Here I am, stuck in the middle...
It can't rain all the time...

Winner takes it all, loser takes a fall...

Time for Snippet Wednesday #2! (and there was much rejoicing... yay.)

Katie and I started watching the TNT series The Closer on DVD recently and are loving it. The final disc of season one should be in today from Netflix and then we're on to season two. We've also set the DVR to catch any episode it can find including the upcoming season four. I mean it, we are hooked. Katie walks around using Kyra Sedgwick's twang as she says "thank yewwwwww." And me? I just get a kick out of seeing G.W. Bailey who was always one of my faves in the Police Academy series. Overall, though, the cast rocks.

To all you people who are Closer whores (I know I read a post from one of you recently, but I cannot find it for the life of me now), does it really stay this good throughout the series or are we setting our expectations way too high?

Does our gag reflex get more sensitive as we age? I ask because, while I'm brushing my teeth, I also brush my tongue to get rid of that morning/dragon breath that tends to occur. Bear in mind that I don't brush that far back on my tongue at all, but it seems like my desire to toss, and thus ruin all my brushing efforts to that point, is heightened of late. Sometimes it's so bad, I start to see stars. Can't be good, right?

We've all had the discussion about deleting spam comments from our blogs in the past. If it's garbage and it has nothing to do with the topic at hand, nix it, right? Well, what if it's from someone you don't know, a company actually that is promoting sex paraphernalia, but the comment they leave actually is related to a post? Not just in some peripheral way, either (for example, saying "Oh, I totally agree with you" and not being more specific). This referenced my actual post. Are spambots getting that intelligent that they scan your text to develop smarter comments or do you think this was a legitimate comment? Nix or keep?

It's time for a little spring cleaning of my iPod playlist. No, not the big iTunes Master List, but the smaller subset that always makes it on my iPod. It was already pretty small as it is but it will be even smaller. To the point where having a larger iPod almost seems foolish.

Out of curiosity, though, do you ever clean up your playlist? If so, what criteria do you use to make the decision what to nix? Is it like clothing... if you haven't worn (listened to) it in such-and-such amount of time, it's gone?

Speaking of iPods, with the warranty-related problems I've been having, I'm thinking about just swapping out for one of the new iPod Nanos. I may do this today, even. With this trade-in, Best Buy will kick in their lemon rule and allow me to swap and the next available iPod is the whopper 80GB, and this just seems like a ridiculously large iPod to own. I don't see the purpose in having such a large damn iPod that I wouldn't even fill up 25% of the way. If I could use it as a portable hard drive, then I could see it. But each time I plug my Mac-formatted iPod into a Windows-based PC (computer at work), it always prompts for a reinstall of the firmware and won't read it without me doing this, so hard drive usage of this iPod is non-existent unless I never use it on anything other than my home computer. So whaddaya think? A Nano? In anticipation of picking up one of the new iPhones down the line? Sadly, I have no choices other than this. The swap must be done within the same product line.

First of all, a big thank you to everyone that chimed in last Friday to congratulate me on #1,000.

As for the winner of the contest, I counted up the number of correct answers for each entrant and then employed a highly scientific method by which to pick a number; well, not really. But it still seemed to work and thus we have our winner. And it is... [drum roll, please]... #63...

KILAX! Drop me a note and let me know if you'd prefer a gift card for Amazon or iTunes and I'll figure out how to get it to you.


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I've seen The Closer before and really enjoyed it. I should add it to Neflix as I'm sure Sweets could get into it, too. Which reminds me ... when the heck are the next seasons of Dexter and The Wire coming to DVD. I need my fix. NOW!

Regarding SPAM. Here's what I say. It's your blog. You make the rules. You decide. I think this spammers comments ride that fine line between being a legitimate commenter and someone looking for free advertising. It's up to you where to draw that line. Personally, I'd nix it. Because I'm good and bitchy like that.


80GB is not that crazy if you use the video feature and put movies or tv on the nano. Even if you don't do it now, when you have a kid it is a priceless feature and MUCH smaller than a portable DVD player to lug around. I load my IPhone up with movies before getting on a plane and I love it - I would kill for more space because I can only add a few at a time. My kids each have their own Nano and I keep them jam packed with Spongebob - God bless him, Spongebob is a savior. No matter how many people think he is bad, he is just misunderstood.


I like to use a tongue scraper to clean my tongue. It feels kind of funny at first, but then you get used to it. It's kind of gross though, if you look at it after you use it.

