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Katie and I babysat for our friends again tonight. These are the same friends I babysat for a couple months back. We were both there tonight. Just Katie, me, and little S.

It was a fun night overall and we both get along pretty well with S so I knew it wouldn't be a bad night by any stretch of the imagination.

Until it was time for bed, that is. Katie put S to bed and all was great for about 10 minutes. Then we heard him stirring through the baby monitor. The stirring turned to attention-seeking crying. I volunteered to go up and check on him.

Oh he was more than happy to see me coming. One thing that S's parents didn't warn us about is that he is currently in a phase where he sees his mom as the authority figure. He will listen to her more readily than to the father (or temporary, stand-in father as I was currently playing). So when he saw me coming, he just knew. He demanded to be picked up, he continually grabbed books out of his cart for me to read, he tried to run around. And I, being the nOOb, played right into his psychological trappings.

After several minutes, I picked him back up and tried rocking him to sleep. That wasn't happening. Instead, he sat bolt upright in my arms and proceeded to pop me on both sides of my face with his hands repeatedly. And I just stood there doing nothing. I think I was expecting the baby police to be watching through some kind of monitor. The second I tried to do something to stop him, they would come roaring into the room and haul me off to babysitter purgatory.

I guess I'm just wondering if claiming "baby abuse" will be enough to cover me tomorrow at work should a black eye or swollen cheek develop overnight.

Oh yeah, did I mention that Katie came upstairs, took S from me, laid him down in the crib, and had him asleep within one minute? How sad am I?

Totally Unrelated Aside (TUA): How do you like this? Katie, the total non-scifi geek actually enjoyed Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles tonight! She's looking forward to the next episode! Mind you, I had to give her a brief course on the history of Terminator considering she's never seen any of the movies. Of course, I know the first one very well, but I have not seen T2 in 16 years (since it was in theaters) and I never cared for the third so I kinda forgot what it was all about. But I tried my best to instill some appreciation and understanding of the storyline and it seems to have helped somewhat.


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"S" isn't a very nice name to give a kid... he's going to be teased in school for sure! Poor little guy.


Well, it's better than X or Q or, God forbid, P. ;-)


Oh yeah, he played you. Even if he had been demanding to be picked up, I probably would not have.

Nilsa S.

Did Katie mention she was laughing her ass off at you ... as she listened to you try to reason with Lil S over the baby monitor? Then, when she started to feel sorry for you, she came upstairs to the rescue. For that, you're thankful instead of being mad at her for coming up too early and ruining your attempt to settle the child. I think you got played twice!


they are very tricky those little ones. don't take it too hard. ;)


Kids are ultra sneaky like that. Don't get suckered again. Or just send Katie up there next yourself the trouble.


Dagny, I will learn to say no. But when I'm around this kid as rarely as I am, it's just kinda hard. I'm sure the resolve will set in once they're my own.

Nilsa, yeah, she mentioned that, a couple times. She thought it was cute and didn't want to stop me in my feeble attempts. And I know I was played twice.

sizzle, can't even speak clearly yet and he's mastered human psychology. Disgusting!

Karl, sickened me to see how easily it worked out for her. Grrrr...


Children baffle me. One minute they love you, the next minute they hate you. Maybe Katie just has that certain gift that some people have with kids. I definitely wasn't blessed with it.


Elaine, they are odd little creatures. But they're cute. When their diapers are clean. ;-)


I find that a bit odd (the kid thing). A lot of kids are actually soothed by a man holding them... hmmm... maybe that says something about the man? ;) I'll leave now.



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