most talkative person in the room
d. [your twisted answer]

3. What is my biggest pet peeve?
a. People that dogear pages and break spines on books
b. Bad drivers
c. People who worship George Bush and Ann Coulter
d. [your twisted answer]

4. What is my preferred method of punishment for people that annoy me?
a. Castration with rusty pruning shears (or something equivalent for females)
b. Complete and total embarrassment via posting on my blog
c. Bitch smack with a morning star
d. [your twisted answer]

5. Of the major media forms out there, what could I not live without?
a. Movies
b. Television
c. Music
d. Books
e. [your twisted answer]

6. What is my favorite holiday?
a. Christmas
b. Halloween
c. Easter
d. Thanksgiving
e. Black Friday
f. Casimir Pulaski Day (you'd have to live in Illinois to understand this one)
g. [your twisted answer]

7. My perfect day?
a. All day surfing the Web
b. Sleeping
c. Just seeing where the day takes us
d. [your twisted answer]

8. My ideal vacation?

a. Sightseeing trip to Alaska
b. A month with no set plans in the U.K.
c. Wandering where I was nearly born... Australia
d. Just hiding away with a good book
e. Road trip to fill in the gaps of those U.S. state I haven't visited
f. Watching the Cubs play in the World Series
g. [your twisted answer]

9. What is Kevin not capable of doing?
a. Snapping his fingers
b. Winking
c. Whistling
d. Although it terrifies me... [your twisted answer]

10. What is Kevin's dream car?
a. Dodge Viper
b. Chevy Corvette
c. Ford Cobra
d. While Kevin may claim one of the above is correct, the truth is he knows nothing about cars
e. [your twisted answer]

Yay! Behind the times though I may be, I finally got my own version done. Not an easy task at all.

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You get the same answer she did. I haven't "known" you for long enough to do this, but I look forward to the answers so I can get to know you better. :)



1. a. breakfast
2. b. a bit removed until I'm comfortable
3. b. bad drivers
4. b. complete and total embarassment on my
5. a. movies
6. f. Casimir Pulaski Day
7. c. just seeing where the day takes us
8. e. Road trip to fill in the gaps of those
US states I haven't visited
9. c. whistling ( although I considered D- Not capable of keeping his hands out
of his pants while watching tv)
10. d.While Kevin may claim on of the above
is correct,the truth is he knows
nothing about cars.

How did I do? Is there a prize?
Methylmom! LOL


1. b
2. b
3. This one is tricky but I'm going to have to go with a, although b was a close second.
4. b
5. c
6. d
7. c
8. f
9. b
10. d


you people and your quizzes. do you not know by now that i can't resist a quiz!?

i'm probably going to get a lot wrong but here's my stab at it:

1) c
2) b
3) d- all of the above
4) b (that's what blogs are for!)
5) c
6) d (the three f's - food, family, football)
7) c (you're such a free spirit)
8) b (cuz why the hell NOT?)
9) c (i'm the one that can't wink)
10) d


Hi, Kapgar! My name is Catherine and I'm a blog pal of SJ, Hilly, Dave and a few other folks you and they have in common. Here are my necessarily wild, wild guesses for your quiz:

1) 'a'
2) 'b'
3) 'a'
4) 'b'
5) 'd'
6) 'd'
7) 'c'
8) 'b', with a 'd'
9) 'a'
10) 'd'?, so 'e', can I plant a suggestion and recommend the 2007 Aston Martin Vantage?

I'll see you again, soon!

ktliz *AKA Mrs Kapgar*

Here are my guesses, I hope there good!
1.d- anything I make, or sandwiches that could be any meal.


3.d- all of the above drive you crazy and when I do not make up my mind:)

4.b- I am not going to comment or I'll be the next blog post.

5.c- your ipods go everywhere with you.

6.a and b- Christmas, you need snow to make it perfect and Halloween because you are twisted. If you had to chose, it would be Halloween.

7.c-with me next to you and Red Ranger as our our guide.

8.g-all of the above and hopefully I am invited

9.b- I hope your kids can;)

10.d- you nothing but would like to.

love you!


Wait, I come to comment and your wife already has? So if I were a *good* and *innocent* person, I'd not copy her answers, but let's face it...I'm Hilly!

