It don't mean spit to me...
Heads turning as the lights flashing out...

I feel fine and I feel good, I'm feeling like I never should...

Hey all.

Sorry, I really thought I'd have something more meaningful to say than "hey all," but I suddenly realized, late last night, that I messed up the importing of about two dozen CDs into iTunes. I had the import functionality set to MP3 format at 128 Mbps (very low quality for you non-techies) because I was creating ringtones some weeks back. And for a few hours, I've been trying to reimport some CDs I still have at better quality, lossless settings (yes, MP3s can actually lose quality over time if reimported or moved around or otherwise messed with enough times).

Thankfully this doesn't affect what I've purchased off iTunes and Amazon.

I've found about a half dozen of the CDs, but I've had to go on the library Web site and re-request a ton that I have already checked out. That won't raise any eyebrows amongst the librarians, will it?


So I'm leaving you with a video. File this under "How in the name of all that's holy did I miss this one when it came out earlier in the month?" I just cannot forgive myself.

Thank you to Funny Or Die for the embed code that the original Huffington Post did not provide.

Oh, and I have a meme for you in the extended post.

This meme came to me via that old school method known as "e-mail" from a non-blogging friend named Allison. Hence, I shall name this meme Allison's 20. She's my friend, this is my blog, deal with it. Just find something that fits each of the numbers, 1-20, below.

  1. The number of unlistened-to podcasts in iTunes. Record low. Thank god! I've had a ton waiting in there forever and a day.
  2. The number of kids Katie and I plan to have.
  3. The number of CDs (yes, actual, physical compact discs) I bought yesterday at an honest-to-goodness store (Jenny Lewis Acid Tongue, The Cure Staring at the Sea, and The Postal Service Give Up); of course they only cost me $4, total.
  4. The number of computers currently in our house, those owned by us and loaners or work computers.
  5. (x100) The number of pages of the book I just started and finished reading in the last week. Yes, I actually finished a book!
  6. The number of times I've heard Katie's alarm go off and summarily be snoozed this morning as I type this.
  7. The number of minutes left until my butt should be on the road to work. Will I make it? Dunno.
  8. The number of days since I played with my Wii. Get your minds out of the gutters, sickos.
  9. The number of directions I currently feel myself being pulled.
  10. The number of years, come December 18, that Katie and I have been together.
  11. (+/- 1) The number of megapixels on the DSLRs I'm shopping for now. Yay me!
  12. The number of Will & Grace DVDs Katie and I have rented and watched from Netflix in the last month or so.
  13. The day of the month of Katie's and my anniversary.
  14. The number of minutes I've struggled over this meme so far.
  15. The number of times I've cursed Allison's name for passing this to me. ;-)
  16. The day of the month of Katie's birthday.
  17. The number of miles of my commute, give or take, and yet it takes me 35-40 minutes to drive it.
  18. The number of pounds that it feels like our dirty laundry pile currently weighs. Maybe more.
  19. (x2) The number of shopping days until my birthday. Plan accordingly.
  20. The number of times Katie and I have gone back and forth about getting a dog.