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I'm starting to wonder if I should just declare Snippet Wednesdays. Everybody seems to have themes of some sort... Dave's Bullet Sundays, ajooja's Friday Bullets, Avitable's Lazy Sundays... and they all center on weekends. I think we need to give some recognition to the middle of the week. So, yeah, I'm declaring this the Snippet Wednesday #1 (even if I've done these on Wednesdays before, this is the official start)!

Well, Barack Obama has apparently sealed the nomination for the Democratic Party. And I still don't know who I'm voting for. No, this doesn't mean I want to vote for McCain. I don't. I guess I keep hoping for some killer third-party candidate to come along.

I think I've finally nailed down why I'm suddenly so indecisive and negative. In the beginning, I was all about Obama. I bought into his promise of change. And yet I've seen nothing but the same shit only amplified over past campaigns. I was expecting the "change" to start with campaigning. I thought he'd remove himself from the mud slinging that typified American politics. In fact, I expected him to. And he didn't. He just dove right into the pit and began flinging like everyone else. And this Democratic Party campaign has been more divisive than most I remember.

Obama's luster, in my mind's eye, has been tainted by his willingness to participate in bullshit politicking.

No, this is not a snippet dedicated to Brandon's wife.

If you were given the choice between certain death at the hands of an invading army or an uncertain future being whisked away to an alien world, which would you choose? This was the dream my brain graced me with in the 10 minutes of snooze time I had this morning. An army, much akin to the invading Latin American army in Red Dawn (they were advised by Russians, otherwise they spoke perfect Spanish; never noticed that when you watched the movie as a kid, didya?), was barreling through all U.S. towns killing everyone. Then, when they got far enough away, they would wipe out the remainder of the town with a nuke.

However, aliens that looked like a cross between Whitley Streiber's vision (not modern teenage girls) and those from Shyamalan's Signs and other more recent films were preceding the army offering the chance for people to go with them to their world. But there was no way to know if this was going to be some paradise or a human smorgasbord.

If you had to make a choice right then and there, what would it be?

One thing is for sure, I'm never hitting the snooze bar again.

I'm upset with both Target and Circuit City right now. Their Sunday ads looked like they were offering some cool stuff with a couple of new release video games this week and I wanted them.

Legoindy Lego Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures came out and Circuit City was offering a T-shirt and Belloq Lego. I could give a rat's ass about the T-shirt, but I thought it would be cool to have a Lego minifig that looked like Belloq in his Jewish ceremonial garb from the end of Raiders of the Lost Ark. Well, that was how I interpreted it with how quickly I glanced at the ad. So I went into CC yesterday only to discover that Belloq was an unlockable character in the game and not a toy to use with my Indiana Jones Legos. Dammit. (You'll have to forgive that I'm not a big gamer so "unlockable" didn't register in my head as video game jargon.)

Target's ad promised some cool swag with copies of Guitar Hero on the Nintendo DS. I have no idea how Guitar Hero would play on the DS, but color me intrigued by both it and the swag. So I went in there only to discover that the game isn't coming out until the 22nd. I've seen CC and Best Buy advertise ahead of time, but never Target. Even the sales guy was confused by this tactic.

I walked out without buying anything at either place. Since there's no free shit to be had yet, I must wait until it's more cost effective to buy them. I need to save up some coin to pay the balance on my copy of Guitar Hero: Aerosmith coming out soon.

I've heard of some great excuses for why an online service has been rendered temporarily unavailable in the past, but this one takes the cake.

StatCounter, the service I use to count hits on my site, was giving me single and very low double digit counts over the weekend. At first, I wondered how I offended so damn many people. But yesterday, I found a post on the StatCounter blog explaining that they had an explosion at one of their data centers. A big explosion.

Not that I'm doubting the authenticity of this story. It's just a whopper of a tale, don't you think?

Pushing Daisies was ranked in an AOL poll as the best new TV show. Cool! Totally deserved although I would've also been happy with that honor going to Eli Stone.

Oh yeah, I've got a little celebrating to do on Friday and I hope you'll join me. There will be a giveaway. But you have to be a commenter on this site. Not a regular one... a single comment will do. So if you're a lurker and want to participate, comment on any post sometime before Friday to be eligible. Details will be forthcoming.

Best. 404. Error. Screen. Ever.


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There was a big datacenter explosion - I've heard that a few companies were affected.

And when I saw "unlockable", I knew it was in the game. The game's awesome, by the way. Not quite as magical as Star Wars Lego, but close.

Memarie Lane

I have statcounter too, but my numbers actually went up over the weekend. Maybe I got yours? ;)

You MUST get that Lego when it does come out, and then you have to have a contest and give it away. Or you can do a traveling Lego thing, that would be awesome.


Still tired from being up a while playing Lego Indiana Jones on my PSP.

Ever since CC and Target tried to get into the gaming thing, especially the pre-order side of things, they tend to fail in a lot of places. I've stuck to EB Games or GameStop and they have never failed me. Plus, the free t-shirt is pretty cool.

As for Obama, I had a hard time getting behind him in the beginning (got caught up in worrying about him being inexperienced). I admit the mudslinging bothered me a lot. I thought he was better than that. But for me, I think he found a way towards the end of the primaries to debate his topics without trashing the other candidate. It took him longer than I would have liked, but I think he's got what it takes to pull us out of this mess of shit we've been in for the last 7 years.


BTW, Mike Gravel is still running as a Libertarian.


I'd choose the aliens.

