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I hesitate to post this simply because I know what I'm doing is akin to tasering a bear and sticking around to laugh, but fuck it. For the record, this is the post I referred to last Tuesday.

Please note, what lies beneath is not an endorsement of McCain in any way whatsoever. I have my issues with him as well, but so many people have been so wont to point them out in their own blogs that I just don't see the need. This post is simply my take on the Obama campaign.

As a warning, much like Dave's well-crafted post about McCain's "support" (HA! I made a funny) of veterans, any comment that is too vitriolic or just plain inconsiderate will be deleted right off the bat. It's my blog and y'all are working under my rules here. Sign the release at the door and deal with it, okay?

Why I Don't Know If I'm Ready to Vote For Obama:
A Study in Voter Indecisiveness

by Kevin Apgar

Most of you know that I'm not decided when it comes to the Great Presidential Election of 2008. I've made no bones about it whatsoever... I don't know who I want to vote for. Obama/Biden? McCain/Palin? Hell if I know. I have no prObama icons adorning my site nor do I admin a blog all about my right wing leanings. Sure, it seems as though Sarah Palin should really be making the decision easier for me, but, still I have an unease about Barack Obama that I've had difficulty putting into words.

But I'm going to try anyway.

I'm no political expert. I don't know everything there is to know. In fact, my knowledge probably borders closer to "nothing" than to "everything." I tend to vote more with my heart or my gut rather than my brain. That's the way it's always been. I get a feeling about somebody and that feeling turns into my drive to vote one way or the other. It's not always the issues that sway me as no one candidate has ever fully represented my diverse beliefs. I am the ultimate fence rider and damn if it isn't uncomfortable. I've been asking for years to have that rusty old chain-link jobber replaced with a nicer rounded-top picket fence, but no. I'm forced to sit astride this nasty ass pokey fence as my beliefs get split between two parties.

Hence my Heart-Gut Voting Technique (tm). And I've got a relatively large gut whose instincts should never be questioned (I did vote against Bush both times, dammit; now you tell me who's right).

Most of you should know that I live in Illinois. If you didn't, I'm not sure how you missed it. But here I am settling any question of that whatsoever. I live in the far western suburbs of Chicago about dead center between the city and Rockford. Barack Obama is our Senator. We voted for him a few years ago to represent us in Washington.

And I think many of us are still waiting for him to represent us.

You see, I, like some other Illinoisans feel like we've gotten the shaft by Obama. Maybe "shaft" is the wrong word to use here. But consider this... he came tearing through our state making promises of cleaning up the years of problems that we've had. He would be Our Guy in D.C. We bought into it lock, stock, and barrel. And some of us are still hoping for that change. It almost seems as though he won that election and has since been on a whirlwind tour of the world in preparation for what was the inevitable... running for president of our fair country.

Right about now I feel like a kid who's been bullied in the schoolyard for years. The bullies have taken my lunch money, beat me to a bloody pulp, and left me crying in a mud puddle. The principal isn't doing shit about it either. Now, here comes the new kid in school. He comes rushing in, pushes the bullies down, and takes my hand to help me up. I'm starstruck. This new kid is the epitome of cool. You know how the saying goes, "all the girls want him, all the guys want to be him." However, as soon as I start to get up, he spies the head cheerleader on the side smiling and lets go of my hand. He walks away and I fall back down in the mud as the bullies start to walk back my way smiling menacingly.

It's the truth. Illinois has had nothing but bad Governor after bad Governor for years. Our political offices have been embroiled in scandal after scandal. Three former governors were convicted of white collar crimes including Otto Kerner, Jr., Dan Walker, and George Ryan. Currently, we're saddled with the joy that is Rod "Blago" Blagojevich.

Then along comes Obama and we finally start to see a light at the end of this otherwise dark and infinite tunnel. No, not in the Governor's seat, but just a shining knight of a politician who was making promises to change how business is done. I feel, though, that I have yet to emerge from the proverbial tunnel. As I approach its terminus, it stretches out another hundred or so feet. Enough to keep it in sight, but also enough to keep it out of reach.

I realize I should be thinking of the bigger picture. The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few. The "many" being the country and the "few" being my state. Yeah, I get it.

Right now, though, it's hard not to think about my state. Why? Because Obama made promises to us. Promises I feel he has yet to live up to. And this colors my view of his ability to run our country. Will he keep those promises? I hope so. He'll certainly have time this go round since it's not like there's a bigger ship for him to jump to once he's President. If he makes it, he's hopefully in it for the long haul.