I WON I WON I WON I WON I WON!!! YAY!!! I'd like the amazon gc please. Thanks Kevin, you rock! This made my day!


Spam comments? DELETE. And yes, they seem to be getting smarter.(If you can call it that!)

Playlist? I edit the contents all the time.Sometimes I add new music and other times I take out stuff that I thought I would listen to alot more, but really don't.

I have the 80GB iPod. I love it. I like to download podcasts of radio shows that I miss and tv shows. It makes exercising seem less boring and waiting room visits are a little more tolerable.


I got a whole round of spam comments that were obviously a real person leaving them. He was leaving normal comments, and then throwing in some shit with a link to this sex site. I deleted them and banned him.

I can't watch The Closer. I find Kyra Sedgwick so ugly that I can't even stand to look at her.


I love The Closer and still really enjoy it. Highly anticipating the new season.

Brushing my tongue makes me gag too, but sticking my tongue out to do it seems to help some.


I don't think 80 is absurd if you intend to use video (although 160GB is a little sick). My music collection comes out to about 30+ GB by itself (including some excellent Barenaked Laidies albums), excluding video. I think the real issue is a) what are you going to use it for and b) how much do you want to keep on it. If you're going to use it for running or some type of cardio exercise, Nano all the way. In addition to the flash memory, you have the option of Nike+ add-ons which are pretty wicked. If you want a "hold everything and rarely sync" with the occassional use of a portable HD, go classic.

(I'd avoid the Touch like the plague...b/c of the Sarbanes-Oxley accounting every software update to the Touch results in an additional charge...which is a load of crap.)

P.S. Sorry I've been away...I'll try to stop by more often:)

Miss Britt

Nix it. If someone wants to advertise on their site, let them pay you.


I never watched the closer. I keep thinking I should try it.

I nix any comments linking to a site with stuff that they're selling. If it's a real comment, and clicking on their name lets you know about their sites I leave it up.


On Spam -- I don't get much. (Thank god.) But there was a comment from some dude at at company clearly trying ot sell his wares. It was an ad. I just didn't know what to do.

Personally I am leaning towards deleting it.


I'd delete the spam even if I wasn't sure it was spam.

Also, TOTALLY glad Kilax won! YAY!


Nilsa, Dexter s2 should be out in the next couple months, I think. Dunno about The Wire. You can visit for information about this stuff. Great site.

Beth, how can Spongebob be misunderstood? I love that little guy.

kilax, YOU WON YOU WON YOU WON. You're welcome and I'll get the gift card to you soon.

metalmom, yeah, TV on my iPod may be the way to go.

Avitable, that's exactly what happened with me on the comment front. Only once so far, though.

claire, I'll try the sticking out method.

BA, I guess I could build up my video collection on it. Rip some of our TV shows to iTunes. The only problem is that my HD on my iMac will be jammed full now. Welcome back, BTW. No blogging anymore?

Britt, hmmm... time to ask for cash!

Kyra, I clicked on his site to see what it was. I'm just thankful I didn't do that at work. ;-)

Nat, I'm leaning that way too.

sizzle, not a bad idea.


External 500GB to 1TB HD for media. The only way to fly!

Haven't really had time to blog with the job change:( It sucks...and makes 1000 posts unlikely for me. Congrats on your blogversary though!!!


I thought the gag thing was a pregnant thing. Are you pregnant? That is when it happened to me a lot anyway.


BA, okay, you're Mac boy now... is it easy to set up the external so iTunes, iPhoto, and the like read for media from an external drive as opposed to the default internal drive?

tori, if I am, I've got movie rights. And none of this transgender pregnancy or Arnold Schwarzenegger movie stuff either.


Has Kyra Sedgwick's southern accent gotten any better? I don't watch the show but I've seen some clips and her early attempts at a southern drawl were laughable. Based on your critical acclaim, perhaps I'll give it a spin. : )


Admittedly her accent is a bit extreme, but the show itself and the cast that has been assembled is fantastic.

Marty Mankins

Congrats to kilax for winning the big prize. Better luck next time for the rest of us.

Brushing tongue... I do this each morning and my gag reflexes are ok, but if I shove the toothbrush too far, I get that feeling like a reaction could happen. And I use a power toothbrush (the Oral B $6 version), which takes that nasty white shit off the tongue pretty good.

