Do you like American Music...
I see your true colors...

This is a call to all my past resignations...

Oh hell, this can't be good...

Uh oh

Yep, that's from the United States District Court in Chicago and it had lots of questions about my eligibility and availability for... *GASP*... jury duty.

As Dr. Sam Beckett would say, "oh boy."

I'll tell ya right now, (S)HE'S GUILTY! FRY HIM/HER! (yes, your honor, I can be impartial and objective)

Totally Unrelated Aside (TUA): A simple math equation for you.

clean sheets
+ clean pajamas
       + clean mattress pad
            + open bedroom window
         + white noise from fan
two fantastic nights of sleep from which waking up is not particularly easy.

Ah, restful bliss!