Interesting about Obama. We watched the speeches last night and were quite excited about his. I was the family Hillary fan, but ended up with similar feelings about her. I felt that she was the worst mudslinger. I understand they are trying to beat each other, but she seemed to take it so personally. It made me concerned for her diplomacy skills in the international arena. I'm still in love with her health care plan.


I am of the opinion that Obama honestly tried to run a different campaign... but he could not escape the way we do politics here in the USA. In the end, he was given no choice but to go on the offensive after the non-stop attacks from the Dark Side. It is disgusting and sad, but it's the only thing that the public at large seems to respond to.

Still, by comparison, I think he fared far, far better than Hillary... certainly better than the Cheney/Rove death machine that got Bush into office... twice.


It's hard to take the high road again and again and again when people are throwing rocks at you. Sadly, that's the nature of American politics. I still Obama did better than anyone else when it came to the mudslinging.

That error message is totally hilarious.


I hadn't heard that about StatCounter. Interesting.

Dreams? Oh, hell yes. Especially if you hit the snooze button.

Obama? Don't get me started. I hate them all. They're politicians. 'nuf said.

I like the error msg!

I really hate when stores do things like that. Think of the wasted gas to check that out! Dumbasses.


Oh...forgot. Eli Stone? Love it. Daisies? I liked it at first, then it kind of lost me... maybe a bit too much fantasy? Dunno. I might give it another try when it comes back.


My son is obsessing about Lego Indiana Jones already, and he's still addicted to Star Wars Lego on xBox360. I'd quite like for him to get some school work done at some point! ;o)
PS He mentioned to me that Lego are also going to do Batman, Back to the Future and something else. I guess I can kiss goodbye to thoughts of him going to University huh?!


I'd take the aliens. Death may be coming either way, but at least I'd see another planet.

I love Pushing Daisies and can't wait for the return.

Boom! How you like me now?


The last time I was in Ottawa, I took the tour of the Parliament Buildings because I hadn't done that since I was 11. There was a couple from California who I chatted with during the tour, and he couldn't understand how the 3 (or more) party system could work - especially with the idea of a minority government on top of that.
I'm not thinking, based on that conversation, that the US will ever have a legit third option.


I never talk politics before two in the afternoon. It's now 1:23.


And the only word there spoken was the whispered word, `Lenore!'
This I whispered, and an echo murmured back the word, `Lenore!'
Merely this and nothing more.
Quoth the Raven, "Nevermore."

Krys Slovacek

Oh, Poe! What a great 404! Our annual convention in 2007 was in Baltimore, where Poe's buried. I've always been a fan...

Obama... *sigh* I wanted him to be above the fray, too.

Strange snooze dream. Interesting, though - armies AND aliens. Like you couldn't figure out which was more terrifying. Was the dream your mind's way of sussing it out?


What, no mention of Lebowski Fridays? Eh, it's just getting started. I guess if you mention my wife, then we are straight.

I think Dave is right, Obama wanted to run a clean campaign, but because of how ugly politics are right now, there was nothing he could do. It's not going to get any better either. It's a fundamental problem with political campaigns right now.


Alien planet, no doubt.

I want Lego Indy too though I'd like to see it for a little less so I can justify getting the Wii version over the PS2.


Avitable, I should've known it was in the game, but it just didn't click.

Memarie, or it could just be more visitors. Never discount that!

marty, EB/GameStop (one in the same anymore) is where I tend to get mine too. The people who work at the closest one to my house are pretty nice kids. Who the hell is Mike Gravel?

kim, Dave, and sizzle, no doubt Hillary was far worse and that Obama did get better, but it was still knowing that he participated that soured me. I'm still going to vote for him I'm sure. But this sort of crap just jades me even more than I already am, if that's even possible.

sue, I would agree with you on both the shows. It does seem like Daisies got a little strange later on while Eli only got better as it went. That final episode of Eli Stone moved me to tears.

Penelope, I knew about Batman but had no idea about Back to the Future. Me wants a DeLorean!

metalmom, but is seeing an alien planet a fair trade for constant anal probing?

Sarah, we likely never will. Not if our two parties have anything to say about it.

John, I feel like politicians are a bunch of aliens.

Krys, perhaps. But it's also odd considering Indiana Jones. Just thought of that connection now. Hmmm...

Brandon, I forgot all about Lebowski Fridays. I gotta watch that movie again. It's been far too long. It is a big problem in our political spectrum and I pray it gets cleaned up. Maybe when Obama is in the White House he can clean it up from the inside out?

claire, they actually made it for PS2? They make anything for PS2 anymore?


Well, I thought Mike Gravel was still running. Looks like he's called it quits.


Dude. I did snippets today! And I had already declared myself having a "Feel Good Wednesday" thingie.

That 404 kicks so much ass.


So wanting the Lego Indiana Jones. I'd pick the aliens. Course, then they'd teleport me to their planet and I'd say, "Ack! It's a nitrogen atmosphere!" Cough cough sputter gasp wheeze die.


I assumed the same thing with the Lego game. I read unlockable and it didn't occur to me it wasn't an actual Lego figure.

Guitar Hero for the DS looks positively awful. Check out this video before you buy -


I didn't realize ads advertise ahead of time. Well, besides ads for new movies and cds a few days prior. How lame.


marty, and there goes the dream. ;-)

Mocha, Wednesday and Snippets represent!

Karl, at least you've thought it through. ;-)

Nicole, I was really looking forward to the figure. Thanks for the video!

kilax, most are for preorders. But I've never seen Target do it. Totally screwed up my day.

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