So tell me why-y-y-y...

Basically, today is just a bunch of those cosmic "why" questions. I'm not entirely sure what inspired this post. But what is the inspiration for any of the tripe I write?

Why does my cellphone always drop the calls I want and never drops the calls I wish it would?

Why is it that Axl Rose can spend 17 years working on a studio album and it's still only middling at best?

Why do my jeans feel tighter while my dress pants feel looser?

Why do we feel more tired the longer we sleep?

Why is it that the Philadelphia Eagles have the fifth highest point total in the NFC and are actually one of the worst teams?

Why is it that the Amazon/PepsiStuff Web site will still let me enter codes for free songs, but I cannot redeem them?

Why is it that the RIAA and MPAA will go after individuals for piracy and not libraries for effectively aiding and abetting the process?

Why can't foresight be 20/20?

Why can't I stay focused when reading through a bunch of books I've really been looking forward to reading and are very good books?

Why is it that Kanye West can totally enthrall me with his live performance of "See You In My Nightmares" on Letterman last night but the album version doesn't come close to comparing?

Why do I keep forgetting that we have a really great collection of breakfast cereal in our cabinet?

Why can't I figure out how to get my damn video footage of this borrowed camera and onto my computer so I can actually post a couple more Damn Fool Network segments?

Why does my site's subscriber count way outnumber my visitor count?

So what's bugging you lately?

Update (11/28): Whoops. Meant to say "Love Lockdown" by Kanye West, not "See You In My Nightmares." My bad.

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The new GnR album irks me too. Axl sounds great... which you would expect for 17 years of work... but the music is meh at best.

It saddens me to think that all this anticipation was worth nothing.

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Why does any unexpected windfall in my bankaccount always corellate with a new, desperate fundraiser at my children's school?

Why do i obsess about hosting holiday dinners when the people who come to said dinners pig out and don't really notice?

Why did my bathroom plumbing decide to commit suicide AFTER I was done steam cleaning the carpets??

Should I go on?

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With you on the cereal, bud. I CONSTANTLY forget I have cereal waiting for me. And then it gets old. Rarely do I finish a box of cereal, so recently I started reminding myself.

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Re: the library thing. Libraries actually pay copyright fees. I don't know exactly how it works, but we have all kinds of licensing agreements that we have to follow.

L.A. Daddy

Don't get me started on Kanye.

But let me say that when the live version is better than the studio version - 99 out of 100 says it's a very bad producer.

And G n' R had to blow. He fiddled with it for 17 years. You mess with ANYTHING for too long and you'll kill it.

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I wish I had answers to your questions ... what's bugging me is why do I have so much time off this week and not enough time to do the things I want/need to do? Gah!

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Memarie Lane

the three main things bugging me right now:

1. my google page rank went from a 3 to a zero last week. how is that even possible?

2. my msn email isn't working. i can see what's in my inbox but can't read or delete anything. this has been going on for about two weeks. i've had the same email address for 5 years and never had any problems before.

3. no matter how many times i run adaware and crap cleaner i still keep getting pop-ups. and yes i have a pop-up blocker.

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I was a bit disappointed with the new Kayne West Album, but it is finally starting to grow on me. I'll have to check out that performance.

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Axl Rose is a douche. Douchey douchemeister with his douchey face. Ok ok, I may or may not still be holding a grudge for that stunt he played when James Hettfield caught on fire. Ahem.

Why does my lower back hurt when I do nothing all day but not hurt when I'm on my feet with no rest all day?

Why do people pay more attention to you when you don't pay any to them?

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That doesn't actually happen, it just seems that way.

While Chinese Democracy has a few great tracks, there's no way it could have ever lived up to the hype that's been building for the past 14 years. Had it come out the year after the previous album, I'd imagine it would have been perceived differently and praised more.

Natural fibers in your jeans condense and shrink more with age and washing than the man-made fibers in your slacks.

You are interfering with your biological clock's control of your body temperature for the sleep/wake cycle when you keep sleeping when you should be awake. This leads your body to expect more sleep because it's temperature hasn't risen to an active level.

They got lucky and played other teams when they were at their worst. It happens.

If you are logged into your account, it needs to be reset for the codes to process. Write to customer service. If you're not logged into your account, you need to do that so the code is associated with you.

For the same reason radio stations are not sued for playing music that can be recorded. It is considered legal in the eyes of the law because the music is not being put out there for devious purposes, it's merely provided for listening... and, since libraries own their copy, it's no different than somebody borrowing a CD to "listen" to. It's the individuals who abuse this system that are guilty of breaking the law.

Because we currently don't have the ability to see into the future, so our path ahead is always going to be a blurry one. Life happens.

