Don't wanna be all by myself...

I walked into a bathroom today to do what, well, needed to be done. And I found out I was sharing a bathroom with someone else. No, this is not a problem for me. Except if it smells bad. But that's another story.

I was using one of the two urinals in the bathroom while the other "guest" was using the toilet in the stall. And you have to understand that guys, unlike women, go the bathroom individually. We do not go in groups because bathrooms are not a social area for us. For the most part, we do not talk, we do not look at each other, and we make no noise whatsoever that isn't appropriate for a bathroom. That's just how we are.

So, in the silence of this bathroom, I hear a *click* *click* *click* sound from the stall. I know I've heard it before, but I couldn't quite place it. So I keep listening. About 10 seconds later I realize what it is... the dude in the stall is messaging away on his Blackberry.

I know people do some strange shit in the bathroom aside from my bad pun, but using your Blackberry? In there? Really?

Remind me never to ask to borrow his phone, okay?

Totally Unrelated Aside (TUA): I think Katie and I are finally going to see Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull this weekend. I'm surprised we haven't already seen it, to be honest, but we haven't really been compelled to hit the show. It's received decent reviews. Nothing spectacular by any stretch of the imagination, though. Have any of you seen it yet? Recommend or no?

I also have to admit I'm kinda curious about The Strangers. It's the film opening this weekend about the couple (Scott Speedman and Liv Tyler) terrorized by three masked baddies in their home. Something about it looks different than the other crap that passes as "horror" these days. And the more I think about it, the more I really want to see it although I'm pretty certain Katie will have none of it. Might be an all-by-myself film next Tuesday night while Katie's in class. Yeah, she starts summer school next week. Blech.

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My husband took the kids to see Indiana Jones last weekend. They all loved it. Take that how you will and keep in mind that they are kids and most anything amuses them. Plus, my husband bought them candy.

I totally want to see The Strangers but movies like that stick with me and make me afraid to turn off the lights at night for months! Even watching the commercials right now is freaking me out!


I don't know whether I would be more or less happy that they were texting instead of talking...


My boss takes his Blackberry with him to the bathroom. He usually takes a while, reads magazines and such, so the Blackberry was the obvious next step.

I have an iPod in one ear at all times at work. The only time I slip the other bud in my ear is when I'm in the bathroom. That's the only place I don't expect someone to ask me a stupid question.


To be honest, I will take out my Treo (the phone) while enthroned, mostly out of boredom and check the web for something to read. But I also use extra sanitation steps to ensure I'm clean all over (i know, TMI), including my hands before putting the phone back in my pocket and opening the door and going to wash my hands.

As for Indy 4, I saw it and blogged about it, and it was good, but some things were unexpected. Personally, it could have been a bit better, but there was enough fun and action and decent plot to enjoy it.


I use my iPhone all the time when I'm in my throne room for a half hour or more.

Memarie Lane

I've heard both good and bad things about the new Indiana Jones. The good came from my parents, which is basically bad. So I'd say it's a no-go.

I never minded Blackberries until my husband got one. Then to compound things he got a bluetooth. He started wearing it all the time. He stopped when I started calling him Locutus.


Strangers got really good reviews in the Globe. (They hate everything or damnnear.) That's going to be one of those that The Man is off to rent by himself. Horror freaks me out too much.

I love my BB I really do. But you, on the crapper might be taking it too far.


tori, some horror films have the same effect on me. Maybe not months, but going to sleep that first night is never easy. Stupid house-settling sounds.

Dave, I'm not sure which to think either.

ajooja, you'd hope they wouldn't, but you never know.

marty, somehow I doubt this person took the same steps as you.

Avitable, um, dare I ask for what? ;-)

Memarie, oh I've ranted about Bluetooths. It's okay to use them in the car, but they'd damn well better stay there.

Nat, yeah, there are some things you just don't do in the crapper. Yuck.


Check email, surf the web, take pictures of my poop, all the usual stuff.


Avitable, so long as it's nothing inappropriate. ;-)


Dad is bathroom-blackberry guy. already dropped two (killing them)into the toilet. *sigh* And palm pilots from way back when too. drives mom nuts.


Funny...I just heard the same sort of noises from the bathroom at Barnes & Noble! I recognized it because it was probably the same phone I have or one very similar.

I like to get in and get time for devices. (That's what Karl said!)


It's funny how quiet men are IN the bathroom but they have no problem announcing to the entire world that they will "be right back" and then grab reading material to take with them. This is what I've been told by other men, mind you, and this happens at their place of business.

And in the women's bathroom I've heard people talking on the phone while they're doing their business. What must the person on the other end of the line think?