Another negative lies in the knowledge that if/when Obama wins his White House bid, his replacement in the Senate will be chosen by Blago. It could be anyone, including Blagojevich himself. And, considering the fact that popular opinion is currently weighing heavily against him (a mere 37% approval rating as of 9/22/08), there is a strong possibility that in order to maintain some semblance of power, he could nominate himself for the position. That scares me even more than saying "President Hillary Clinton."

Before I get lambasted here, I'm not against a woman in the White House, nor am I against an African American. What I am against is the campaign process; a time during which it seems candidates do nothing but say what they think you want to hear. And we, as voters, must decide whose cup of Kool Aid we want to sip from. I'm a cynic by nature. I am very mistrusting of human nature. I lock my office door at work when I'm not there. Instead of admiring decorations around our house, I take mental bets on what's going to be stolen first. I'm not sure I've been given enough reason to pick Obama's cherry Kool Aid over McCain's tropical punch. Both are mighty fine in their own right and damn tasty; and, considering the last eight years, I'm pretty damn parched.

I guess what I'm saying is that I'm still waiting for my ideal candidate. I have no idea who it could possibly be. But the two parties (the fact that it's still just two parties that dominate our political frontier makes my blood boil), I think, need to work harder at finding the best candidate for the position. Given another four or eight years and a chance to prove himself as a Senator, Obama might be that guy. Right now, I just don't know.

But I guess I'd better freakin' decide soon.


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I can understand where you're coming from, looking at the options and not seeing any one you'd really like to take. That's kind of how I'm feeling about my election choices up here...

In the end, I go for the lesser of two evils when faced with what seems like no real choice. Of course, then you have to decide what that is for you. Good luck.


I was all ready to read a really great opinion piece (because you tend to write really great items on things you're passionate about), but I got more fluff here than I do in the political debates. If you want me to believe that Obama hasn't been good to our state, share with us some of his empty promises.

Having said that, at the end of the day, the one thing that we do have is the voting records of our candidates. And I, for one, will not be voting for the candidate who supported G.W. in something like 90% of the votes on the Hill. No more of the same for me. No thank you.


I can't give him my all either. He's not the anti-christ, but I doubt his abilities. There's nothing about him I can definitely say is dead wrong, but there's that lingering 'meh' that keeps me from wanting to vote for prez this year.

Willie G

I totally respect your position, and in fact being from Illinois I'm sure your perspective carries weight that I can't fully appreciate. I personally am excited about an Obama presidency because I see him as a change from the old guard. I don't totally agree with him on all his positions, but he strikes me as one who will bring an open and accepting mind to the table. I believe he will be a unifyer (a word? really?) in our very divisive political environment. He truly gives me a sense of hope.


suze, "lesser of two evils" sounds like how I vote all the time. I get sick of it after a while. Sorry you're in the same boat.

Nilsa, I actually had links to a bunch of that stuff and lost them. I was in such a hurry this morning, I didn't bother looking them up and that does weaken my argument, true. I guess I could've held off and done more research, but I'd already held back for a week and wanted to finally get this out there. Your reasoning is one of the things pushing me toward Obama, but I just hope he can live up to the promises. The problem is that EVERYONE makes promises during campaigns. And few live up to them.

Sue, oh I will vote. Don't get me wrong. I always vote. But who for remains to be seen.

Willie, and I totally understand your sense of hope. There's no denying he has the ability to make people feel that way and I hope that, should he win, he does live up to the promises.


In the recent past I would go off on issues like this but, I have seen the light! I am sure you can remember Kev-o. My light is that I will not be voting for either of these candidates. If I was forced to pick one.... it would be Obama. Nothing against McCain but he has gone way to far to the right for me.

I have had enough of this if you don't vote for one of these two then your vote doesn't really count. I tend to think that my vote counts more then the people voting for either of these two or the two parties. Why should we vote for either of these two and why should we vote for anybody in either of the two parties? What have they really done? What issue have they solved? Go back and listen to debates from the past. Same shit different year.

I will say that if people think that Clinton and Bush had it rough with the media, just wait. It is going to get even worse for the next President.

I don't see myself voting for a democrat or republican for a very long time! People in this country need to start standing up to these parties and in my opinion the best way to do that not voting for either.

