That's how we laugh the day away...
Faces look ugly when you're alone...

Crazy, that's how it goes...

I'm just going to hop aboard and see where this train of thought takes me this morning. Buckle up! Don't worry, this train is eco-friendly.

Katie is done with school (ed note: done for the semester)! She knows, for certain, that she has As in two classes and she's pretty sure she got an A in the third class. I'd call that a nice start to her work towards an M.A. in education, wouldn't you? Thank you all for the well wishes the other day!

It's been kinda funny, though, being back together relatively early the last couple nights. We're not used to this. On so many Tuesdays and Wednesdays recently, we haven't seen each other until about 10 at night. Sometimes even later. We've actually been able to spend time together. We're like a married couple again.

Unfortunately, though, softball starts for me tonight. So that blows our Thursdays. Part of me is happy to be playing softball, part of me is not. I enjoy the game and I enjoy our team, but I hate giving up an evening. And since it's down in the city where I work, which is a 40 minute drive away (without traffic), there's no coming home between work and the game. With gas prices and commute times what they are, it's just not feasible. Sometimes I go to a local gym and work out, sometimes I read, sometimes I watch a movie on my laptop. I think tonight will be Kitchen Confidential on DVD.

Last night, after Katie finished her final and I finished dodgeball (yeah, that season's still going on, too), we met at our gym and worked out. At the end of it, I was watching some of the Cubs-Brewers game while riding a stationary bike. I'll tell ya what, if you're looking for entertainment value on TV, nothing quite compares to reading the closed captioning on live TV. Last night, they were talking about some player who hurt himself. I'm not sure who, but he had a torn lateral meniscus. I've heard of a meniscus, though I have no friggin' clue where it is. However, the caption typist wrote it out as "torn lateral men miss kiss." What is this? Clumsy man-on-man porn?

Speaking of porn, is anybody truly surprised about the whole Miley Cyrus flap? Honestly, not me. I'm sure it was all taken out of context as her parents and handlers argue and maybe there was a hope for something a bit more wholesome. But, in my mind, if wholesome is what you want, Vanity Fair is not the place to go to find it. Why not ask the Enquirer for truth in reporting? Or Fox News for balanced political coverage? I've seen what has happened to self-professed "good girls" like Britney Spears and Jessica Simpson in the past. I think my only surprise is that it happened so quickly for Miley. I was giving her until her 19th birthday.

I will admit, though, that I do now feel like my teen years were squandered. I should've dressed more provocatively... racy... sexy... It is my right after all, isn't it? Wait. Is it really too late? Can't I just try to make up for it all now? How about I plaster nude pics of myself all over my site? Yeah! I'm doing it!


Yeah, no. I'll leave that to Karl and Avitable. There will still be one blogger from BFF that remains fully clothed, dammit!

Okay, time to go to work. Clothed.


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Damn. I say you should go for it!


Dodgeball, eh? Haven't played that since grade school. As for Miley, I can't believe her parents were on the set when those photos were taken. I would have told Annie Liebowitz: "Forget it, the shirt stays ON."


Ha! Yeah, the CC typists can come up with some good ones. Of course, we hear this kind of unintelligible nonsense actually SPOKEN from the leader of the free world every day so I think we're kind of de-sensitized at this point.


Well, I was surprised by the Cyrus flap. DH and I argued about it for a while one night, even. I've seen the shots, and I agree with the photographer. They're beautiful photos, and not skanky - anyone who thinks they are should go look up the renessiance painters so they can actually get some perspective on the composition.

However, I have to give over to my husband's view point with this: people are too screwed up to get it. The see sex in potato chips, they're too stupid to see anything else. And from that perspective, the photos shouldn't have been taken - but how damn sad that is.


It's funny to hear she has "handlers" which to me sounds like she's a horse or something. Maybe we're all just cattle. ;)

I've known two people who have torn their meniscus. It's painful and often people need surgery. I don't think "men miss kiss" requires surgery. Right?



Hooray for Katie finishing school! Hope you guys get some quality time, softball aside.
I am on both sides of the fence about the Miley Cyrus photos. On one hand, Annie Leibowitz is an amazing photographer and they are very tasteful. But to Kyra's point, we are not a culture that can handle such photos tastefully. It would probably have been meaningless (even conservative) in Europe, but here it just feeds into the culture of the sexualized teenage girl. *sigh*


Your schedule looks exhausting! I need a little lie down now after reading that.
Congrats to Katie - super smart girl!
Now go and get your kit on ;o)


Avitable, ummmm, no. I like having readers with unburned retinas.

Karl, and I can understand your viewpoint completely. Knowing the modern American pop culture fanbase...

John, well if it was Bush speaking, I'd truly doubt it was an error on the typist's part. ;-)

Kyra, true, they're not bad. But your husband nailed it right on the head.

sizzle, not surgery. Just better aim. ;-)

diane, and we're supposed to be such an advanced society here in America. P'shaw!

Penelope, not my schedule. Just my cluttered brain. It makes me need to lay down and relax as well. ;-)

Nilsa S.

