She hit me with a tenth-avenue freeze out...
Falling apart at the seams...

In His hands...

Okay, Universe, I get it!

I won't do it again! I promise!

Yes, so TNT was playing Con Air this weekend and for some God-forsaken reason I watched it. Honestly, I was just curious whether or not the movie was as pitifully bad as I remembered it being a decade ago when it came out in theaters.

It was! It was!

Now please, can you just get my head to stop replaying the scene where Steve Buscemi is singing "He's Got the Whole World in His Hands" with that little girl in the abandoned swimming pool??? Please???

Oh dear sweet Baby Jesus, make it stop!!

otally Unrelated Aside (TUA):
Dear Packer Nation, we tried. We really tried.

Ever since our Chicago Bears' season ended what seems like an eternity ago, Katie and I have been rooting for the Green Bay Packers in the NFL playoffs. We realize we're not supposed to like you. You're supposed to be our mortal enemies. But, in all honesty, we can't help but respect and envy you. It's the truth, sad though it may be.

So we went all out yesterday even going so far as to make homemade macaroni and cheese to eat during the game. Seriously, what better way to celebrate and support our cheesehead neighbors to the north than by eating cheese and, thereby, supporting their economy, right?

Well, it didn't work. And now we have a boring east coast Super Bowl. Whoopie.


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Hmmm.. maybe you jinxed them by rooting for them? (from a NE resident...heh)

As for Con Air, I think it was horrid too (especially since Cage STRONGLY resembles my brother "...puuuuut the buuuuuunny dowwwwn.") But I always have "define irony" and Sweet Home Alabama stuck in my brain after the movie.


Stupid Farve! I was really pulling for them.

As for the song, here's a little trick. Sing the song the entire way through and your will get it out of your head. That or turn on some other music that you know the words to and it will magically disappear.


Ha ha ha. It seems like that movie is on EVERY weekend! Steven always wants to watch part of it ... and I always so NO!!!


What do they call those songs that won't leave your head? Earworms? There needs to be a movie equivalent, like flickworms or something.

As for the Super Bowl, all football is boring as shit, in my opinion. The only way I'll watch is if I'm with a group of friends, socializing and eating chips and such. And then I only care about the commercials. That said, I think it's pretty cool that the Patriots are 18-0. Not a fan one way or the other, but I love seeing records broken.


once the seahawks blew it, i've been completely disinterested. i can't even believe i was ever interested in the first place! see what dating a football fanatic has done to me!?


Kyra, ha ha. I like the "define irony" bit. Buscemi, for the most part, was enjoyable in that film.

Lisa, you really think that'll work? I might have to look up the lyrics online. Been a while since I sang church songs.

kilax, tell him it's for his own good and then direct him to my post for reasons why he should stay away.

Karl, I like seeing records broken, too. But I think seeing four Mannings in Super Bowls in two years is pretty cool. Or two Mannings winning back-to-back Super Bowls.

sizzle, he's a good man!

Nilsa S.

My fiance is in the same camp as you. He loves and has the utmost respect for Favre. I had my head buried in wedding photographer websites, but it seems like the game was a good one. At least they didn't go down without a fight!


You've gotta give the midwesterners some love -- I think it's fabulous that you were supporting Green Bay. Plus, they like cheese.


Nilsa, it's hard not to love and respect him despite our love of the Bears. Anybody who says they don't is either ignorant or lying. Any luck with the photogs?

sandra, and who doesn't love cheese!!! I really wanted to see Green Bay in there for Favre's sake because he's great and deserves another SB win. Plus, it would bring a little more attention to the game and increase the fan base seeing as how it would cover a wider regional base. Right now, everyone knows NE will win. So who's gonna care? Very few. This is bad for TV ratings.


That is so funny about the Packers. My husband was torn yesterday on what to do since they are normally his enemies too. He did root for them in the end though.


I always get sucked into watching those weekend re-runs of "big movies." I totally sat through an hour of Con Air before I realized that not even the combined forces of Jon Cusak, Jon Malcovich, and Steve Buscemi could offset the soul devouring suck that is Nicolas Cage's acting ability.

That movie almost took away my will to live.


Once upon a time I enjoyed seeing Nick Cage in movies. Maybe it is because I am older now but I think the man has no range, no inflection and not a whole lot of talent (I said 'not a whole lot' NOT "NONE!"). I just can't seem to watch him and believe anything anymore.


tori, only to have his hopes trounced on, eh?

Dustin and metalmom, I think like the opposite of a fine wine, Cage has gotten worse with age. ;-)


Con Air - am trying to remember it - oh wait - John Cusack is in it. Yep, got it. Aaaaannnd it's gone again!

Football? Oh you mean that game the 'girls' play with padding because they don't want to get hurt? Now, rugby, there's a real game. Kidding. The one we have to add American in front of to differentiate if from the Football you refer to as soccer which is a really girly game where diving is the sports main activity. Oh and losing if you're English. We really like losing! Well, we're so good at it!


Viva la East Coast! Wooooo!

Ok, I don't actually care about football, but the east coast is so often forgotten, it's time we get some street cred.


Bec, yeah, that one. That football. AMERICAN football! ;-) Admittedly, it does get kinda pansy these days. Prima donna quarterbacks and those stupid no-hit rules. Grrrr...

Bre, "so often forgotten"??? Are you serious? Yankees, Red Sox, Patriots, Giants, Celtics, Braves... Should I keep going? These are the teams that the rest of the sports world is sick of hearing about. ;-)

No Celery Please

I will, for some bizarre reason, watch Nick Cage in ANYTHING. I mean, My God! I sat through that horrible dead guy rides a motorcycle flick because it had him in it.

I would probably watch him paint a fence.

I just, I dunno, think he's a good actor. (lord knows he's not that good looking or anything)

Also. If Green Bay had PUT SOME SHIRTS ON, they might have won. I firmly believe that they all had frozen arms at the end of the game and that is why NY won. If they had dialed the macho down just a hair, they might have pulled it out.


Yeah, it did look like a bunch of Packercicles by the end, didn't it? Cage freak, eh? I liked him early on and still watch the occasional movie of his. But he made such a drastic action-hero jump that it hurt his ability to do smaller, quirkier fare like what people recognized him for earlier in his career. I still love Peggy Sue Got Married.

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