I remember now...
Just as they play your favourite song...

It's time to get up...

Hope everyone out there had a Merry Christmas!

Katie and I had all these grand plans for a Christmas post. Yep, that's right, she was going to co-write with me. But they all fell through when we discovered that my truck wouldn't start at all yesterday and diagnosing it became our overwhelming concern. We're giving it a new battery today now that stores are open again. So we hope you'll forgive us for having not written anything.

I'm also spending a lot of time right now compiling my "Best Of" lists for the year. I had forgotten how much work they were. I also listened to a ton more new music this year than in years past. It's incredible how much more. Yeah, I've spent an hour just putting together the list of albums I've listened to. I haven't even begun to write up commentary. So I stopped this morning and went to wake Katie up.

I decided it might be more fun to lay down and spoon her instead of letting an alarm wake her up. The second I wrap an arm around her, she jolts awake and exclaims, "What did I do!?!?"

Um, nothing that I'm aware of. Care to enlighten me?

Should I be laughing about this or worried about it?


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I say laugh. Katie was obviously in the middle of a very interesting dream.


that's a great way to wake someone up. i much prefer it to an alarm. heh.


What a sweet way to wake her up....unless your hands were cold!!

I hope your Christmas was great!


Dagny, and she claims to not remember at all. Dang it!

sizzle, I think she preferred it as well... once the shock wore off.

metalmom, God, I hope they weren't cold. Hope you had a great Christmas as well!

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