It's peanut butter jelly time...

This disturbs me.

Obviously, we live in a society that relies on money. Everything is about money. We know this and we've come to accept it. Begrudgingly in some instances.

One step that is taken, more often than not these days, is to sell out. You sell the naming rights to a sports stadium. You sell advertising on a Web site (see left column!). You sell out the space on a sports jersey that once contained the name of your team in favor of a corporate sponsor's name.

As Katie says, "everyone has their price."

But, now I'm seeing it on game shows. Okay, it's true that game shows have always been sponsor whores. They rely on sponsors for prizes so they give away branded swag. So I guess what Katie and I saw last night could be considered the next step in sponsor intrusion of society... branding the puzzles on a game show.

Yeah, on Wheel of Fortune, the puzzle was (note: each "__" is a single letter)...

__ __ __ __ __ __      __ __ __      __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __
__ __      __ __ __ __ __      __ __ __ __ __      __ __ __ __ __

Food & Drink

Considering how long the puzzle is, it took no time for people to fill in a vast majority of the letters. But the first and third words were what nobody could get. After a while, it looked like this...

S __ I __ __ Y      A N D      S M U __ __ E R S
O N      W __ O L E      W __ E A T      B R E A __

Clearly it's "Something and something on whole wheat bread." But what were the somethings?

After a couple misses and Katie and I scratching our heads, it was revealed that the solution was...

S K I P P Y      A N D      S M U C K E R S
O N      W H O L E      W H E A T      B R E A D

Okay, who the hell has ever asked for a Skippy and Smuckers on whole wheat bread? Not a single friggin' soul that I can think of. Certainly not me when I wanted a PB&J as a kid. Are the makers of those two products wrangling to make themselves the next generic brand name? The next Google or Kleenex or Rollerblade? If so, there are better ways to do it although I'm sure it would've happened by now. Your brands have been around long enough.

Please, to the producers of Wheel of Fortune, don't let this happen again. It cheapens your show. It really does.

Totally Unrelated Aside (TUA): Funny the timing of this spam mail considering my re-envisioning of the old AT&T slogan yesterday. But I got a message in the spam box today with a subject line "It Plumps When You Take 'Em." I'm sure it was for Viagra or the like and is in reference to what happens down, er, there. But I just find it funny how similar it is to the old Ballpark Frank slogan "They Plump When You Cook 'Em." Yes, I realize that was probably the point.

Ah, the things that make me laugh.

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You know they pay a woman to walk back and forth and touch letters. It can't get much cheaper than that.


What the bloody hell is Skippy and Smuckers? Kangaroo and some kind of candy? Help a Brit out!


Nat, a very good point indeed.

Bec, exactly my point! Whereas people would get peanut butter and jelly, you alienate some people due to a lack of brand recognition. Skippy is a brand of peanut butter and Smuckers is a maker of jams and jellies.


"I'd like a Boar's Head and Tilamook on Sara Lee Sourdough please, light Best Foods and a smidge of Lawry's pepper."


Oh okay. Here it would be a Sunpat and... (runs to fridge) Hartleys! Even less likely to be understood!


I saw that episode of "Wheel" and thought the same thing. Who the hell SPECIFIES brand names with sandwiches? I ask for a ham and cheese, not "Boar's Head and Kraft." Ugh.

Eileen Dover

I'd even claim that brand names aren't in the dictionary, and therefore can't be used in competition.

And what's with the whole wheat bread? Are they afraid to tip off the diversity police and say WHITE bread? Or was it a nutrition ploy?


Anything to make a buck. That's just wrong!


Hilly, that's a nice-sounding order!

Bec, yeah, just a bit.

Karl, good, so I wasn't seeing things.

Eileen, I'm thinking nutrition. Just like the renaming of Cookie Monster.

Lisa, sick, isn't it?


Wheel of Fortune is still on TV???


Believe it or not.


I miss alot when I change the channel after Jeopardy!


You're probably better off that way. ;-)

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