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Would you like some snippets? C'mon, you know you do! Everybody wants some snippets! Be like all the cool kids and indulge!

For quite some time now, my favorite South Park character has been Butters. Yet, I've not been able to explain why. He's such a minor character in the overall SP scheme. Until last night's episode, that is. Holy crap, Butters owned "Super Fun Time" like you wouldn't believe. From the very first scene with him coyly kicking at the ground while Cartman is looking for a partner to his undying refusal to let go of Cartman's hand to the final scene, "Teacher! My partner... is on... the bus!"

I'm looking for suggestions for some new music to listen to. Though, not to sound entirely self serving, this is also intended to help my local library. They seem to look at me as some sort of music guru and keep telling me to make suggestions to the board as to what CDs they should purchase (yes, I have a direct e-mail address, heh). They have a budget that needs to be spent and I intend to help them do just that. So what stuff have you been listening to lately? I really want to know for, y'know, the library's sake.

G.I. Joe
I've gotta admit that I'm really sad the picture of Rachel Nichols as Scarlett has cycled off my homepage. I truly think it did a lot to, um, brighten up the page. I know Katie's probably happy as a jaybird to see it gone. She even joked, after reading that post, that she wasn't going to let me see the movie. At least I think she was joking. I can't say I blame her. But I'm going with a bunch of guys from the office as well as some other friends and relatives. Yeah, the movie's not coming out for more than a year and we're already planning for it. If you'll be in the Chicago area next year and would like in on the trip, drop me a line.

I find it funny how this worked out. I was completely gung-ho when the "stars" for this season's Dancing with the Stars were announced. My Kristy Yamaguchi was going to be back. I've had a crush on her for years and now to be able to watch her for several weeks on TV? Suffice it to say, for me, it was heaven. Now, however, we're several weeks into the show and I am so sick and tired of her and her over-acting partner Mark Ballas. They always win. Period. Nobody else seems to stand a chance. I just keep hoping that her constant success will bite her in the ass and the fans will grow tired and not give her enough votes to continue. I actually want to see Cristian de la Fuente win it all. I really dig what he's done and how he's improved. And it doesn't hurt that his partner is Cheryl Burke, recently named to FHM's 100 Sexiest Women in the World. So c'mon people! Let's will Kristy out!

When you take journalism courses (of which I took one in grad school), they always teach you that the key to a good article is the headline. It doesn't really matter what crap you write in the article -- okay, that's not entirely true -- if the headline is good, it will draw readers in. Well, get a load of the headline I found in Yahoo's Oddly Enough section the other day... Penis theft panic hits city. Say whaaaaaa. Oh, it don't get much better than that. The article is all about Kinshasa, Congo where a bunch of so-called sorcerers were arrested under suspicion that they had used black magic to either steal or shrink the masculine holiest of holies from men in the city. Remind me never to visit the Congo, 'kay?