Spam... these spammers are getting better at trickery. I had to do a double take and actually look up the web sites associated with a few comments to make sure they were not legit. One even lifted an exact statement from the previous comment, which made me examine each comment even closer. I wish I had that kind of time to use for other productive purposes.

iPod... I could use the 80gb. Not for the music, but for some of the videos I've been putting on my iPod (a 30gb 5th generation model). I watch most of my TV shows on my Mac or my iPod. I also have a 4gb nano that I use for podcasts and some music. If you don't have a lot of music or video, the 8gb nano is the way to go.

Unless you are using a Mac for all of your iPod stuff, formatting it with Windows will allow it to work on both the Mac and the PC.


It's beyond easy. There's actually a preference for it in iTunes to set where you want your media library. Under Preferences, Advanced, General, you'll see "iTunes Music Folder location." Just set that puppy to your external HD and it'll ask you some questions and you're good to go.

I have my external HD plugged into my Airport Extreme Router. One partition does Time Machine wirelessly and the other keeps all my media files, which I access wirelessly.

I do keep pictures and word processing documents local, but only because I don't have enough to justify moving them.

If you have an iMac it's even faster than wireless, which is no slouch. Just partition the external so that you can use one drive for Time Machine and the other partition for all your media. You'll make your iMac's HD very happy.

Seriously Kev, cake walk.


Oh God you're so right about that gag reflex thing! I also brush my tongue (smoker - ewwwwww!) and it kills me. Umm...having said doesn't cause me too many problems on other occasions. I should shut up now - right? ;o)

Krys Slovacek

I've noticed the gag reflex thing, too! I can only brush the front half of my tongue now! I tried to attribute it to allergies (hay fever = phlegm = gagging), but I don't actually have allergies. So, I'll go with what you said. I'm getting older. Damn.

Memarie Lane

I've never cleaned up my playlist, only because I'm afraid I'll decide later I want the song back and it will be gone forever.


marty, I do use a Mac for all my iPod stuff. Even got a switcher for my work speakers so I could still leave them plugged into my work PC and have an auxiliary cable for the iPod without hooking up the Pod to the computer directly. Works much better this way.

BA, I can't wait to have a machine that works with Time Machine. My iMac is a G5, but we might be getting a MacBook soon. Fun Fun Fun!

Penelope, ummmm... I really shouldn't go there. But part of me really wants to. ;-)

Krys, sick and wrong, isn't it?

Memarie, oh, not delete it entirely. Just off the playlist that affects your iPod.

Marty Mankins

I figured you used a Mac, but wanted to include the Windows comment because I've run into that before. I'm a MacBook Pro user. Love it.

Kevin Spencer

I love The Closer and it's one of my fave TV shows actually.

I'm just at the point where I'm going to outgrow my 80GB iPod so will be getting the 160GB one. The reason being that I like to have all my music with me. I don't really know from day to day what I'll be in the mood for so having it all there rocks.


I have a couple of standard playlists on my iPod - General Favorites, Electronic Favorites, The Cure Faves, Depeche Mode and New Order Faves, and then one I called New Music where I put all the recent additions.

Do I clean up my iPod? Well, no. I have one of those ridiculously large 80 GB models that has 25 GB free even after all the music I "borrow" so I probably won't bother until I'm pressed for space.


I got a spam like yesterday that read *really* legit, but the "blog" link looked suspicious. Yeah, some sexy online UK company. I didn't post the comment.


I love my big iPod and I thought I'd never fill it up. It's not quite full yet but I have the option. It's about having OPTIONS. Women must know this better than men because we have a buttload of shoes.

Go for big, Kevin!


Marty, a MacBook Pro? Color me jealous.

Kevin, you're graduating beyond an 80GB? Holy crap that's a lot of music!

nicole, that's the kind of space I will have and more. I'm probably going to need a dedicated file storage space to ensure that an 80GB will be close to full. Don't want to put all that on my main CPUs hard drive for fear it will slow down.

lizriz, not sure what nationality mine turned out to be, but the sexy was certainly present. I nixed it.

Mocha, but when it comes to big boy's toys, we usually try to go for bigger, too. Maybe I should follow suit. Has nothing to do with shoes, though. Mostly car engines. I think. ;-)


Glad to know I'm not the only one with the irritating gag when brushing my tongue. Ugh!

Congrats on the win, Kim!! :)


It sucks, doesn't it? The gagging, not the winning.

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