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This sort of crap just sucks. You join a park district sports league, you pay your way in, you practice with the team, then you injure yourself and wind up out for a couple weeks at the start of the season.

Dodgeballisgood That's just what happened to me. I joined a dodgeball league with a bunch of my softball teammates only to wrench my side last night in our first real game. I had actually hurt it a little bit the week prior during a practice, but it went away and so I thought I was good. Guess not. I was twisting for a throw when I felt my side, just below my ribcage, rip on me. Not literally rip, mind you. Just that "oh crap! It's not supposed to do that!" sort of thing.

One of the bad things was the timing of it all. Not just because it's the beginning of the season and you miss out on that critical "gel" time with your new teammates and just have to sit back and watch them as they begin to become a team without you, but also because I was still in the game and couldn't sub out. This particular match up came down to a two-on-two faceoff and I couldn't really throw without hurting myself worse. I just had to move gingerly and hope to avoid the balls being lobbed at me while throwing nothing shots back at our opponents.

It actually came down to sudden death where the first person out would end the round. Still two-on-two. But because all the balls wound up on their side, they were forced by rules to pass one to us to level the playing field a bit. So the guy goes to kick the ball over and winds up punting it in the air... right in my hands. He's out! And without me needing to whip the ball at all. Thank God!

I sat out the rest of the night and will likely do so for the next couple weeks to ensure I heal and don't re-aggravate the pain site at all.

Can I just tell you how much coughing hurts right now? I'm doing everything I can to avoid it.

Totally Unrelated Aside (TUA): Have you all seen the movie Once? Any good? Aside from Brandon at DWP! who I know worships it with a passion. How about the soundtrack? I've heard the snippets on iTunes, but wasn't sure if those samples are representative of the album as a whole. Let me know.