School's out completely...
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Gonna write you a letter...

I really dug on this post idea that Alissa threw out there yesterday. So, I stole it. Plain and simple.

Basically, you write a letter to a younger version of yourself. The person Alissa took the idea from wrote to her 17-year-old self, Alissa wrote to her 18-year-old self. I think I'm just going to write to high school senior version of myself. Here you go...

Hey Kevin,

This may be coming completely out of left field and you may not really believe it, but this is you writing this letter... just 16 years in the future. Yeah yeah yeah, this is some pretty trippy time-space continuum violation crap. But, get over it now. Let's get to the meat of this, okay? I am here to give you some tips that can guide you through some interesting times that I know you are going through and will go through in the next several years. Sit back, listen, and don't take offense, okay?

Stop dating your friends' sisters. Move on. Oh yeah, that cheerleader in study hall who you think must be on drugs because she's actually nice to you? Ask her out. According to things you'll find out after graduation, she wants you to. It won't likely last long since college is coming soon, but it could be fun and then you'll have that "I dated a cheerleader" story to tell your kids.

I know Mike is away at college, but give him a call and see if he'd be willing to hang out with a lowly high school kid like yourself. You'll thank me later.

If there is still some time left in the football season, put a little effort into your practices and game time. You know all those names that the defensive coordinator is making out of your last name? He's not making fun of you; he's trying to motivate your lazy butt. Maybe he sees something in you that even you don't see. Put in some effort and see what happens.

At this moment, you are in the best physical shape of your life. Don't fuck it up.

Drop calculus. It's pointless. Your teacher will call you a quitter for wanting to drop, but steel up your nerve and walk out. You won't be the last to leave that classroom.

"Undeclared" and "Liberal Arts" are not bad words. I know you're struggling to figure out what you want to do in college, but architecture is not the way to go. Not for you anyway. Grad school, on the other hand, is. Don't let people tell you you're wasting your life by going back for another degree. Katie will thank you.

Oh, and when you meet Katie, just because it feels too good to be true doesn't mean it is. Take the leap.

Don't be afraid of computers. In fact, in another year, something called HTML is gonna make itself known. Jump into it full bore along with several other computer languages. Learn them, love them, and start a search engine called Google. I know it's misspelled, but trademark the name immediately.

In 1994, scrounge up whatever money you can find and invest it in Apple Computers. Yep, the old Apple IIGS's in your junior high computer lab. The company may not look like much at the time, but you'll thank me.

Wishing you all the luck in the world... you're gonna need it,

33-year-old Kevin

Totally Unrelated Aside (TUA): Dariush sent this to me the other night as he is wont to do every so often. Just some random piece of Web humor... this one contains tips as to what to do and what not to do with regard to babies. I should keep some of these in mind as it appears I've been misled thus far. It's pretty damn funny.


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Wow, this is indeed a great idea! I loved your letter. However, I am a little scared that mine might be a bit more risqué ;).

Nilsa S.

I loved the Google/Apple comments. At first I was thinking, Google isn't misspelled! Until, I thought about it for a sec and realized holy crap, it is. Shows how embedded in my life it is ... can't live without it!


I did one of these when it went around a couple of years ago. I may do it again because I'm sure my views have changed.

Your letter was great.


I love how you explain who you are in the first paragraph. Well done.


I loved this letter, particularly "At this moment, you are in the best physical shape of your life. Don't fuck it up." - that should be on a poster somewhere.
And unless something wildly exciting happens in the next ten minutes this may become my post for the day BUT to be totally honest if I'm still awake in ten minutes I'll be amazed.


I really want to do this if I can set the time aside. :)
The baby instructions--I've seen on tee shirts and onesies here, but I've never seen the one with the guy playing chess with baby. I nearly FOMCL. (fell off my chair laughing)


Hilly, oh I was playing things a bit safe. ;-)

Nilsa, yeah, we're too ingrained with the misspelling, aren't we?

ajooja, thanks. I've seen this before, too, but never did it.

Alissa, I figured my senior-year self would never believe it or be too numbskulled to figure it out and might need it spelled out. Thanks!

Bec, I liked that line too. That tired, eh?

diane, they have those on T-shirts?? Where??? I need one or more!


Uh oh, what did Katie think about the cheerleader bit? Hee hee, just kidding. The letter is a cool idea!

I forwarded the baby instructions to a few people in my office and we nearly FOMCL like Diane. Ha ha. Or is it, FOUCL?




Kevin, the tee shirts only come in baby sizes. Unless there is something you're not telling us...???


Bummer. Those as adult T-shirts for first-time parents or babysitters would be classic.


Great idea. Haven't done anything like this in quite a while. I'll have to steal this.

And yeah, those baby jokes, pretty funny.


Karl, I always wanted to do these letters when I've read them in the past, but I either forgot or had nothing good to say at the moment. I'm just happy I read this one on Alissa's site when I did. Perfect timing if I do say so myself.


those baby do's and dont's are hilarious! I'm sending that to my bro & sis-in-law now, to make sure they have *some* sort of guidance for when their kid arrives in June :-)


*lynne*, I pray these aren't their only source of guidance.

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