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Was anybody else bored to tears by this year's Oscar nominations? Holy crap. I read through the major awards (not including editing, sound, or other technical achievement categories) and discovered that Katie and I have only seen three movies that were nominated for anything. One, of course, being Juno, which received multiple nominations each of which it fully deserved (although I think supporting acting noms for J.K. Simmons and Allison Janney would not have been out of order).

Then there was Ratatouille, which should clean up the Best Animated Film category and even stands a decent chance in the Original Screenplay category, I think.

Finally, American Gangster was the third film. We're both of the opinion that either Denzel Washington or Russell Crowe deserved acting noms, but it turns out the only nom it got in the major categories was Ruby Dee for supporting actress. Huh? Just her?

And that's it.

Sure, we want to see No Country for Old Men and have been meaning to for several weeks now. We just haven't, though. And I'd like to see There Will Be Blood (not sure if Katie's up for that one). But aside from these two additions, we could care less about the remainder of the nominated films.

Well, I guess if there's one upside to it all, Travolta did not receive a nom for his still-bad-acting-even-though-in-drag effort on Hairspray. Phew! There is a god after all.

Totally Unrelated Aside (TUA): To be filed under "That's Just How Kapgar Operates" you'll find this little tidbit that I've found myself sharing more times lately than I care to remember...

If you call me on my work, home or cell lines, and you don't leave a message, don't be expecting a return call. I get so many missed calls anymore that I don't even bother looking at the caller IDs to see who it was. Hell, if I were to call back every single missed call I got during the day, I'd never be off the phone. And I hate phones. Leave me a message and I'll call back. If you don't think it's worth your time to leave a message, then it's probably not worth my time to call back. Saying "well, didn't you see that I called?" doesn't work with me.


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Nilsa S.

An NPR segment was saying that many of the Oscar nominees this year are big hits with the critics and sore losers at the box office. Case in point: Katie and Kevin.


The worst is I had a Manager who complained when I wouldn't call him back, but he never left messages so I just figured if he didn't leave a vm it wasn't important.
Big year of violence in the movies, eh? Interesting.


Possibly the best "TUA" you've ever had, and there's been some good ones. I'm not one to talk, seeing as I don't call people back even if they do leave a message. Why call people back if they tell you everything in the message itself? It seems like a waste of time.

I WANT TO SEE BLOOD!!!! LETS GO SEE IT BUDDY!!!! I just love me some Daniel Day-Lewis.


Hubs has his own business and has people calling him all the time. They don't leave messages and just keep calling and calling hoping to get an answer.


I'm with you on "Juno." I think "Ratatouille" should have been nominated for Best Picture.

"No County For Old Men" is very well-done, and very well-acted, but the original story had flaws.

I still want to see "Michael Clayton" and "Atonement" before the Oscars but that's it. I'll wait for the DVD on "There Will Be Blood" and "American Gangster."

It amazes me that the films nominated in the screenplay categories are almost always the bulk of my favorites for the year.


Nilsa, there are a ton in there I've never even heard of and usually I know all the films being nominated. Whether I see them or not is another question. But this is a pretty strange year overall. Hey! You calling us losers??? ;-)

diane, that's exactly the point I'm getting at. If you don't leave a message, I ain't callin'!

Scott, never knew you were so gung-ho for DD-L. As for callbacks, it's kinda important with the unreliability of voicemail sometimes. There are many times I don't get a voicemail for a day or so after the call. Calling back shows you got the message. People do need to know that. But, heck, you don't even call back when a call back is requested. What was Steve's message to you that time?

metalmom, that would drive me nuts. Wait, I have people who do that. So, yes, it does drive me nuts!

ajooja, they won't nominate animated films for best picture anymore now that they have the best animated film category. At least I think that's how it's supposed to work. Atonement is one I want to see, but don't think it's a theater one. Probably DVD. Same with Clayton. That one comes out pretty soon actually. Next couple of weeks, I think.


I haven't even looked at the nominations, that's how much I care about them this year. And I never watch the Oscars, though I usually try to see as many of the nominees for best picture as I can.


my voicemail used to say, "don't let all that dialing go to waste, leave me a message." but that was back when people actually DIALED phones. ah, the good ol' days.

calling and not leaving a message does not justify a call back. if it was important enough for you to call, it should be important enough for you to leave a vm.

i haven't seen enough of the movies that have been nominated to care about the oscars, sadly. though juno = awesome!


I am still pissed that Charlie Wilson's War didn't win the Golden Globe for Best Adapted Screenplay but then to not even be nominated for the Oscars?!

But then I am an Aaron Sorkin whore.


I never leave messages, because personally, I hate listening to them. For me, it's the exact opposite - only leave a message if it is important! Otherwise, I will call you back :) I don't get many calls though!


Karl, we usually watch the Oscars. Mostly because we want to see the host's opening montage as well as the "In Remembrance" portion. Those are both our favorites.

sizz, I'm sure the message can be adapted to still work these days. And amen on your other points.

Bec, Sorkin wrote Wilson? I didn't know that. And, yes, I know you're a Sorkin whore. ;-)

kilax, ah, therein lies the key, you don't get many calls. I get too many. Well not by the standards of some people I know. But anything greater than a handful in a day is too many to me as a phone hater. Any excuse to not have to return them. ;-) I'm still of the mindset, though, that clearly a call is not important if it's not worth a message.


My favorite is when someone leaves me a message telling me who they are and when they called and nothing else. Um, my phone tells me all that information. Just tell me why the hell you're calling already! Sheesh!


I kinda like the "hey, it's me. Call me back" and it's an unrecognized phone number and I can't tell who the voice is.

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