Nothing stays the same...
More sweet than bitter...

Guess I grew up too fast and I forgot my name...

I've heard from certain sources over the years that the best way to look forward to the future is to take a look at the past.

I'm not sure who said this or if there is any empirical evidence to support it, but I had nothing better to do at lunch yesterday. So I headed to an antique shop near where I work to check out what cool swag they had and to age myself a bit more. Yeah, there was plenty of crap down there that I remember from my childhood that is still WAY too recent to be considered "antique."

But the reminiscing was kinda fun. As was the photography. Check some of this stuff out (the entire album is available on Flickr)...

More guitars, an old stereo, and a mouse.

I owned and read practically every Hardy Boys book in existence as a kid including these really old hardcover editions.

Patterson vs. Liston
A ticket to a Liston vs. Patterson fight at Comiskey Park in Chicago in 1962.

5-8-8-2-3-hundred, EM-PIRE!!!!

They only partially love Elvis now.

Nudie glass
Drink out of a topless lady.

Foam finger!
Bear down!


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Nilsa S.

Wish I had someplace fun to visit at lunch. My only options within walking distance are Starbucks, Subway, PetSmart and Kinko's. I know - way to live on the wild side!

PS - I'm pretty sure I bought my bedroom carpet from Empire because it's the only phone number I could remember (with Luna as a close runner-up)!


Wait, porn glasses are considered antiques now?


Nilsa, I've got an entire downtown and love it. Much better than my old job. I had to walk through gang territory to get anyplace worthwhile. No thanks.

Kyra, you trying to tell me you have a collection of "antiques" going?


Cool pictures! Did you pick up the glasses??


The most fun we have around here is walking to Beverages and More.


How fun! A friend of mine from college owns an antique store downtown but I can't remember the name of it, nor have I ever been there. I wonder if it was the one you went to.


g-man, no, but give me your address and I'll send it to you.

Dagny, nothing wrong with a good drink place.

tori, downtown Chicago? If yes, then no, not the same. Mine is downtown Naperville.


I've got antiques older than you... ;)


I would hope so!

Eileen Dover

Uhhh... if I were Katie, my only hope and prayer would be that there was NO WAY you'd bring any of that junk into our house.

Now that I've said that, isn't antiques really just a fancy word for "useless crap"? I mean, what's so antique-y about a Bears finger? Nostalgia?

(Says she who has the entire St. Louis Dispatch the day after McGwire broke the home run record. It's going to be worth MILLIONS one day... or be very good for wrapping glassware when I move.)


Eileen, I think you have the word "antique" nailed pretty clearly. And, don't worry, I still have my original VHS tape of the game in which McGwire broke the record. I was a huge Big Mac fan.


Ooh, the Hardy Boys. I read the Bobbsey Twins, too. Great books, I just ate 'em all up as a kid.


I never read the Bobbsey Twins, but Hardy Boys were a staple of my young life. ;-)

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