She hit me with a tenth-avenue freeze out...


That was what the thermostat in our house read this morning. It was fine last night. We were actually quite cozy in the high 60s. Then, for whatever reason, the furnace and thermostat crapped out on us.

A few years back, we replaced our traditional thermostat with one of them swanky seven-day programmable pieces of crap. From day one, the thing has been a pain in the ass. We followed the instructions to the letter and it rarely worked. We had the same times and temps set throughout the week and, one day, it would work, the next it wouldn't.

We said screw it. We're going back with the good old fashioned analog thermostat. We'll just have to make a conscious effort to turn the temperature down a few degrees when we leave for work in the morning. Meh. One extra step or an unreliable thermostat. Hmm...

Environmentalists and the like would have you believe that using a programmable one is the way to go to cut costs and preserve the Earth further. Well, if the damn thing doesn't work worth a crap, what good is it?

Well, it's all fixed up and the heat is coursing through our house again. And I can't tell you how happy we are to have a good thermostat that we don't have to sit there trying to decipher.

Who says technological improvements make all things better?

Just ask my dad and his lawnmowers.

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One of the many reasons I am not looking forward to going to work in the morning is the fact that I don't know whether I'm walking into a furnace or a freezer. The week before I started they had a ridiculously complicated 7 day thermostat installed and it's only mission in life is too make everyone uncomfortable.

Here's hoping yours stays comfortable.


Thermostats are only created for one reason... to make the furnace repair companies rich. It's a monopoly!


I don't understand thermostats. They never seem to work :(


Bec, it's much more comfortable now. Thank you! For a while, we never knew what to expect either. Cold, hot, it was a crapshoot.

Lisa, I agree with that theory!

kilax, damn electrical engineers! ;-)


What brand was the thermostat, I wonder? I installed an electronic thermostat in my mother's house a couple of years ago and didn't have any trouble. Aside from getting those little freaking wires into the terminals, I mean.


The terminals are a pain in the patootie. It didn't have a brand on it that I saw. But it's sitting in the trash at home so I'll look if I remember. Just couldn't program it for the life of me regardless of how many times I read the instructions or looked up fixes online. Grrrr...

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