Do you believe in magic...

I think I have officially found the strangest word ever included in a spell check dictionary. Or it could be a sign that the world truly is ruled by J.K. Rowling. Take your pick.

In an homage to an episode of Ace of Cakes when Mary Alice calls Duff "Dumbledork," I called a friend by the same name in an e-mail. The spell checker flagged the word and offered "Dumbledore," the character in the Harry Potter books and movies from which Mary Alice's comment was taken, as a viable alternative.

Now, unless "Dumbledore" has some other valid reason to be included in a Microsoft dictionary (I was using Outlook for the e-mail), I think I can say I've seen it all.

Totally Unrelated Aside (TUA): Mark David Chapman, the man who shot John Lennon four times in the back outside the latter's NYC apartment in 1980, has been denied parole for a fifth time. The question remains whether it was for the safety of society or for his own safety.

I say let him out and see what happens. It can be a Running Man of sorts to see who gets to him first. Muahahahahahahahahahahahaha. ha.

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Wow, Microsoft must just keep updating their dictionary as time passes. Sometimes I am astounded at the corrections it comes up for when I type. Then words aren't always clean.


That is kinda creepy and weird about the Dumbledore thing.

I don't think he'd make it a day if we did that.


Hell, my first name is always flagged as mis-spelled and you know why.


I am surprised that guy hasn't been whacked already! Put him in the general population and see what happens!


RE: Mark David Chapman, bwahahahahaha!!!!

Sybil Law

I was literally just complaining about my spell check today! It sucks! Some words are completely ignored, even though I can see that i plainly mistyped them, and yet it underlines things like names, or just otehr random words.
i will have to check out Dumbledore on Firefox. That's funny! (Oops - it just gave me, Tumbledown, Battledore, Wimbledon, Dumbwaiter. WTF is a Tumbledown? or Battledore?)
Anyway, I agree with letting that lunatic loose. As long as it's televised. :D


Ace of Cakes! I LOVE that show so much!

(and yes, I am aware I totally seem to have missed the point of your post...I got it, I just have no good comment for any of it except to say that I want to marry Duff. Except that I'm already married...details, details)


I wonder what kind of odds Vegas would give Chapman? 1/5? LMAO

Kevin Spencer

Regarding Mark Chapman, oh it's so for his own safety. Can you imagine how long it would be before someone took matters into their own hands and "took care" of Mr Chapman. I cracked up at picturing him in a Running Man contest.


I can't believe Chapman is still alive. Prisoners must not have very good taste in music or he'd have been shanked by now.


Mark David Chapman deserves parole. He has served his time. So has Charles Manson.



Isn't Dumbledork a synonym for DumbleDore? I always thought it was...


That is a sign that the world is truly coming to an end and only those who know Harry Potter will live on...I will not be one of them.

Johnny C.

I wonder what his favorite Beatles album is.


At first, I thought maybe you had added Dumbledore to the Microsoft Outlook dictionary (because you can do that). But, I just tried writing it in an Outlook email on my computer and it was recognized as a word. And I can guarantee I didn't add it, since I don't even read Harry Potter. How strange!


Hilly, I can't imagine the words that the spell checker has to verify coming from you! ;-)

Sue, he certainly would not.

sizzle, it doesn't recognize "sizzle"??? Stupid system! ;-)

MIM, noooo! Let the real world have a crack at him first!

AmyD, thank you. I'm here all week!

Sybil, I've heard of a tumbleweed, but not a tumbledown. Weird.

tori, tiny details. Just wait until Halloween!

Winter, you think his odds would be that good?

Kevin, he'd be the contestant everyone else would leave behind for the hunters.

Whit, clearly bad taste.

metalmom, I AGREE! ;-)

Dutchbitch, depends on who you're saying it to. ;-)

Robin, Dave would be screwed too.

Johnny, Help!

Nilsa, I thought that might be the case too. If it was my personal e-mail... totally. But this was not my personal so I have no idea how that would've happened. Weird Microschlock.


It starts with MS Word and before you know it we will all be wizards one day. Just you wait and see. ;)


Okay, now that is a future prediction I both love and fear. I would love to be a wizard, but some of the dumbasses I've experienced in my life... not so much. ;-)


His odds of getting killed? Oh, yeah. Getting away? Pretty long odds there. Of course, for the value bettor there's nothing here worth betting on. No exotics.


I was thinking that in terms of being off'd, the odds were about 2:3. He wouldn't last. Not in the slightest.


I'll never understand why everyone's so up in arms about a guy who killed an obnoxious musician twenty years ago. Most murderers would be out on parole by now.


True. I'm not up in arms, really. I just know that he wouldn't last and I think the ability to watch it might be fun.


I like the "Running Man" idea for Mark David Chapman. Maybe let Manson out and put them on a TV show. Now that's reality TV I may actually watch.


marty, "Killers Killing Killers"? I LIKE IT!

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