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Where the river flows...

I am about to post about one of the most seemingly mundane topics in the world, and yet I feel compelled to continue. The topic? Water.

For as long as we've lived in Geneva, IL, we've read warnings about how tap water in the city has "issues." Usually some chemical or substrate or other crap floating that you wouldn't otherwise want. They always claimed that the level of this "additional content" was never enough to really harm us unless we drank 30 gallons a day and soaked ourselves in bathtubs like we're steaks marinating. So it's really nothing that we need to worry will destroy us from the inside out. But, by law and/or out of civic and moral obligation, the city still sends out notices about these things and scares the crap out of residents to the point where we invest a vast majority of our take-home earnings on bottled water.

Until recently, though!

Katie and I have been following the construction of a giant barn-like structure about a half mile from our house with great interest. It's a very cool looking building, but we were curious what it was. A few months into construction, a sign finally went up claiming this facility would be a Drinking Water Filtration Plant or some such nomenclature.

From that point on, we were curious how much of an effect it would truly have. Would we notice a marked difference in taste or is this just an attempt by the city to bring mineral levels to the point where they no longer have to kill trees to warn us that we're killing ourselves?

Well, that question was answered the other night when Katie called me into the bathroom and handed me a glass of water from the tap. I took a sip and, damn, it was good! I mean really good!

Okay, yeah, I'm getting freakin' excited about tap water here. But I can't say I've ever tasted tap water that was this good. We're talking good to the point of curbing purchases of bottled water. And considering the rising level of plastic bottle refuse in landfills (We recycle, for the record!), this is probably a good thing.

I wonder how many other communities are making or have made changes such as this.

Oh my life is slow.


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Hey, found your blog today and thought I'd drop a hi! I often wonder about the state of water. I was filling my glass out of the tap not long ago and my friend said...You drink water out of the tap!? Well, yeah, I can't afford to buy water...I drink waaaayyy too much!
Great babysitting story, too, btw!


I hope my town does something like that soon! My water tastes like minerals or chemicals (depending on the day) They make such a fuss about our town being 'green' and recycling and all that stuff and we have the crappiest tasting water in our area!


The thing about bottled water is that there are actually less legal restrictions regarding quality than there are for tap water.

Nilsa S.

Hard to believe the city of Chicago has some of the best tap water in the country, eh? Back home, though, we had to buy bottled water too because drinking tap water was like sucking on a penny. Gross!


"If it's brown, drink it down. If it's black, throw it back.

-Homer J. Simpson


San Francisco and Berkeley have some mighty fine tap water.


We have really nasty, hard water. We go through a water heater every couple of years.

We only use our water to wash stuff and flush.


Since when does S. see J as more of an authority figure? You did not hear that from me! He has gone through I want Mom/Dad stages, but he ignores authority equally.

As regards to water, you know I tasted water 99.999% pure in college. We had a cell and tissue culture class and we needed to have the purest water available. We used an EXTREAMLY expensive filter system, given the filter cost, it would be about $20/gallon. I naturally had to taste such pure water and it was worth every penny. Not that I would buy it but damn it was good!


I'm guessing down the line a bit the water will be a little more ... gamey. Maybe you and Katie could start making a little money on the side selling your water to those less fortunate.

For the record: I haven't drank tap water in probably 20 years. Not that I know of anyway. Yet another reason I don't watch/read the news: I don't wanna know what they put in my bottled water. :shrug:


Brita filter, Brita filter, Brita filter. Or tap water that tastes like a stale swimming pool. Welcome to Lancashire.


Our tap water doesn't taste bad, but I much prefer the water from our Brita filter. Glad yours has improved :)


Wow, I am surprised to hear you could actually taste the difference! That is great!


i drink tap water all the time. it tastes good here. mmmm!


Michelle, welcome aboard! I guess when you drink that much water, concessions must be made. So long as you don't glow in the dark, you should be fine.

metalmom, lovely of them to care enough to give the very best, eh?

claire, that's just not right. But, it's pretty in line with the Fed's regulation of herbal "medicines," so I shouldn't be surprised.

Nilsa, very hard to believe. But very nice, too!

Dustin, you're scaring me.

Dagny, I don't remember if I ever tasted the tap when we were in SF or not. Probably not.

ajooja, you go through entire water heaters that often?? Not good.

B-, 99.999% pure??? Dang. That had to be some good water.

Michelle, I wouldn't want to know either. And, yeah, we should bottle it up. We also are located so close that we don't get the "end of the line" stuff. That might be part of the difference, too.

Bec and suze, I used a Brita filter in college all the time. The pipes weren't so great back then.

kilax, big difference.

sizzle, was it that way in the SC, too?


I'm a Zephyhills guy...which is the local bottled water here. Although I have a filter installed for my tap water.

BTW, Macworld Keynote is today...will you be madly hitting refresh to see the new hardware?


BA, not likely hitting refresh constantly. Can't hit that site from work that I'm aware of. I will have to read about it later.


Very rare that I find drinkable tap water. I have a water filter on my refrigerator and that's what I pretty much use. In Dallas I used a Brita pitcher - made all the difference in the world. When I think about it, all the "drinkable" tap water I've discovered has been in smaller towns...though I'm in a tiny town now and the water sucks.


Karl, I think it has to be more medium sized. The town, that is. I lived by a Brita filter in college and early on when Katie and I first got married and moved to Geneva. Now, though? Heaven!


We drink tap water. Mostly out of the refrigerator, tho', which goes through a filter. I can tell a slight difference... but if I have to, I can drink it straight from the tap.


As long as you don't glow!

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