I am voting for NONE OF THE ABOVE! Hear my chant NONE OF THE ABOVE! NONE OF THE ABOVE! NONE OF THE ABOVE! :) (Name the movie that that slogan is from.)


Maybe if he was a Senator for another four years, we could give him a chance to make a record for himself. I'm incredibly optimistic about what the power of hope can do but I shudder at what someone with that power can do if they don't share my same value system.


I dunno; I think if you sit around waiting for the perfect candidate, you will be sitting around waiting for a long, long time. There's no such thing as a perfect person, or a perfect politics. In the end, you either work with the hand you're dealt, or you get up from the table (or, if you're more ambitious, get in a position to deal the cards or hell, run the casino). Personally, I'm not ready to fold just yet. All I know is for my money, I have to play the Obama card. I can't afford more of the same with McCain.


There's a movie forum that I used to go out to a lot (time has been the biggest reason I don't visit there much anymore). There's a person there by the name of Marilyn, who carried the same position as you do, with Obama's empty promises. She provided links of how he promised to help with state-wide crime issues, political reform and his associations with local business people that were shady at best. All of the articles and pieces I read were somewhat convincing, but they were extremely overshadowed by other articles, bills, laws, capital records and government sites showing vote after vote for helping with certain things. All politicians make promises to change things, but they can't change it all. In all honesty, I don't expect them to. But there's a lot of Americans that like to hear that. It's like some sort of confidence that they can. But as with any job, you get in the door and see that things are not what they were on paper. You have to change it up some. Not to disappoint the people that voted you into office, but to adjust to the reality of the situation.

I would feel the same way if someone like Orrin Hatch were running for president, but in his case, I would find vote after vote of him going against the people he represents. Now that he's a career senator, it's very doubtful he'll for us minorities in the state of Utah.

Obama is not my perfect candidate (that would be Al Gore for me), but he seems like someone that could offer some change for this country, even if he had to use his senator position in Illinois as training wheels. I know that may sound bad, but if you look at the record for most junior and sophomore senators and what they promised during the elections and what they have delivered, I don't think Obama is going to be that much different.

As for more than the two parties, I wish there were more viable candidates. If the Libiterian kook known as Bob Barr wouldn't have been such a piece of work in shape-shifting his campaign positions over the last few years, I could get behind him. But he's not very trustworthy. But, on the positive side, a vote for him (according to polls and analysts) is a vote for Obama, so that could be a positive if you are not leaning towards McCain.

Anyway, sorry to ramble, but I just wanted to provide a thinking point to consider. Having been conflicted in previous elections, I understand where you are coming from.


The other night I had one of those 'opinion survey' calls, and I think I might have confused the poor woman. The questions ran the gamut from the recent bailout to taxation to abortion rights to right to work laws. I think with each subsequent question, I answered the opposite of what you would have thought based on my previous answer. All this to say that I too have diverse opinions.

For me, this choice is more about who scares me more if they were to win the election.

What I really wish, though, is that there were some kind of rule prohibiting attachment of unrelated addendums to bills under consideration. I get really tired of claims that candidate X voted 'for' or 'against' something, when in reality he was voting for or against an attachment that had nothing to do with that something. (I know that sounds confusing, but what I really mean is if the bill is concerning gun control, don't attach a rider saying 'let's declare South Dakota's official flower to be the dandilion'.)


That's funny. I've always felt that Illinoites, Illinoisians, people from Illinois were getting gypped by his run for president. Most of the time the senators have served at least one full term before they hit the campaign trail. But then I feel the same way about any candidate whether it be a governor or congressman. So yeah, I get that you're uncomfortable with him for that reason. Makes sense to me.

On a related note, I heard a news story the other day where they were interviewing common folk about how they felt, and one guy said, "I don't like Obama because he always has the right answers. That makes me nervous."

So how does Obama win THAT argument? ;-)


I appreciate this piece and your honesty, Kevin. While you know already that I am pro-Obama, it helps me to hear why people are on the fence or not in his camp. I don't think there is ever a perfect candidate and I do think that politics forces candidates to play a game which (for lack of a better word) totally sucks. I know they can't accomplish everything they set out to- hell, there are too many roadblocks in the way our political system is set up (which is a pro and a con). Who is to know if some of the stuff Obama promised you and your neighbors was stuff he truly wanted but was roadblocked?