I'm really popular at my gym, because I.Know.How.To.Turn.CC.On.And.Off. Aww, yeah!

Miley Cyrus? Sure, VF is riskee. But, Hannah Montana fans (who are all young!) seek her out wherever she is. Whether it's on the cover of VF. Posing half naked or provocatively with her father (eiww!). Or in a nightclub, underage. Or wherever. So, she is being a bad role model, even if it is on the cover of an adult magazine. And the idea that there is this need to push practically pre-teen girls into very adult things so early is a real shame.

Please, though, if you're going to pull a Miley, you better post pictures on your blog. Otherwise, it's kinda like if a tree falls in a forest...


I know how to turn CC on and off too. But we need to have it on at our gym because there is no volume at all and the FM transmitters work worth a crap and who really carries AM/FM radios anymore to listen to them? Oh, and regarding the pictures, be careful what you wish for. You are one sick woman. ;-)


Ack, I'm a putz! I'm sorry, I've lost my mind, which is my only excuse for missing it.... YAY FOR KATIE!!!!!!!!!!! (I still have 2 weeks, I'm so jealous!)

Kevin Spencer

Congrats for Katie. Ooooh, Kitchen Confidential, I've been meaning to watch that for ages now. That's the one based on Anthony Bourdain's early experiences in chefery right?


Kyra, missed what? What am I now missing?

Kevin, supposed to be. Not sure how much is based in truth. But the main character's last name is Bourdain. Not Anthony, but still.


The Miley Cyrus controversy is sad, but the thing is I think it is important for parents to teach their children that actresses/actors that they see on tv are playing a role. What they do in real life may not be up to the standards of their character on their tv show, and it is important that parents teach their kids not to just blindly idolize celebrities. I have talked to my kids about each thing that has come up, and quite honestly I am wondering why people are surprised each time (I'm more speaking of Britney type things here). We don't know the stars at all, we know the image.

When I run on the treadmill I have the closed captioning on because I can't hear the tv at all. A lot of times I have to stop running because I am laughing so hard at what it wrote that the people said. Then I play the game of trying to figure out what they could possible really have said. By the time that is over, my run is finished.


tori, yeah, but the even sadder thing is that too many parents aren't willing to teach this. They just let the TV, Web, etc. babysit their kids. That frightens me. Great way to make your run finish quicker!


Yay for time together! Enjoy!!

As for Miley Cyrus... reading the article I just have to say "WHATEVER!!" The mother complaining " how am I going to explain this to my 9 year old." Explain WHAT? Your 9 year old shouldn't be reading Vanity Fair to begin with, and if she found this article on the Internet you won't need to explain since she's most likely seen FAR worse.


Not sure if you google it, but your meniscus is your knee cartilage. Painful if it goes.

On Miley aren't most of the models features in Vanity Fair about her age and looking a heck of a lot skankier? So how much did Vanity Fair make from the deal? And Disney? And Miley? Big old whatever...


Lisa, the mom may not need to explain, but she probably should. Probably should explain a lot of things seen on the Internet. God only knows what kids find out there these days.

Nat, hence why I said Vanity Fair, in my opinion, wouldn't be the way to go, but I have no idea about their ages. I would've assumed they were older, but perhaps not. Sure, not all are bad and Vanity Fair has had some tasteful and artistically inclined shoots in the past. But I just don't consider it appropriate for someone her age. Vanity Fair and the Cyruses probably reaped some nice financial rewards, but Disney I don't think was in the mix at all. They've condemned it totally.


Times sure have changed. Does anyone remember the huge uproar about Brooke Shields portraying a child prostitute in the film *Pretty Baby* when she was 13? Yeah, that's because there WASN'T one. A bit of controversy about some of the scenes in the film, but that was it. And a few years later, she did the racy series of Calvin Klein jeans ads in which she was topless.

True, she wasn't the icon to preteens that Mylie Cyrus is, but she was still a famous child celebrity. The country had a much more permissive mindset in the '70s.


I think if she were any of these other modern young stars, I might perceive it differently. However, she purports to be such a role model and a good Christian girl who has a great upbringing under her parents watchful gaze. Blah blah blah. So why? True the 70s were more permissive (based on what I've read; I was a bit too young to know firsthand) but now it seems we are the country so behind everyone else.


Why did you do that to me? Why did you get me all happy and excited for Katie and allow me to formulate my "Congratulations!" speech to her because we both share the passion for education and then you go and tempt me with those last few links and NOW?

Well, I can't finish a thought and my eyeballs are bleeding.


It's funny, because I've had to cover the Miley thing for work and to be honest, I don't have any problem with them at all, but since it's a "scandal" we have to push the topic.

Who cares? Aren't there are things that warrant societies attention more than artsy pictures of rich kids?


Mocha, nobody held a gun to your head and said "click these links." Sheesh. ;-)

Whit, I've been thinking about this more and more since writing it and, the more I do, the less of a problem I have with the finished product. But I do still question the thought process behind it by those in her camp.

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