Keep them clean each day...
And the flowers and the trees...

The devil's in the house of the rising sun...

Here's some snippety goodness to carry you through your Saturday...

Well, on a minor scale anyway. I solved the easy level of Guitar Hero III. For a guy who doesn't commit to video games, this is a pretty big deal. But it is seriously fun. I had a 92+% on all but one song. Ironically enough, I can't even finish the song without being booed off stage. It's "Raining Blood" by Slayer. I just can't do the speed metal for some reason. I also had problems with the unlocked final song in the end credits, "Through the Fire and Flames" by DragonForce. But that last one goes unrated; a bit of a freebie throwaway, I suppose. I'm not sure if I should skip up to medium or go back and force myself to master that damn Slayer song. The furthest I've made it through was 43%. It killed me. Bastards. I will tell you, though, that playing "The Devil Went Down to Georgia" against Satan (or "Lou" as the game calls him) is really fun. I love the little Mortal Kombat reference with "Finish Him!" Cracked me up.

Is it just Katie and me or has the quality of movie theater popcorn gone to hell in a handbasket? We saw Leatherheads last night with Scott and Becca (you may have seen them commenting here in the past) and the popcorn was horrible. Not that it really tasted bad initially. But as it sits in your gut, it leaves you feeling hollow and almost sick. But it's not something you realize is going to happen until it's too late. You can't determine it based on smell or taste. You just have to try your luck, eat it, and hope for the best. I'm having trouble remembering the last time it turned out for the best, though.

Oh, and Leatherheads was a lot of fun. I recommend it.

I finally booked our airfare for Florida in May. While searching through Expedia and Travelocity, et al, I found an odd little quirk. You know how you can book flights either non-stop or with any number of stops and transfers to save some money? Well, have you ever heard of transferring airports? One of the flights offered to me said that we would be flying to D.C. and make a transfer. Not just of airlines, but of airports! I've never heard of that and I somehow doubt the airlines or what I pay to Travelocity would cover the transfer costs from one airport to the other. What kinda load of crap is that?

Oh, and just to prove to Nilsa that shit does happen to me in multiple numbers, our garage door opener died yesterday. Thankfully, Katie and I were not in a hurry to get where we were headed, but it still died. And we had to buy a new one. I'm installing it either later today or tomorrow. Never fun.

Oh, and I'm not sure if any of you ever buy from Craig's List (I never have), but I'm here to help my brother sell his Silverado. If you have any interest, check out his ad and get in contact with him.