One thing that I really admire about Obama is his grace under pressure. Watch him in interviews or when he speaks. He is level-headed and that is something we need. Someone smart, who thinks before acting, who can win people over (because we are not so well liked anymore, thank you GW), and who knows how to keep his cool.

I could go on but this is long enough already. ;-)


I don't post about it all on my blog either. I have reservations about every candidate, I've never been one of those people to fall head over heels in love with a candidate for any job. And frankly, I wouldn't want to. In any position - whether it be town clerk or president, you are voting to convey a significant amount of power over yourself and others to that person. It stands to reason that you SHOULD be picky, and prying, and doubtful, and critical. It's a big job, with potholes in it, and that person should never be left out from being scrutinized over and over.

I am in the Obama camp. For the record, but not hard core. I'm so insulted by Palin, that it made it significantly easier for me - but at the same time - of my choices, that's where I am at. Maybe that will change. I doubt it, but I wouldn't ever be so foolish as to not retain an open mind about it. No shame in doing that for your own interests as well.


*hugs Kevin*
I know how hard this was for you to post, especially living in Illinois. And I have so much respect for you for doing it.
E. and I joke that Obama is going to win the presidency and then reveal himself to be a Crab Person ala Southpark or Kang/Kodos ala The Simpsons!
I don't trust Obama, and I feel like all he's done is campaign for presidency. I don't like McCain either. I thought I'd vote for Bob Barr, but when I found out he'd headed up the witch hunt to impeach Clinton, there was no way.
My friends tell me to at least vote, that even my write-in shows the government that I care. What??!! How does writing in Mickey Mouse or my neighbor downstairs show anyone anything? The government and politicians don't care. I've said repeatedly that we'll have a Black, gay, female President before we'll ever have a third party.
I am so sick of our government officials pandering and campaigning and getting all their words distorted and turned into weapons of panic instead of doing their freakin' job and making this country good again.


This post makes complete sense (although yes, as Nilsa mentioned, some examples would have made it better). It's good to know why people like you (and actually I do know quite a few) are still on the fence. Especially since you live in Illinois and Obama is your Senator.

But to me, what scares me the most is Palin. If McCain/Palin should win, and God forbid something should happen to McCain, it frightens me what this woman would do. She is clearly inexperienced, can't for the life of her answer a question when asked, and has even less experience than Obama does, or even Joe Biden.

You make a good point though, talk can definitely be cheap. And that goes for both sides. Even though you need to know what both sides are proposing and promising, you do also need to look at their records, see how they have voted, what have at least TRIED to change/modify, etc.

Best of luck in making your decision!


MIM, so who are you voting for? You writing yourself in again?

whall, that's exactly what I think. One full term as Senator and into his second. To be honest, while I don't like her, Hillary has the ideal level of experience for me.

Caitlin, I know I'd be waiting forever and a day for the perfect one. But one can hope, right? ;-)

marty, I truly hope he can offer the change he's promising. He's the most likely to be able to. The problem is, even he is roadblocked, he still made the promise and that looks bad. I'd love to see one candidate just be honest and say, "I'm going to fight tooth and nail to get this for you, but I cannot control how Congress will vote on my propositions." Yanno?

Odie, I had somebody come by my door stumping for a local candidate and she started asking my stance on things. I told her not to bother, that I'm all over the place, and she'd be at my door all night. Well, I was being honest at least, right? ;-)

Jeff, maybe he was just used to Bush never having the right ones. ;-)

sizzle, I know in many cases he was roadblocked by other politicians and that this happens all the time. But, as I told marty, I'd love to have him just say, "I'm gonna try, but I cannot guarantee anything because there will be those fighting against me every step of the way." Right now I feel our hopes are being too built up and there are those that don't necessarily understand our political system thoroughly (true, it's ignorance that should be remedied, but never is) and think that it's all the fault of the candidate that made the promise in the first place.

Kyra, Palin insults me too. I admit a certain morbid intrigue value with her. But not intriguing enough to necessarily want her in there to try things out. Gah!

diane, thanks for the hugs. I need 'em right about now. I love the Kang/Kodos theory. Heh.

Marie, yeah, examples would've gone a long way. But I was a bit lazy and a bit worn out from actually writing all this up. Maybe a follow-up, but not likely. I think one heartfelt political post is all I'm capable of in a single lifetime.


