It's time that you won...
A child is born...

The weather outside is frightful...

To everybody that wished me well yesterday, my sincere thanks. I do appreciate your concern and I wanted to let you know that I'm doing better. My side still hurts a bit and coughing/sneezing are still actions I'd prefer to avoid if at all possible. But, after nearly a million milligrams of ibuprofen and wearing IcyHot patches like a fashion accessory, I am doing better.

This is why I love blogging. Most of us have never met and yet we all give a damn.

So thank you all again.

Totally Unrelated Aside (TUA): Oh how I hated driving home from work yesterday. The snow was dumping on us and the roads were horrendous. I think my 40 minute commute was doubled. Literally. In all, I think we received probably close to eight or nine inches of snow at our house with more predicted throughout the weekend.

But it was funny, every hour, Katie would peak out the back door and stick a pencil in the snow to measure it. After the pencil disappeared entirely, she gave up.

Oh, and no snow angels. Not this time anyway.

Getting to work today was surprisingly easy. It took 10 minutes longer than normal, but that was still a lot less than I expected. The roads were really empty. But, then again, most schools were closed and I'm guessing a lot of parents stayed home. So only the truly insane morons were still making the commute in to work.

Oh wait...

But I do wonder about one thing... Why does it seem that snowstorms always occur on the way home from work as opposed to happening on the way to work? Why is that? When you want to get someplace, you can't. But, driving to work this morning, the snowfall was practically non-existent. Sure, the roads were still terrible overall, but I could at least get to where I needed to be.

Not where I wanted to be, mind you. Lord knows I could've handled a snowday spent at home in my pajamas huddled up with Katie and a big ol' mug of hot chocolate.

I can dream.