Crazy, that's how it goes...

That's how we laugh the day away...

*snip* *snip*

Seriously. From the bottom of my heart to all of you out there that took the time to comment on my funk yesterday and cheer me up or offer up some advice, understanding, DutchyHugs (highly recommended, BTW), warm puppies, or the like. It was a tremendous outpouring of concern that completely blew my mind. Thank you! I am feeling better thus far. All it took was time with Katie of which we had plenty last night. This is the first Tuesday other than the Florida trip in March that we've had together since before her class began in January. The wraps were great and we did play Wii.

Oh yeah, we did play us some Wii. We went through two circuits of races on Mario Kart and it was funny because Katie would come in second place behind me in the first race in each circuit but then drop way the heck back in subsequent races (Coconut Mall is our fave race, for the record). I never quite understood that. I know she was having some difficulty grasping the concept of the Wii Wheel controller so maybe next time I'll have her use the Wiimote and Nunchuk (you steer with the directional peg on the Nunchuk). That's what I used and I kinda liked it. She did make up for it in a couple rounds of WiiSports Tennis, though. That's one of her faves seeing as she was a high school and college tennis stud. And she was actually going through full-motion, two-handed swings with the "racket." Kinda funny to watch how into it she was.

Then, as I prepped some food for lunch today and cleaned up, she surfed the Web on the Wii. Although controlling the cursor is a pain and so is entering URLs, I love how the Wii's Opera-based browser renders Web pages and the default font is really quite nice. But the best part was watching some YouTube videos on it. She was checking out Dave's Blogiversary winner announcement as well as Avitable's Whose Line is it Anyway outtakes. Funny to think that Katie was watching a show that was produced for television, transferred to Web-ready video, and then was watching it on a television anyway.

I know I've asked for a lot of music recommendations from you lately and thanks for all the ideas. I'm still looking into several. May take some time before the library actually gets them in stock. Anyway, here's one from me to you. I just picked up Tristan Prettyman's new album Hello and it's great. If you liked her first album Twentythree, I don't see how you can go wrong with this one. Plus, for a limited time, it's only $5.99 on iTunes. Big bonus.

Speaking of music, remember how I was concerned that I would be too lazy to swap the code for the free single of the week? Guess I don't have to worry. I plugged in one bit of code to my site and it automatically updates each week with the link to the new freebie song. So just keep clicking on that button over there each week for free shit. This week it's The Ting Tings (they sing the song behind the new iPod commercial, although this free one is not that song).

If you've ever wanted to have someone come to your house and ask what a certain lump of something is that you have on display and you answer "Dinoshit," well, now's your chance. Bid away.