Falling apart at the seams...
Summons me with just one beep...

Dream on...

Dear Brain,

I think it's time we set up some ground rules about dreaming. More specifically, the occasional tendency for aspects of my real life to crossover into the dream world. You've been in violation of some very basic tenets lately, and I would like to see this behavior stop before it becomes a real problem.

For me, sleepy time visions of me in more fantastical roles is fine. You want to make me some big name Hollywood actor? Fine. A pro-level athlete? I can dig it. Some famed adventurer and globetrotter? Heck yeah. These sorts of things are fine.

I even like having parts of my real life make the cut in these dreams. Do you want to introduce Katie into my dreams? Coolness. She can be my date to the Oscars, my sideline cheerleader, or the partner who is able to get us out of some sticky international drama. I have no problems with this.

However, there are things from my real life I don't want to see in my head as I dream. I don't want to see myself living at my parents' house as an adult. Especially not in a situation where I'm being barked at to clean up shit that my brother leaves around the house (yeah, if I'm living there, so is he).

Bill paying? Save it for real life (unless there's some way to eliminate it there as well).

And I'll be damned if I ever want to dream about and see HTML and CSS code running through my head like the binary rain in The Matrix. Oh, and for the record, at least it was valid code (v4.01 on the HTML, so far as I could tell). My brain actually took note of its legitimacy. How sad is that?

But it ends now! Not just the validity of the code, but its existence in my dreams entirely! Got it?

Kevin "Desiring to Dream of Better Things" Apgar