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I'm a live wire...

Way back at the end of June, I posted about the wonder that is the "Shared Items" feature on Google Reader. God was it that long ago? Well, about a month ago, Google quietly released an extension of this application in which you were automatically hooked up to all your fellow Gmail contacts that also used Google Reader and could see what they were "favoriting."

While this new feature has not been without its detractors (what they're "sharing" that they're worried about others seeing is beyond me), I gotta admit that this has made me even more hooked on Google Reader. I love seeing what you all are reading and loving and, as a result, discovering all these new sites.

For example, Dagny's shared list introduced me to SFist. Since I'm already an avid reader of Chicagoist and a lover of the city of San Francisco, I suppose it's only natural to love that site as well. So thank you, Dagny!

Hilly has also shown me the wonder that is Cinematical. For a crack, er, movie addict like myself, this site is awesome! Thank you, your Hillyness!

But, then there's Bre... oh Bre... I started reading her shared articles only to discover that a vast majority of them are for some site called CRAFT Magazine where people either put up instructions for artsy crafty sorts of things or links to where they can be. I immediately began having nightmares of the clouds of glitter and waft of glue that permeated my parents' basement for years after my mom took up stamping and scrapbooking. I wanted nothing to do with it.

That's when I started paying attention and discovered what a complete and utter geekfest CRAFT Magazine has the potential to be. Check out some of these gems...

Pac-Man shoes???

A Super Mario Bros 1-up mushroom scarf???

How to make my own barbed wire???

This is a craft magazine! You've gotta be kidding me. This stuff is just plain cool.

Not that I'd ever learn how to crochet, mind you. But I might try the barbed wire just for kicks. If nothing else, this is simply fun to look at to see how creative other geeks can be. No, not all of it is geekified, but I can tolerate scrolling through all the "normal" stuff to find gems like those above.

Damn you, Bre! You're ruining my chauvinistic, tough-guy image! ;-)

Must. Fix.

Okay... masculinity re-established... feeling much better, thank you.
(I think this is the third time this picture has shown up on my blog now)

Totally Unrelated Aside (TUA): I need you all to be honest with me about the "Sell Me Out" typelist at left. Does the fact that I have iTunes ads in the left bother you? I know advertising is roundly loathed in the blogosphere, but I'm not trying to really make any sort of money here. The purpose of signing up with Linkshare, initially, was so I could directly link to songs and albums in iTunes. Then they started sending me opportunities to link to some other cool stuff using the little button ads and I thought it might be stuff you all would want to see or be interested in. The money I would make on this stuff is so minuscule anyway. If it bugs you, let me know and I'll ditch the buttons. Be honest.