And this is my Thanksgiving...

While I won't be able to say it anywhere near as eloquently as John at Buddha on the Road did (thanks for cluing me in to that song so I had a title for this post, BTW), I would like to wish a Happy Thanksgiving to all my U.S.ian friends. And, although a little late, to my Canadian friends as well.

And, if you're either spending time with or hosting family like Katie and I are, I pray you prepared yourself adequately. We did...

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Nice. Happy Thanksgiving!


you call that adequate? ;)

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Oh yeah.. now THAT's being prepared for Thanksgiving. Can't go wrong with the Bombay Sapphire.

Happy Turkey Day!

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Pour me a double, will ya?


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I applaud your choice in cutting board (go bears) and cutting instrument (I have the same knife). Kudos to your family for only needing one bottle...I we seem to need at least a bottle ourselves just to deal with mine ;)

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happy t-day!

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Happy Thanksgiving!

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Mmmmm mmmmm Bombay!!! (Does Homer Simpson drool)
Mine is a large one please ;o)

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Marie, thanks! Hope you had fun too.

JACQUIE, for Katie and me it certainly was! Vodka, Seagrams 7, and Bombay Sapphire. More than enough. ;-)

marty, you can never go wrong with Bombay!

sizzle, you got it!

Jason, you're a Bears man? Nice! Oh, and those bottles were pretty much just for Katie and me. ;-)

claire, hope you had a happy one, too.

Ginger, was yours good, too?

Penelope, got one waiting for you and Sizzle?

Recent blog post: And this is my Thanksgiving...


If Sizzle brings the red lipstick and I bring the red shoes then I would say we've got a partyyyyy! ;o)

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My kind of partay!!!

Recent blog post: And this is my Thanksgiving...


You made martinis with those, right? I should have stopped by for one Wednesday night..

Justin Scott

That looks about right ;-)

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diane, gin and tonics, sorry. But I would've taken requests. ;-)

Justin, it worked out quite nicely. ;-)

Recent blog post: And this is my Thanksgiving...


I'd rather have a bottle in front of me...

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whall, we just stood at that table the whole night. Next best thing. ;-)

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