Stop the world...

Everyone knows what it's like to mistype something. Your finger strays and hits the incorrect key. Nothing big... usually. Heck, most of the time, the spellchecker will catch it.

Unless, of course, the "mistyped" word is still a word in its own right. I heard a story about someone in public relations who was trying to type the word "public" in a press release. The finished, and sent, press release instead contained the word "pubic." Hmmmm...

Now try typing code for a Web page. A mistype can be disastrous. Yes, it can completely fubar the page. Sometimes it's easy to find and correct it when you immediately realize what's going on. Other times, not so easy.

And, then there are those instances that are just laughably hilarious.

Take, for example, today. I tend to use an HTML tag known as "<strike>" when using placeholder text on a draft page. This lets me know that the text needs to be replaced with completed copy before I make it live. This tag displays strikethrough text, or text with a line going through the middle of it kinda like crossing it out with a pen. I had to type in this tag several times via Dreamweaver as it's not one of the default function buttons in this particular version. For some reason, my middle and ring fingers on my right hand couldn't decide who should be typing and I wound up with...

<stroke>blah blah blah</stroke>

(note: for those not familiar with HTML coding, the use of a "/" denotes the end of the piece of text that will display with a strikethrough).

Hmmm... probably not the most accurate use of code in the world.

But wouldn't it be nice if it were that easy to control medical conditions and other worldly problems? Just close the tag to end it all. Hey world, I'm going to </cancer> and </HIVAIDS> and </starvation> and </war> and </hatred> and </discrimination> and so many other things with the press of a few keys!

Ojal√° que si...

Totally Unrelated Aside (TUA): Sorry my follow up to last Friday's pepper challenge isn't up yet. I've got most of it done, now I just need to edit. Yes, it's a video post. But it wasn't done in one straight shot. I had to record in a half dozen or so segments and now I need to edit them all together. We shall see. It's been years since I've done video editing. Like eight years. That's a long time and a lot of changes in how the software works. Gah!

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Sybil Law

I consistently mistype words. I would SUCK at coding. Saturday night, though, I went out with some friends, and had way too much to drink. (I'm sure it had nothing to do with the shots we were drinking.) Anyway, I tried to reply to an email, and I was making myself laugh and laugh because my fingers could NOT do what I wanted them to do.
Fun times. :D


I have seen the pubic typo so many times. It never fails to make me laugh.


my mom once sent me an email signed "kive nin" and I spent forever trying to figure out what that meant or what language my mom was learning now (she does that, sends me random words in different languages because she just learned them). Turns out it says love mom...her fingers were on the wrong keys. It could only have been funnier if it had made actual words.

I am loving your idea about getting rid of bad things. If only it worked so easily.


I'm a crappy typist, so I always have to edit, especially with code. I'm more notorious for dropped words than misspellings though. I do like stroke for strike... except for the Billy Squier that is now playing in my head.


Oh I mistype words all the time. Especially at work when I'm trying to angrily type an email to a dumbass. Then I have to read and scan it to make sure I don't send a typo-laden message.


I used the word "dick" instead of "disk" in large publication. Luckily, the fallout wasn't as bad as it could have been.


Yeah, years ago, when I had just started working at the university medical center I had to fill in some forms for my boss in order to be able to use animals for medical testing (yeah, I know, don't ask) and the people at the university that had designed the forms had mispelled the word "university" and it said "universitit"... Yeah... "TIT"... LOL


I work in public health and so one time someone from our organization (management) wrote an email saying "pubic health." Yes it was a laugh, riot. :)


When my nails get even more out of hand than usual my typing gets ridiculous! Thank god for spell checker, as you said. This is also why I could never learn coding, who knows what I might end up producing!
(I had to edit at least 6 words in this comment heh!)


I mistype, misspell, miss this and miss that. I should teach english and grammer!

stepping over the junk

that's funny. and spellcheck wont catch it either!


Sybil, was that why you had to come back and answer the trivia questions on Avitable's site at a later time?

kilax, it's a classic. Never gets old.

tori, that's awesome. And, yes, it would've been funnier if it actually spelled out something coherent with the finger/key shift.

Winter, dropped words happen me to all the time too and I have no idea why. Sorry about Billy Squier. That's bad.

marty, you can always justify that he doesn't deserve a well written message.

ajooja, I'd love to know the context of the sentence just to hear how it read. Like "... hard dick scan..." ;-)

DutchBitch, oh I've seen that one before many times!

Marie, but that's a VERY IMPORTANT topic!

Penelope, nails can make it bad.

MIM, "English and grammar." Sorry, just had to! ;-)

sotj, never will. And grammar checks are shoddy at best.


Not in Dutch though, I bet ;-)


Nah, they're not trying to be Dutch. Just very bad English. ;-)


I'm forever mistyping shit. I notice most of it after I've hit the publish button.


And that is why I love the Web... always able to fix things so long as I'm not too lazy to log in! ;-)


Ah, HTML! It's been awhile since I've wallowed in it.


Time to wade!


Well, putting the world's problems in XML tags is a step in the right direction. : )


Yeah, I guess it's a start. ;-)

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