I want some hot stuff...

Well, let's see... we have Avitable complaining about everyone on the Web being "either crabby, bitchy, stubborn, depressed, pathetic, upset, crying, or some combination thereof," SJ hoping to "avoid the drama shitstorm polluting the blogiverse lately," and me with absolutely no clue what the hell is going on... yet again. Or maybe I do and I just don't recall. Am I not reading the right blogs?

Sometimes I really feel out of it with what is happening out here. It makes me sad because I cannot relate to what everyone else is involved with. And, yet, part of me feels happy to not know because then I'm not forced to take sides. So I suppose there's an upside.

In an effort to forget about all this drama I know nothing about, I decided to go get lost in a recently opened Whole Foods. A couple of my coworkers swear by the place so I had to see it for myself.

45 minutes of aimless wandering later and my head is swimming no less than it was before. Just with thoughts of food. My God, that place is scary inside! I haven't felt this overwhelmed by a grocery store since I set foot in Woodman's. And that place is scary!

But I did walk out with some good stuff...

Hot hot hot

The question now is, what am I planning to do with all this spicy goodness? And, no, "giving himself salmonella poisoning" is not a viable answer... or, at least, I hope it's not.

The answer, should technology work in my favor for once, will be coming soon!

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I was going to mention the drama on my blog, but don't want to add fuel to the fire. Count yourself lucky to be out of the loop! Drama-free is the way to be! :)


Are you making what I think you making??? If so.... enjoy a nice Negro Modelo with it.


And here I thought this post was gonna be about SEX.



Whole Foods overwhelms me...kinda like BlogHer did. And as far as the drama goes, what are they referring to? Wait. Don't tell me. I prefer to not be in the know.


I don't know from drama. It seems like the same people are always talking about it- the drama requires a lot of PR.


I KNOW NOTHING about the drama as well. :) It makes me laugh when other people mention it... because I am so... clueless!

I still haven't been to Whole Foods OR Trader Joe's!


Don't even worry one bit about the drama. Some of us are drama free people and like our blogger universe to also be drama free, so while I know what's going on, it doesn't really interest me in the least bit.

Memarie Lane

I haven't noticed any drama either. If you find it out, do tell!

That is an excellent chile mix for a good salsa, but you're missing some essential ingredients.


Mmmmmmmm... extra spicy chilly! :)

I don't like the drama, I'd rather not be involved.


diane, that good eh?

MIM, I am I am.

sizzle, sorry, no sex.

Whit, PR on the blogosphere? That scares me.

kilax, okay, we're taking you to Trader Joe's.

Brandon, yeah, I think I prefer drama free, too.

Memarie, oh this isn't all the ingredients, just some of the core ones.

Nat, not quite chili although that sounds pretty darn good!


Drama? What drama? Guess I'm out of the loop too?

Careful now with those jalepenos!


No need to worry. No jalapenos in the bunch. The orange is, I believe, a habanero; the green is a serrano; and the two reds are fiesta. All the jalapenos were recalled. Just gotta keep my fingers out of my eyes.


I think I know what you're referring to. There seems to be a lot of it going around lately. Maybe there's more than just samonella in those jalopenos. Don't eat them! :)


Ah, but the lovely taste of peppers is worth the risk! (these aren't jalapenos, so there's no risk) ;-)


ahhh, I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who is completely clueless...


First, let me say while I know of the drama, I am not involved in any way - and plan to keep it that way.

But far more importantly, do you realize what a habanero pepper *is*?!?! It is pain beyond description in the innocent form of a cute pepper. It will HURT YOU. On the Scoville scale of heat, they rate 100,00-350,00. By comparison, a jalapeno rates 2,500-8,000. They will blister your lips, sear your stomach and cauterize your hemmorhoids on their way out of your body. RUN AWAY!!!

If you eat one, take pictures! ;o)


Uh, that's supposed to be 100,000-350,000.

Also, WEAR GLOVES when you cut them up. Their hotness can stay on your skin for days, and you do NOT want to get it in your eyes.


If you want to et a hot pepper. look for the Bhut jolokia chile from India. Over 1 million on the scoville!!! Oh yes!!! I am order this from a store. I have to try this sucker. Yes, I agree with SJ! Wear gloves, I was burning my eyes by rubbing them for three to four days. I must have tried to wash my hands 10 times a day! Nothing worked!

To me though a Habanero isn't really that hot.


suze, let's be clueless together. Deal?

SJ, "cauterize your hemmorhoids"??? That's one of the funniest damn things I've ever read. And something that should be added to medical textbooks the world over! Oh I plan to be careful and I'm not planning on eating it plain. It's to be part of a recipe. Phew! Thanks for the warning though.

MIM, okay, if you buy that pepper, you must do what SJ said and videotape yourself eating it. I'll post it on my blog. How's that sound?


You got it! I will get it done! This should be interesting!! :_(


I heard--somewhere--that you were starting your own loop.....

Can I be in on the loopy goodness? Can we call it Froot Loops?


I hear the edges of the dramas and try to stay away. It's difficult sometimes because you want to be there for anyone that needs support but it's so difficult when you... sigh...

Well out of it.

Mind you with my rubbishness of keeping up with blogs at the moment by the time I get round to reading about any dramas it's usually all blown over!

Damn those peppers look good!


I'm seeing some yummy salsa with those beauties! Yum!!


Totally out of the drama loop for once myself too.

Wanna come over and make "drama" together? ;-)


The "huge hand carved balls" that were in Motley's spagetti yesterday at Dave Diego, had jalapenos in them. They were spicy but strangely very good. I never would have put jalapenos in spagetti and meatballs... but this worked somehow.


MIM, yep, crying might be the order of the day.

metalmom, only if our mascot can be an annoying Toucan!

Bec, thank you! That's exactly what I was trying to figure out how to say and, for whatever reason, the words escaped me... to be there for the appropriate person. I dunno why saying that eluded me. I think my inability to stay 100% on top of blogs at any one moment screws it up for me too. It does always seem to blow over by the time I'm there.

Lisa, I may have to try that next time. I did make what I planned to make and, hopefully, the recap of it all will be ready to go soon!

DutchBitch, when's the next flight?

Winter, those sound goooooooodddd. I never would've thought it either, but now I want to try!

Sheila (Charm School Reject)

I was confused about all the unkown drama myself....but I'm used to being confused so it's alright.

Boo to hot stuff! Except, of course, the dreaded jalepeno.


Sheila, you don't like hot stuff?!?! For shame! ;-)


Ooohhh, I loves me some Whole Foods. I wish our's was closer!


How far away is it?

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