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Sadly, another Davecago has come and gone. I say "sadly" simply because it feels like it will be another eternity spent waiting for Davecago the Fourth to happen next year. I really do enjoy meeting up with fellow bloggers even if I am a bit of a social outcast.

Jeez, there were a ton of cool people there. When Katie and I were heading downtown, I didn't really know who to expect to see since it seemed like a lot of people were unable to make it this year like Kim and diane. I did figure on Tori being there if she could find parking (ha!) as well as Jenny, RW, Mrs. RW, and Gary. But, other than them, I really didn't know.

Mocha made the trip, which always makes me happy because I totally PPH her! And I met a bunch of other people I'd never met in real life before like *lynne*, Leah, and Robin. Plus somebody who was introduced to me as Suzanne, one of Dave's blog stalkers. That's pretty cool in a very creepy, cloak-and-daggerish way.

I have some pictures here for you from the event, and from walking around Chicago beforehand with Katie and Dave. They're in a pictobrowser, so you may need to click through from your reader or you can just surf on over to Flickr to see them.

But one of my favorite things about the whole event was commiserating with my fellow bloggers on things that bug us about the medium. From people squatting on blog names (ever wonder why RW's site is misspelled without a "y"?) to not having the amount of time you'd like to read each and every site to the give and take of commenting to coming up with ideas to keep things fresh.

Do you have any idea how good it feels to know that I'm not the only one who feels bad that I sometimes have nothing more to say in a comment than "I totally agree with you"? That's one of the many things I struggle with in blogging... finding something meaningful to say to show support for all of you that I read. I don't want to be that guy who simply says "I agree" but I also know that for some of you, myself included, that's all you want to hear. That's why we write what we write, to get it out and get feedback to either confirm what we are saying or to let us know that we are nutso beyond compare. And sometimes that seemingly meaningless "throwaway" comment is the easiest way to show that support.

But because there are so many blogs we read and so many posts we agree with and so little time to complete it all, we just don't. It's completely understandable.

So I guess what I'm trying to say is, just because I don't comment or because someone else you think is a reader of your site doesn't comment all the time does not mean we are not reading or we do not agree or we do not value what you are pouring out of your heart of hearts. We are and we do. Just know that. 'Tay?

Oh, and I got a killer brownie recipe from Tori that will definitely be a future Damn Fool Network episode. Stay tuned. ;-)

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I like the shadows on the "more river" pic.


Sounds like a blast. I'm sorry I missed it. Next year, I guarantee I won't be getting married and be in the middle of wedding showers. Pinky swear!


I agree with you.

Memarie Lane

I saw a blog tip in an article somewhere that I thought made sense. It said that when you're writing each post, you should leave some room for speculation. If you fill in ALL the blanks, that's all people will know to say, "I agree with you" or similar. If you leave some wiggle room it's like asking a question that people will likely try to answer in a comment.


Good times again. Glad everyone had fun!


Would have loved to have been there to meet everyone; glad you guys had a blast!


You, a social outcast? Really? I honestly can't see that.

I haven't met a fellow blogger yet, but I think it would be fun. Maybe depending on who you meet?

Can't wait for brownie episode of the Damn Fool Network! Yummy! Love brownies!


Kim, I love capturing good reflections and shadows in Chicago. They always look nice. Thanks!

Nilsa, how dare you get married! ;-)

Avitable, should've seen it coming. ;-)

Memarie, I like that policy and it's one that I attempt to practice. The thing that blows my mind is when I leave it open, it tends to go in directions I never intended. Sometimes good, often times bad.

sizzle, it is fun. You should come out for one.

John, it would've been cool to have you here. Eventually...

Marie, yes, "social outcast" isn't too far off the mark. I get a bit overanxious in front of people. Just wait till you try the brownies. I only hope they live up to the bags of them that Tori gave each of us.


I always <3 your pictures Kevin! Looks like a super fun time was had by all :o)


Penelope, thanks! And it was fun. When you going to make it to this side of the pond for a meet up?


What an awesome group. And who knew what a hottie Tori was... (ooppps.. did I say that outloud... LOL).


I had such a good time with you all! I don't think you can describe yourself as a social outcast! You were super friendly, and I really enjoyed talking to both you and Katie. It felt like I had known you for years when we were talking...nice and relaxed and regular. I love that you teased me about the parking thing! Too funny! I wrote about that on my post too.

Kevin Spencer

I loved those photos. Nice writeup too.


Another excellent trip. Even, I dare say, in that Bill & Ted "adventure" kind of way. You are always a joy to see. I so want to leave a smart ass comment, but you PPH me!

Diggity dang, man.

Stop making me such a softie. I'll lose street cred.

Photos are EXCELLENT, too. Nice city shots.


marty, yes you said that out loud. And she is a little cutie.

tori, I saw that on your post. I have to comment still, though. Couldn't do it from work. Not a good idea. We had fun with you, too.

Kevin, thanks. I appreciate it. Lovin' all your photos too. Much more exotic than mine. Bummer.

Mocha, I know how to butter you up, don't I? Oh yeah! But I should stop. Wouldn't want you losing cred on the mean streets of Springfield, IL! Travesty, I tells ya!


Is it okay to say "I totally agree with you" if I totally do agree with you? Because I do! And I love your photos as well - I'm so jealous you got to see the Lego skyline - so cool!

Great hanging out with you and Katie again - see you at the next one!


jenny, totally okay to say that! I still want to see the big Lego skyline in Schaumburg. Hopefully soon. That and the Lego Chicago-style hot dog! Great seeing you too.


it was cool to see & recognise you in person :) I was very much in "sit and observe" mode for most of the event tho, so didn't really chat much ... next time, I'll be better :) ... so *YOU* are responsible for the white pizza?? Y.U.M.M.Y.!! It was like liquid garlic - heaven! :) :)


Yep, we were responsible, apparently, for the Great White Pizza Race Wars of 2008. Go fig, eh? I tend to be in Sit and Observe mode to some degree too because Katie gets a little fidgety and I feel bad abandoning her for a conversation, you know what I mean?


Yum. White pizza. I love it cause I'm allergic to tomatoes. And I loved Dave Diego, so I know how much fun you had!


Winter, white pizza is pretty damned good! I agree completely. And it sounds like lynne enjoyed it too. Katie and I have been digging on trying different pizzas lately. You can find some interesting stuff out there. We don't like too weird, though. ;-)


I totally agree with Avitable.

Thanks so much to you and Katie for joining us! :-)


Dave, smart ass. ;-)

Hey, you know I'll try to get out to meet up with you whenever possible and I'll bring Katie as well. I think she digs on Tori.

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