More sweet than bitter...
Burnin' down the house...

These crocodile tears are what I cry...

We went down to Katie's new school today and bought her books.

That was painful for both of us. For her three classes, we had to buy a total of six books. But there was also a book that she needed that was intended to span the entirety of the program she's enrolled in. I'm not quite sure how that is going to work, but we'll see.

The creme de la creme, though, was a special key to access an online portfolio kit that she needs for her graduate thesis. This online kit is required. And it's simply a piece of paper folded over and sealed in a plastic sleeve so you can't open it without buying it. And it's kept behind the register in the bookstore.

Oh yeah, and it cost $115... for a piece of paper... and two sheets of plastic.

I'm going to cry now.


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Yeah, it's book time for me as well. Evil book bastards.

Eileen Dover

Educational institutions in this country are asinine pieces of crap. I'm all for free enterprise and making money, however there has to be some sort of control when it comes to universities and books and things. "You need this book, this edition, and you will only be able to resell it for 1/20 its original value."

In all honesty I bought all my books online and used, not from the student bookstore. That doesn't help with stupid pieces of plastic, though.

I'm crying with you.


mother f......! woah.

i will shed a tear for you too. that's so totally bogus!


Kyra, I know what you're going through. :-(

Eileen, we usually do buy online or some other sources. But we waited too long on this. It's partially our fault, but that doesn't forgive the educational book industry for charging so damn much in the first place.

sizzle, thanks.

No Celery Please

You know - that's one thing I give total Kudos to University of Phoenix for (Yes, I got my MBA there, and, yes, it is too a real university :)

$90 per session for online access to all the texts for the class and the entire library and online databases of articles, etc.

It was totally the best "book" experience in all the college I have ever attanded.

Plus, even though I've graduated, I still have access to the online library for life.

I really think that's one thing they do that's really great.


That's actually pretty cool. I never knew that about UP.


Just another reason I don't go back to school. I have a hard enough time making ends meet to pay the mortgage, electric and gas let alone being raped for books. Ugh!


A "rape"? Nah, that would be enjoyable compared to what they do to you.

Nilsa S.

Alright, so as the daughter of a professor, I'm going to take one for the other team. My dad has to make a living and due to that living (which includes writing text books), I lived a good, though modest life. The people writing text books make a fraction of the living that, say, corporate CEO's make. But, I do agree the whole institution of paying for education has gotten out of control ... there are fewer and fewer options for those who cannot afford it on their own. And for that, we as a country will be worse for the wear.


Ah yes, academic book buying. they do screw you... It's the only thing I don't miss about school...


The last time I took classes a few years ago, I just about cried over the costs of books. And the best is when the professor assigns a new edition of a book, meaning that one cannot even buy a used copy. *sigh*


Nilsa, yeah, I can see that point. But it still sucks when you consider that the professors probably made a paltry sum to write the update that wound up screwing over all these students with a new text costing more than a hundred dollars. Is it really worth it to either party?

suze, when I was in grad school, I checked my books out of the library. Since I was a grad student, I could check them out for six months at a time. Not all my books could be found, but it helped at least a little bit.

Dagny, and it seems as though most new editions are for a simple change. Nothing that really warrants charging another couple hundred dollars for a new book and thus screwing those with the old edition trying to sell theirs back as well. Grrr....


Oh, man. That's the weirdest thing I have ever heard.

My career (or some other career path) would have greatly benefited from a better education. I'm just too lazy. I've always taken the easy way out, but I'm OK.

My wife, on the other hand, is a certified genius. It's an utter shame she's only taken a handful of college courses. She deserves to be doing something greater in life than managing a retail store.

(Not that there's anything wrong with that, but she coulda/woulda made a great doctor.)


That's what I keep saying about Katie. Her abilities and skillsets are so great that they should just give her degrees and invite her to bigger, better jobs. Alas, 'tis not to be.


The worst part is when you never look at the books (or the online portfolio kit?) again. You pay all that money for them, and barely make anything when you sell them back. Maybe there should be some sort of rental program for books. Do they have these books at the library? ;)


kilax, nice thought on the library. But not that I could find. Not on these particular titles anyway. A rental program would be great, though!


Been there, done that. Four kids. Remember that. FOUR kids.


And don't forget about all of whiny bloggers! We're just like additional, surrogate children.

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