I don't want to see Indiana Jones but Joe does. :p


I'll admit, I'll use my phone to surf if I don't have anything else to read at the time.

What bothers me is the guys that come in and talk on the phone while they are peeing/pooping. Shows a lot of respect to the person they are on the phone with.


I text in the bathroom at work, but only while peeing. I also talk to my brother while going to the bathroom, but not at work. I have also called a couple of employees on their cell when I couldn't find them, thinking they were smoking, only to have them answer and tell me they were in the bathroom. Who answers their boss' phone call while on the toilet?


J and I were irresponsible yesterday afternoon and saw Indiana Jones. I twas, well, okay. A little predictable, but if you liked the others you just go with it.
I fail to understand anything so urgent that you can't wait until you leave the john to message/phone/communicate about. Then again, I only turn on my cell phone if I make a call out. I like to be places where only the people I am with can find me.


Women use their phones all the time in the stalls of public restrooms. I prefer the texting to the actual phone conversations. There's something just . . . wrong about it.

We saw Indiana last weekend. I liked it- good fun. But it was kind of a hollow plot.


I saw Indy 4 yesterday. 1 & 3 are still my faves, but this was definitely better than 2. Not great, but enjoyable. Too far-fetched for my tastes which may sound strange but I think will make sense to you once you see it. I went with dual motives: to see it, but also to get a taste of what will be in store for me with Lego Indiana Jones which I assume will cover all 4 films.


I'm way too scared to take my iPhone into a bathroom - I'm so damn clumsy I'd drop it right down the toilet! I love it, but not enough to go fishing for it thanks ;o)


At least he wasn't TALKING on the phone (Like Brandon said). THAT irks me to no end. So rude and so disgusting.

We saw Indy IV last weekend. It wasn't great, but it's worth seeing.


Geez, all you people Blackberrying and iPhoning in the shitter are FREAKS! I'm never borrowing anyone else's cell phone ever again.


We saw Indy last weekend. I thought it was good but not amazing. Certainly not as good as Raiders, but I'd watch it over Temple of Doom any day. Considering Harrison Ford is (I'm sorry) kinda old for an action movie hero, I was pleasantly surprised.

Kevin Spencer

I think I'd take a Blackberry user over someone actually talking on the phone while they're dumping their load. That's just bloody rude. I saw the trailer for The Strangers the other week and it looks so good. I can't wait to see it.


Kyra, am I correct in guessing that cell phone insurance doesn't cover toilet drops.

Hilly, I'm sure he did. Heh.

nicole, ideally the person on the other end has no idea. Until the telltale flush.

Brandon, and then you either have to leave what's in the toilet in there, or flush and give away your location.

kim, I certainly wouldn't. Unless I was pissed. No pun intended.

Sarah, that doesn't sound irresponsible to me.

sizzle, women are that bad? Ick.

claire, 1 & 3 will always be my faves. And I can't wait for that game. Should be fun on the Wii. Wiimote bullwhip cracking action!

Penelope, I dunno. That's a lot of money to leave sitting at the bottom of the loo.

kilax, best to go in with low expectations?

Karl, amen brutha!

Stacey, I get the feeling he'd pull off aged action hero better than most. Kinda like Danny Glover in Lethal Weapon constantly saying "I'm getting too old for this shit."

Kevin, at least if they're talking, I know what's going on. I get some entertainment value out of it. ;-)


What Karl said. Hehheh.


Err... so I'd better not make you read this then..

Yeah, ignore that link...

Iron Fist

Oh, man. At work I duck into the john to check my email on my phone all the time. Sorry dude, I'll curtail that behavior if I ever make it out to Chicago.


We saw Indiana - it's how we spent our last day of freedom before the kids were set free from school. I would have preferred Iron Man. I was not as impressed by the plot. I love the history in the first three movies, but this one was a pretty far stretch. It didn't suck, but I could died happy without anymore Indy. Don't mess with a good thing.


John, now would that actually be about what Karl said or Hilly's "That's what Karl said" joke?

DutchBitch, you might be right. But... temptation... has... a hold... of me... oh crap.

Iron Fist, I just won't borrow your phone. ;-)

Beth, yeah, after seeing it, I've decided that I'm not going to be in any rush to complete my Indy DVD collection. No rush at all. Ironman is still the movie of the summer so far as I'm concerned.


Never never nver will I ever take my phone into the loo again. Mostly because I dropped the last one...

Indy love? Not so much. More an Indy like...


Meh. More of a slight Indy letdown. I watched it once and it pains me to say that I never need to watch it again. Once was enough.

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