You'd rather be doing something else. You can't concentrate on your book because your mind is distracted. Find out what it is and take care of it before you sit down to read.

Watching a performance more heavily invests your brain into the music because more senses are involved in experiencing it.

Because nobody honestly wants a bowl of cereal for breakfast, they want eggs and toast. When your brain is focused on eggs and toast, it's easy to overlook cereal, no matter how good it is.

Either it's not certified compatible with your Mac or it's broken.

Because reading a site via webfeed is far more convenient, and it's only necessary to actually visit when you need to leave a comment.

People keep asking me questions when I've got lots of work to do!

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As far as the Eagles go. Andy Reid is a horrible playcaller when it really counts!

My why question would be..... Why when I know what the outcome will be(Say a certain night out!!!) do I always STILL continue down a path of destruction????


Oh..... and by the way. That is one of my favorite songs of all-time. Fits me just fine!


Love this. WHY!?! Just WHY.

Why do I feel like exercising up until the point where I am actually supposed to exercise?

Why does coffee make me sleepy?

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Some very good questions, Kevin.

If you find a way to make foresight 20/20, please let me know!

A few of mine:

Why are there never enough hours in the day?
Why do I still feel bad not loaning things to my sister (even though when I do she breaks and/or loses them)?

Why does my back sporadically hurt in the same spot, then one day go right back to normal with the same spontaneity?

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Axl Rose bothers me period.

And why do I have to get out of bed early each morning? Work should start at 10!

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I was all set to leve a real comment including Why do I always get sick right when I have to cook Thanksgiving dinner and don't have time to be sick. And then I read Dave2's comment and am cracking up. He is a very informative guy!

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How did Dave2 become such a man of profound wisdom?

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NYCWD, considering he's had as much vocal rest as he has, it better be a fresh voice. But, yeah, the songs themselves are not good and I don't think they would be even if it came out back in the early to mid 90s. Just doesn't have the proverbial it, if you know what I mean.

Blondefabulous, I love the plumbing comment. Funny, for me, windfalls usually coincide with a vehicular breakdown.

whall, I've started leaving boxes of cereal out on the counter so I see them in the morning.

Odie, that's a good bit to know. Thanks!

L.A. Daddy, the version on Letterman was fantastic. He had two rows of percussionists behind him laying down this really thick drum beat that was fantastic. It's not on the studio version and that's such a shame.

Nilsa, there's never enough time. Period.

Memarie, might be time for a new e-mail provider.

kilax, I think I might like the album more if I'd heard it before I heard this performance. He had two rows of percussionists laying down a drum beat that just rocked.

Hilly, yeah, why is that about paying attention. So not cool!

Dave, next question, why the hell do you know so much? ;-) I had to read back through my own post as I read your comment to remind myself what I said.

MIM, yeah, I wondered that about you too. So what did you figure out? It is a good song. Great Beatles classic.

sizzle, because. That's the simple answer. ;-)

Jason, if I figure out how to make foresight 20/20, I'm copyrighting it, packaging it, selling it, and retiring!

Marie, as much as I'd love to start the day at 10, that means it would end at 7. Grrr...

tori, that was a great comment from him, wasn't it?

Ginger, no kidding! He's scaring me with his profundicity!

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Why does my ass hurt when I used plenty of lube?

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They say stretching helps.


Why isn't it Friday yet?

Why haven't I won the Lotto yet and so I still have to go to work every day?

Why has England turned into the Arctic overnight?

Why are IKEA lightbulbs such a buggar to change?

Why did I eat KFC for lunch and now I feel a little bit sick?

Why did I start this comment? I can't find the end! ;o)

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IKEA lightbulbs are difficult? Really? Howso? And I have no idea why you started this comment. But feel free to keep typing. ;-)


I figured out that I might have to give up the (Mad)IrishMan and just become the IrishMan! My marriage with guinness, well....... we have been seperated for a few weeks now and I don't think it is going to work out. :)


I have trouble focusing on books too, I think it has a lot to do with my ADD and also all the audiobooks i listen concentration dies a little more every single day.


Why is it that the Philadelphia Eagles have the fifth highest point total in the NFC and are actually one of the worst teams?

Because Philadelphia fans are the most brutal of them all. They have threatened the powers that be with broken jaws and kneecaps.

Wanna make something of it?


Why is it that when you are way understaffed, you are given more work to do that needed to be done yesterday?

I have tons of breakfast cereals at the house, including all 3 Monster cereals. Just in case oatmeal gets boring.

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RE: "Why can't foresight be 20/20?

LOL. Amen Bruddah Kevin, