These crocodile tears are what I cry...
Breaking the habit...

Burnin' down the house...

As much as I claim to miss my regular television programming schedule and as much as I want to see this writers' strike come to an end, there is actually a part of me that is happy it is going on. Sure, I want the writers to get their money and I really miss The Office and some others, but Katie and I have been discovering so many other shows that we probably would not otherwise have taken the time to look into.

GiadaAnd a vast majority of them air on the Food Network.

We've watched Throwdown with Bobby Flay; Ace of Cakes; Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives; Emeril Live; Iron Chef America; Unwrapped; Good Eats with Alton Brown; Giada's Weekend Getaways; Food Network Challenge; Roker on the Road; Everyday Italian; Paula's Party; and so many others as we happen to tune into them.

These shows are absolutely fascinating.

But the great thing about these shows is that not only are they fun to watch, you actually learn something. You learn how to cook. You learn how to prepare. You learn what things work together. You learn where to go out to eat. You learn that Giada DeLaurentiis is the hottest woman on TV.

The only ones we actually subscribe to on our TiVo are Throwdown and Giada's Weekend Getaways. The rest we catch if they happen to be on. But we've gone days where our TVs have not strayed from the Food Network at all. Suffice it to say, we'd be a horrible Nielsen household for the big four networks, but great for extended cable.

And what I've learned (aside from the realization about Giada) is stuff I can use here at home now that Katie is going back to school. I'm going to be the primary cook and this scares me... immensely.

I know I can cook to some degree, but I've never been too sure of my "abilities."

Well, I guess it's time to get over my insecurities and begin cooking.

And make sure the TV doesn't stray from Food Network as I'm doing it.

Wish me luck and pray I don't burn down the house.


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That Giada is damn cute. And scary is that I knew that the post would be about the Food Network because I recognized the photo instantly. Every time I watch Giada, I think, "Why aren't more men watching this channel?"


There are more men watching than you realize. Some won't admit it. And there are also more guys buying cookbooks than ever before. Ever wonder why there are so many pictures of the cooks in these books in addition to just the food?


And how's all this food watching and impending food preparation going to work out with your trying to lose weight? Stay away from Paula's recipes and any of the food ingested on Diners, Drive-ins and Dives and you might be okay. My little man will be so disappointed that his girl Rachel didn't make your list. ;)

Nilsa S.

A girlfriend of mine turned me onto Food Network a couple years ago with the introduction of Iron Chef America - love that show (and she has a not-so-secret crush on Alton Brown). Like you, I've become addicted to the Food Network (though, long before the writers strike - I'm not much of a network girl). My fiance LUVS Giada DeLaurentiis, too - you might have competition for her!


giada is pretty and a good cook but there's something about her presentation or the way she talks that often bugs me. maybe it's her italian pronunciation or something.

with that said, i LOVE the food network. dinner impossible is a pretty fun show too. and i love watching iron chef. and paula deen is a hoot. i absolutely cannot stand emeril.



I have said it before, in my house it is nickelodeon or food tv that is playing, and so for me to watch any of my sci-fi I have to wait for someone to go to bed. I don't mind food tv too much, there are some interesting shows and people (Alton Brown is great) but some of there "challenge" shows make me want to gouge me eyes out. Heather watches food tv it at bed time and more often than not it makes me hungry.


Bah! TV's should never be associated with learning and besides, Television Foods Programming died with Julia Childs.


Lisa, two or three years ago, Rachael would've been all over the list. She's just too overexposed these days. And I'm going to try to stick to the healthier end of the Food Network spectrum. NO Paula Dean cooking here.

Nilsa, I'm sure I have competition from a lot of people. ;-)

sizzle, if you want to be bothered by how someone says something, tune into any show with Rebecca Pidgeon (sp?). She played the Colonel's wife on The Unit. I can't stand her overenunciation of words. I'm not sure if I've seen Dinner Impossible yet. May have to check it out. I like Paula Dean in small amounts. Paula's Party is cool because she brings in other people. But her show by itself makes my stomach turn and my arteries harden just watching it.

g-man, I think making you hungry is the goal. Like going grocery shopping on an empty stomach. ;-)

Dustin, I wouldn't say that. I think boring, unsexy food programming died with Julia Childs.


I haven't actually watched her show but I adore Alton's Good East. He also did a series called Dining on Asphalt which is really really good.

If I had the time,I'd so totally get into the food thing. Too bad I live with two non-foodies.


I think I've seen Good Eats, but I'd have to check. It seems like Alton Brown is on a LOT of Food Network shows.


I'll bet you're being modest. I can see you being a GREAT cook. Real food, not TV food, if you get my drift...


I do need to work on it. I'm good with a solid recipe, but Katie can throw the most odd items together and it tastes great all the time.


1) Food Network? Just turn in your masculinity.
2) Giada whateverhernameis has a forehead like a rugby player. I most certainly would NOT hit it.
3) I don't have anything good for here. I just felt that two wasn't enough.


Nothing like timely commenting. So you're gonna be a real catch for your future wife, eh? Not willing to learn to cook? Big turn on for women, let me tell you.

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