But I ain't got wings...
Hey, I got some new shoes...

Open up your mouth and feed it...

Just had to share our little culinary experiment with all of you...

White Pizza

It's a white pizza (yes, MochaMomma, we're starting kitchen race wars again), meaning nothing but crust, garlic olive oil, and cheese. Our definition is, of course, open to interpretation. The cheese we used is a four-cheese blend of asiago, parmesan, fontina, and mild provolone. One half also has goat cheese (that would be my half).

Oh, tres yummy!


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Yeah, the goat cheese would need to be on my side. Maybe some feta and meatball and ranch, too.


Yummy, yum, yum!! I can't do red sauce so this pizza is RIGHT up my alley. And goat cheese? Genius!!! Throw some black olives on that bad boy and I'm soooo there! :)


Mmmm - looks amazing...


That looks amazing! We love making pizza at home! Our last creation had black beans, pico de gallo, a small bit of chihuahua cheese, and a fried egg in the middle.

Memarie Lane

Good thing I just happen to be eating pizza myself at the moment. No goat cheese on mine though. :(

Sybil Law

That looks delicious!


Everything but the goat cheese sounds yum.


I heart white pizza; it's my favorite slice to get from the fab place between my apartment and the subway.


Damn, that looks awesome!


You're making me ridiculously hungry. And it's not even dinner time yet. Damn you...

Hahah - looks great!

Kevin Spencer

Yum. You have one spare slice right? That you could pop in a nice refrigerated truck and have it delivered to Phoenix for me? Right? Thanks mate.




whall, that's a helluva combination.

Cinnkitty, I'm gonna have to skip the black olives. Sorry. A little too salty for me.

suze, thanks!

kilax, wow! How'd you come up with that one?

Memarie, or what? You'd be drooling? ;-)

Sybil, thanks. It was.

Avitable, not a goat cheese person? Don't worry, neither is Katie.

sandra, I gotta hear more about this place.

Whit, thanks! It was pretty good. I'm gonna have to hold on to this idea.

Nilsa, muahahahahahahahahhahaha! ha.

Kevin, yeah, it'll be right there...

John, more reason for Buddhathon in Chicago!


A little trick for pizza dough. Add about a half cup of white wine to it. Subtract a half cup of water.


I'm salivating now I hope you know.


MIM, can't subtract a half cup. It's premade, bagged dough. But we've been looking for a good dough recipe to try making our own. Our dough comes from Trader Joe's.

Marie, just don't get it on the keyboard.


I don't get into race wars in the kitchen unless I don't get an INVITATION TO EAT.

Then, I'm cool. I believe MLK, Jr. said something about the races sitting down at the table together. If you're cooking, I'm all for that! ;-)


And I'm definitely cookin'! So just make that trip on up from Springfield and all will be capische in the world. ;-)


I was having trouble deciding what to make for dinner tonight and when I saw this, I knew.


Go white pizza!


Oooh, that looks so yummy!!


It was. I highly recommend it.

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