When the lights go down in the city...

How about some snippets for my first second day in a row of blogging in quite some time?

NBC has now officially removed all their TV shows from iTunes. Well, you know what I have to say about that? Screw ya, NBC. I'll watch your shows on TV and if I miss them, I miss them. I will no longer make an effort to watch any of your shows if you're not going to allow me TO PAY YOU so I can put it on my iPod! You're saying no to my money... the one thing, aside from ratings (which should result in money anyway) that you like most. I was about to purchase an episode of Law & Order from last season to watch on my iPod, but since you don't want my money, I won't give it to you. Eat my shorts, NBC.

I have to thank Yet Another Girl for this one. The township of Manalapan, NJ, is demanding that Google hand over the identity, e-mail address, associated e-mails, blog drafts, and and other information they have regarding a blogger who uses the name "daTruthSquad." Apparently this person has written some critical comments about a township lawsuit and the town thinks it was actually written by the defendant in the case. The Electronic Frontier Foundation is stepping in to defend the First Amendment rights of the blogger and of Google in their protection of this information.

I know I'm a Chicago Bears fan and our natural adversary is anybody donning the green and yellow of the Green Bay Packers. However, Packer rifleman Brett Favre was just named Sports Illustrated's Sportsman of the Year and I am having trouble thinking of a more deserving guy. After a couple seasons of subpar play from him and his team, the man has come back in a big way this season at 38 years old, an age when most NFLers have hung up their spikes. Plus he has consistently been the top scorer on one of my fantasy teams and I drafted him as my backup. He was bumped to starter very early on. Maybe I'm supposed to hate the guy, yet I cannot help but respect him. He's amazing. Damn him for being a Packer.

I was given an early birthday present from a friend in the form of a six pack of special winter brew by my buddies over at New Belgium Brewery in Fort Collins, CO. It is the Fat Tire 2° Below winter ale and I am so jacked about trying it. From what I'm told, it can be a very hard beer to find as it sells out rather quickly upon arrival in stores.

Nice segue, eh? Yep, tomorrow I turn a pair o' threes... 33 years old. I admit I'm old. But I'm still younger than you, Hilly! Hah! Yeah, that was mean. But she's constantly teasing me or expressing her disbelief that I'm not older than her. So she deserves the poke... um... yeah. I only wish ThinkGeek had a gift registry. Oh the fun I could have! Or maybe they do and I'm just too lazy to look. Oh well.

The area I live in here in the Midwest is expecting one heckuva winter storm today and tonight. If you live in the area, please be safe. Stay home, put on pajamas, find emergency candles, and hunker down with someone you love. Best advice I can think to impart unto you.

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Sorry it's been so long since my last post. I tried to come up with something worthwhile late last week and my mind just failed miserably. And, since part of the point of this pseudo-hiatus is to not post crap,...
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Dec 5
Happy birthday to me! Happy birthday to me! Happy birthday, dear Kappy! Happy birthday to me! Okay, so I already kinda sorta wished myself a happy birthday a day in advance. At the time, I didn't think I'd actually post...


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tomorrow is your birthday!? great! you are younger than i am too. ;)


In case you don't blog tomorrow, Happy Birthday!!
Winter storm? Yikes, I missed this. Maybe I won't be heading to the gym tonight after all...


Join the storm club. Unfortunately ours doesn't come with Snow. :(

Birthday time again, eh? Hmmmm....


NBC has always peeved me because they are the only network, other than the premium channels, that charges to see reruns on Comcast's On Demand channel.

Oh, and those folks at New Belgium Brewery make a mighty fine product. Enjoy!

Early happy birthday. And yeah, you're lazy because you can indeed create a Wish List on ThinkGeek.


I still cannot believe that you are ol.....oh wait, nevermind. I promised not to say that around your actual birthday ;).


33???? 33?????
I'M old....*sob*

You're still really hot when you say "eat my shorts"


Happy Birthday! And if it helps, in my opinion 33 is still quite young... ;)


Happy Birthday, Kevin!!!

(My computer's been acting up a bit lately, so in case my troubleshooting results in disaster, I thought I'd better convey my bday wishes today.)


NBC sucks. I think CBS has a bunch of their shows on their site for free.

Happy birthday, btw. You bastards are all younger than me. :)


Aww, I love your advice for tonight :) I can't wait to cuddle up with someone I love - Data! oops, I mean Steven!

Happy early birthday! You're not that old, but still ten years older than me :) ;)


Have a wonderful birthday tomorrow!

NBC has so little that I watch anyway that it's no great loss to me for them to be gone from iTunes. Kinda stupid for them to stop offering shows to people willing to actually pay for them though.


Second day in a row - you keep this up and there's gonna be expectations!

Anyway stay safe in the storm!


I've just decided to download NBC shows for free off the internet. I pay for DirecTV, so I've already paid for the privilege of watching their crap... but I never minded buying their shows for my iPhone so I have something to watch while I travel. It was just so convenient. But now I don't have a way of buying the convenience, so I guess free it is.


sizzle, I know. But you don't point it out like Hilly does so I didn't pick on you. Thanks!

diane, play it safe. And thanks!

Dustin, no snow??? That just sucks.

Dagny, clearly I was truly lazy. And I hate that about NBC on On Demand, too. We found that out. Sucks.

Hilly, and I appreciate it! ;-)

metalmom, happy to heat things up for you.

Amie, I've been getting that today. I feel old and everyone else calls me a pup. Thanks though!

claire, better safe than sorry. Thanks!

ajooja, and you can watch CBS for free on On Demand. Not NBC though.

kilax, HEY STEVEN!!

Melanie, very stupid of them. But expected. That's what I find sad. Just when you think they can't get any dumber.

Bec, I know. I was afraid of that.

Dave, as I recall, copyright infringement law dictates that something must be otherwise available to you in order for its downloading to not be illegal. They make it available to Windows only users. I think that's justification enough, don't you?


Since it's after midnight, let me just say - Happy Birthday, Kevin!!


Happy Birthday! Yeah, 33 is nowhere near old, yo. You're in your PRIME, relish it! You'll have plenty of time to go on about how old you are later. Muuuuuch later.


Bre, thanks! I waited until after midnight, my time, to reply. Heh.

Catherine, this is my prime??? The implication being that it's only downhill from here??? Oh dear God, I'm screwed. ;-)


Your prime lasts EONS!!! And you're still near the beGINNing of it! Dude, *sigh*. Dude. You are so young.



Old? Ha, you don't know what old is!

Happy Birthday Kevin!!


Catherine, that's a bit more reassuring. Phew!

Lisa, oh c'mon. I am aged!


Kevin, how weird is it that we both this year turned ages that are multiples of 11?!?! You're now 33, and I'm now 55. Hope you had a marvelous birthday.

If 55 saves lives, what does 33 do? Set you free?

Also, ThinkGeek has had wish lists for years, dude.

Fat Tire is my daughter's favorite brew.


55 saves lives? Never heard that. I've heard "I can't drive 55." Heh. I never look at fine detail on Web sites. I really should. And I would've discovered the wishlists. Dangit.


"55 Saves Lives" was the lameass slogan used to promote the 55mph speed limit back in the '70s. You were probably too young to notice it.


Yeah, still somewhere between one and two decades away from driving depending on the year. Me the yung'un.

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