At this point, I think it's time to look at where Obama and McCain stand on the issues important to you. Surely, you have some deal-breakers. I'd love to see additional viable candidates in the future, but this time doesn't look to be it.


I wouldn't want the job! Although if I was President and would install a Guinness tapper in every room in the White House! Oh yeah! Jokingly, I am considering Bill Maher or Lewis Black. Honestly, I haven't really decided yet. I am not to excited about any of the 3rd party candidates either. Maybe YOU will get your first vote for President of the United States from me! Want the job?

Sheila (Charm School Reject)

Honestly, voting for obama never even entered my mind before Miss Britt came thisclose to winning me over. BUT in the end, it all goes back to this : Obama LIED to the people of Illinois. When he was running for Senate and a reporter asked him if he planned on running for President, he answered that in order to do that, he'd have to start campaigning "right now" and then he wouldn't be able to perform his duties to the people of Illinois. Well guess what?? He ran anyway. He has used his term in the senate to do, um, NOTHING, except for campaigning.

Sarah Palin may not be the greatest choice for running mate on the planet but I respect John McCain's decision. People are saying that they are "insulted" but him choosing Palin when there are so many other qualified women in politics - I just don't get that. Why isn't it okay for him to pick a fresh face when Obama has based his entire campaign on the fact that he is a "fresh face".


Claire, at this point, I think that may be the only way for me to focus. Nothing's moving the heart nor the gut at this point.

MIM, I don't want the job, but it would be cool to see my name in the results.

Sheila, well that would certainly constitute one piece of evidence I could've referenced. Thank you for that one!

Kevin Spencer

Excellent post sir. I do enjoy well thought out and well written political blog posts and this one makes for interesting reading.

I really do wish I could vote next month and it does pain me to know that I'm going to have absolutely no say in who will be in the White House this time next year.

I am in the Obama camp though as neither McCain or certainly Palin speak for me when it comes to their views on those bitterly divisive issues.


I want an honest answer like the one you gave, too. And I've heard various candidates over the years give that answer as I cheered, while most of the country ignored them. I really wonder how much longer this massive accept anything majority will last before a bigger change happens? I really want to see more people speaking out and voicing their opinions and positions. Maybe if it happens enough, there will be some change to who runs and who wins.

Sybil Law

You live in Illinois?!! I had no idea!! ;)
Seriously, I understand completely what you mean. We need a 3rd party. It drives me nuts that there isn't one.
But I would like to add that someone said "thanks GW" in regards to the fact we aren't very well liked anymore. I hate to defend him, but we weren't liked much long before he was in office!
I have to go with Obama, but I completely understand your reservations.


I think they should be wired to electrodes at the beginning of every debate and campaign stop. If they are lying through their teeth, SHOCK! There is no way to really tell who is the best.

This year's election is one of the hardest I can remember.(or maybe that I can remember being interested in)

PS Are you an Ill-annoyed? ;)


I speak as a life-long contrarian whose only successful vote for President was Ronald Reagan. I am not a liberal by any stretch of the imagination, and strongly identify myself with the Old Right. John McCain's Campaign Finance bill was roundly criticized by my fellow conservatives - and rightly so - and many said they would have to hold their nose than vote for someone so callous with the First Amendment. Now, suddenly, my fellows have changed their tune and are happy to vote for their "lesser of two evils".

We give Presidents too much credit when things go good and too much blame when they go bad. All I know is we are spending $720,000,000 a day in Iraq while our economy is going down the toilet. Our international influence - at its height after 9/11 - has been squandered by a profligate White House who bullies more than leads. The Bush Doctrine is traitorous and un-American and the effort to usurp the constitution by drawing more power to an Imperial Presidency than the framers ever intended. And John McCain voted with this program 90% of the time. President Bush - if we want to point to lies - lied about weapons of mass destruction to justify our invasion. Then, when none could be found, the mission suddenly changed to "building democracy in the Middle East" which - if he had gone to Congress for funding for that - would never have gotten a dime for that purpose. This is what McCain voted for and Obama voted against.

As a believer in personal responsibility I cannot in good conscience reward this specious brand of so-called "Republican" thinking. That lie is bigger than any lie Obama has told. And McCain - by a logical fallacy that is both obtuse and devious - would maintain the program.