Okay I will just answer with my own made up ones for "d" then but I want it to be known that I would have been 75% right if Katie is actually not throwing us off of the trail ;).

1. Any meal Katie makes, and you better tell her how yummy it is and that you appreciate it ;).

2. I would have said "b" anyway so yeah, I am going with that OR you are the person who table dances and loses his shorts at parties.

3. People who don't dogear the pages of books by Ann Coulter and GWB!

4. Totally blog posting but uhhhh, you tend to point the rest of us out too, so what does that mean? Do you hate me? Really?

5. Books on tape ;)

6. Chrismahanukwanza

7. Seeing wherever the day takes you, as long as it takes you and Katie to a bar to finally meet me.

8. Wherever you may roam.

9. Wow, do you really want me to say it?

10. Dodge Charger, beyotch.


Oook - here goes!

c, b, d, b, c, b, c, e, b (I hope cause neither can I!!), d


A, B, A, B, C, B, C, B, C, B


Hey all, thanks for the answers and for not getting too terribly dirty with the self-guided answer option.

Here are the answers...

1. While officially it is "b," Katie makes a good point that I do like anything she cooks at any time of day and sandwiches (the reason I love lunch) can be eaten at any time also.

2. Hovering between "a" and "b," but more often than not, "b." Except when I table dance as Hilly so astutely points out.

3. Secret answer "d"... all of the above. But I guess if forced to pick, it would be bad drivers ("b") or I wouldn't have all those wonderful posts!

4. It's obviously blogbarrassment ("b") although the other two sound dreamy!

5. As Katie points out, my iPods go everywhere with me... literally. So "c."

6. While I do like Christmas, Halloween takes it. Although the love of the holiday seems to be waning because fewer and fewer people really seem to give a rat's patootie anymore. Oh yeah, so that would be "b."

7. This was a trick question. The first two are solitary ventures. Answer "c" contains the word "us" implying that it would be Katie and me, thus making it perfect! (no sucking up there at all, eh?)

8. You might think all of the above, but we all know that I already regularly hide away with a book and that the Cubs are probably never going to make it to the Series. So the answer is "g - almost all of the above." Actually, I'd really like any of them with a lean towards wandering the UK aimlessly for a month ("b").

9. I can snap four fingers and whistle three different ways, but winking eludes me entirely ("b"). I'm right there with Bre and Sizzle.

10. I love Ford Cobras ("c"). Beautiful machines. But it's true, I know jack about cars ("d"). It's a downfall. Oh and that Aston Martin is pretty.


1. What's my favorite meal of the day?
d. Anything Katie makes. (I am trying to be nice here, but you left things wide open, so I make no promises)

2. In real life, am I?
b. A bit removed until I'm comfortable

3. What is my biggest pet peeve?
d. all of the above, with b possibly a little bit ahead.

4. What is my preferred method of punishment for people that annoy me?
b. Complete and total embarrassment via posting on my blog (but you wish it could be a)

5. Of the major media forms out there, what could I not live without?
c. Music

6. What is my favorite holiday?
b. Halloween with the Illinois only holiday, Casimir Pulaski Day, falling a close second

7. My perfect day?
c. Just seeing where the day takes us, as long as Katie is with you.

8. My ideal vacation?
g. In your little dream world, it would be f, but in the real world, it would be all of the above EXCEPT for f.

9. What is Kevin not capable of doing?
b. Winking - and I used to tease you about it mercilessly.

10. What is Kevin's dream car?
d. While Kevin may claim one of the above is correct, the truth is he knows nothing about cars

See. I was good. I didn't fill in any twisted and possibly vulgar answers for the [your twisted answer]parts!


I can't whistle. And I can only wink with my left eye. Try and get me to wink with my right and it's impossible...


Allison, very nicely done. Although I harbor no belief that the Cubs will ever win anything. That's part of the trick question on that one. It's actually all of the above minus the Cubs winning and hiding away with a book (which I already do). And thank you for reminding me about the teasing.

suze, I can whistle three different ways, but that doesn't seem to make up for not being able to wink. I have absolutely no separation of facial muscles. This also means I can't raise a single eyebrow. Kinda sucks because you can't give those knowing winks and questioning eyebrow lifts. Grrrr...

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