I've got my spine, I've got my Orange Crush...
Let me go...

Don't let the sun go down on me...

I_pph_ur_blog Well, apparently sunlight doesn't suck enough to not shine down on me right now thanks to Winter over Sunlight Sucks. She hit me up with the "I Love Your Blog" award.

Winter and I are pretty new to each other. We've both heard of each other for some time either from other bloggers in our circle talking about one of us or by reading the comments that each of us has left on some other blog. Why we didn't hook up (in a purely platonic blog reader sense, of course!) sooner is beyond both of us. But, hey, we're reading now and that's what matters. And I've made enough of an impact to merit one of these bad boys! So that's pretty swank.

However, like any blog award, there are rules. The blogosphere is, of course, a pay it forward kinda community. So here are the rules:

Just seven?? Okay fine, I'll try. And I'm going to stick to blogs that are all relatively new reads for me. I also hope to be giving this out to people that haven't already received this from someone else. Or at least they haven't posted about it yet. Who knows if they've already received it, right? Can't read every post out there. ;-)

Of course there are many more of you out there and just because I didn't list you doesn't mean you're not great. Honestly. No B.S. (for once in my life).

Hey, got a meme for you in the extended post.

This one comes to us courtesy of the legend that is Avitable. Yep, not only did I find it there, but the man created it himself. Clearly he has too much time on his hands and needs to spend more of it cracking the whip on his employees like Britt.

It is called, simply, My...

My favorite age:  24. I was still in grad school and had just started dating Katie and we were sneaking around behind the backs of all my RAs (she was my resident). Good times.

My best friend: Call me a sap, but Katie. She knows me better than I know myself. 

Kimsaigh My celebrity crush: My A#1 celebrity crush of all time is Elisabeth Shue with Belinda Carlisle in a close second. Currently, though, I'd have to say Kim Saigh of L.A. Ink. I can't think of a hotter inked-up woman anywhere in the world (I can safely say that because Katie has no tattoos and she totally agrees with this crush)

My defining characteristic: Some say my laugh. I really don't know what defines me to others, though.

My most evil moment: TPing a good friend's house. He knows. And he still talks to me. Sucka.

My favorite food: I do love beef stroganoff.

My grossest injury: Personally, I really haven't had any. I took pix of my scuffed up shin last year, but that's really not so bad.

My biggest hatred: Bad drivers.

My most illegal activity: I prefer not to talk about it. Nothing bad. Just a part of my life I try to forget.

My need for justice: See two answers north of this one. I try. But I still haven't managed to run any off the road.

My most knowledgeable field: Movies.

My life's goal: I have to mirror Avitable on this one, "retire young and travel the world." Wiser words were never spoken.

My mother's influence: Music and movies. She got me into some good stuff.

My nerdiest point: Far too many to count. How about all of you suggest some?

My oldest memory: My parents taking me to see the original Star Wars film when I was three years old. And I remember nothing else until I was five.

My perfect date: Movie and pub with Katie. It doesn't take much for me.

My unanswered question: Why spiders?

My random fact: I love mold and hate fungus (translation: bleu cheese = yum; mushrooms = aw hell no)

My stupidest decision: Selling my Ibanez EX160.

My favorite television show: Currently, The Office; all time, maybe Quantum Leap.

My style of underwear: Boxer briefs. Still trying to find the perfect pair, though.

My favorite vegetable: Actually there are very few I don't like. But my fave is probably corn on the cob.

My weakest trait: Delegating tasks. I like to be able to take responsibility for everything that should be part of my job, so I was never able to give assignments to interns. I'm bad like that.

My X-men power: My favorite superhero power is the superleap like Ang Lee's Hulk, but I'm not sure what X-man can do that since I never really read X-Men.

My strongest yearning: To travel overseas and learn more languages.

My moment of Zen: Plugged into my iPod. The music depends on my mood, but if it's good, I'm zengasmic.

As always, steal at will. For those of you new to my site, I never tag anyone with memes. It's just not what I do.