I am unwilling, as a conservative, to say i agree with Obama's policies. I disagree with probably 95% of them. But we need to punish the bigger liars who seem to think American foreign policy is no more complex than where our guns point, and I will risk the socialism.

I think my fellow conservatives, who are voting for Mccain out of more habit than conscience, and propping up a sockpuppet VP candidate who deserves the parody she is pulling in, need to have their heads examined.


Wow. RW may be the very first person ever to get me to seriously consider voting for Obama.


Loved RWs reply.

Having read your blog for many a moon, I know that you tend to be much more conservative than I am.

It's always an issue when a candidate elected for one office runs for something else. The folks left behind often feel cheated. I am not sure what we can expect change wise, within a year or two of being elected. I'm not sure it's fair to expect radical change within a year or two.

IMHO, The clear difference between Obama's inexperience and Palin's is that Obama has a clear understanding of these issues. He knew before he started. Palin seems to be one all-night cram away from an F on her final. A vote for McCain is a vote for the status quo. (Unless he drops dead and the writers from SNL are in Palin Nirvana.) Do you agree with the Bush administration and it's decision. McCain is that.

Let's say there is another attack like 9/11. You elect McCain. He's up in the air at an undisclosed location and Sarah Palin is calling the shots... the woman who couldn't name one single source for information, a Supreme Court decision, or the Bush Doctrine... has her finger on your nuclear (nukular to her) arsenal. Can you live with that?

Speaking must of the rest of the world, I think we'd much prefer to have Joe Biden making that call.


I haven't read the other comments yet because I don't want to censor myself, blah blah. As I stated in my video today, the surface of me doesn't care who anyone votes for. I call it "the surface me" because I know that I cannot tell any other individual what is right for him or her. That being said, the deep down gut of me agrees completely with Nilsa's last paragraph.

Obama may be imperfect but looking at McCain's record (not having to do with the military) and the possibility of his death, making Palin our president, I just have no other choice than Obama. Well, I don't want it to sound like I am desperate because I actually really like him.

I'm not saying that you should base your choice the same way I did...just sharing with you the fact that four more years of the Republican Regime seems like hell in a handbasket times infinity.


I'm suffering from Electile Dysfunction. It's the inability to get excited about any candidate.

Memarie Lane

I'm right there on the fence with you.


Kevin, I've always wondered, are you working on dual citizenship? And thanks.

marty, I would love to see a more active participation taken in politics in this country? Do other countries have the same level of apathy that we do?

Sybil, well, we weren't liked much, but our situation has worsened.

metalmom, "Ill-annoyed"? I like that.

RW, I think those are some of the best arguments I've read yet. Wow.

diane, I'm right there with you.

Natalie, I think I agree on Biden vs. Palin.

Hilly, it's his death that scares me too. And it would mark the second time I've voted based on VPs.

t2ed, I like that. You should have it trademarked.

Memarie, it's uncomfortable, isn't it?

so grateful to be Mormon

hi there,
thank you for sharing your view on this since you are in the same state as him. thanks for being candid.

i live in alaska so sarah is my governor and i am impressed with her. she has looked after us and i respect her.

thanks for sharing your perspective. greetings from kathleen in anchorage alaska


Thank you for the Alaskan take on Palin. Most of what I've read has been from Alaskan, anti-Palin bloggers. You don't hear the good stuff. And I can see her being an impressive governor. Totally believable. Mind me asking how you found me?

Iron Fist

Thanks for writing this. To be honest, I sorta felt the same way, about the whole Senate thing just sort of being a stepping stone to the White House.

But like you, I vote with my gut, and my gut is telling me that McCain is incompetent to serve as this company's chief executive, and we'll just see more of the same if he's in office. If he were to get up at his next appearance and say, "Let's face it, like my predecessor I'm pretty much just a puppet who is told what to do by the wealthy and powerful interests that put me in office" I would not be at all surprised.

On the other side my gut is telling me that Obama believe in America, and believes things can be better here than they've been, and has the leadership qualities that the job requires.

And if it helps, I'm pretty sure that I'm a shoe-in for getting Obama's job once he vacates the Senate. Sure, I don't even live in Illinois, but I think I can pull a few strings. Dude, let's face it, we need someone to start representing bloggers in Congress.


I do live in Illinois, so maybe I can score the appointment. Oh Blago! All those bad things I said about you? Just to get your attention. I loves you. Can I be Obama's replacement? Pretty please?

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