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I guess I have been somewhat negligent in my duties as a cosponsor of the GBBMC2008 project with Carly... I forgot that I was going to mention the weekly blogging winners here on my main site and not just over on the GBBMC site. Whoops. Please forgive me.

Well, we've had two weekly winners so far and I'd like to give them both a little love. They are:

But there's also something I feel I need to admit... I get a bit of an odd feeling by doing this. No, it's not as though I don't feel they deserve it. Not that at all. Both are fantastic writers and both of these were spectacular posts.

The reason I feel, well, off about this is because it strikes me as though I'm playing the role of host to a truly bad game show. "Wow! That's a horrifically painful story you just told us about one of the most difficult things a person can possibly go through! Great! Now tell her what she's won, Don Pardo!"

Don't get me wrong, not all the posts written on behalf of this project are painful stories of survival or bearing witness to some terrible deed. There are many that are heartwarming, inquisitive, and even some downright hilarious. But still...

Am I weird for feeling this way?

Should I feel this way at all?

Does it bother any of the prize recipients or other participants as much as it bothers me?

This post was written in support of the GBBMC2008: Sexography project. Please consider donating to the Rape and Incest National Network (RAINN) and include "GBBMC2008" and the name of any one of our participants in the comments section of the donation form. And while you're at it, please visit our participants' sites. You can also check out applicable posts on our Shared Google Reader.

As a note to participants... please remember to mention and link to RAINN's donation page in any post that you are writing on behalf of GBBMC2008. It's the only way we know that it is intended to be a related post. If we don't see the reference and link, we don't tag it, and you likely won't win much of anything. I hate to be so blunt, but it's the truth.



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I hear you. I think it's important for people to share these stories. But how do you compare some of the funny light-hearted posts out there with tails of violence and abuse?

Maybe you just put name in a hat and draw for prizes?


I can see how that feeling would arise. But it's still a great idea to raise awareness. I doubt any of us are really in it for the prizes.


Yeah, I understand your feeling. But perhaps it's better to think of the award as a giant hug for being brave enough to talk about something so awful, and hopefully helping others who are silent to feel better.
Or I could be full of crap. You know, whatever.


Nat, nah, we're actually picking the ones we like. That's not easy. But I have been picking a finalist's list that has several genres represented.

sizzle, yeah, most are in it for the RAINN recognition factor, which is always a good thing.

diane, that's a good way to think about it. Not the "full of crap" bit, that is.


Hell with that. I'm in it for the RAINN awareness AND the prizes! Ha. Seriously, there are a lot of really good posts out there.


Karl, yeah there are a lot of great posts and it's hard to pick just one. Lemme tell ya.


I didn't even realize there were winners of stuff until I noticed your incoming link. I'm very grateful and appreciative, by the way.

You know, this post was sort of like a "telling the story, part two, and I feel completion."

I made a painting about my mom's rape for V-Day 2003 (I think) and it was amazing that someone bought the piece. Your recognition feels the same as that did- it is a small healing celebration of the power of breaking harmful silences.


Since that's coming from the source of the story, I feel much better about the whole prizing aspect of this fund raiser. Thank you!

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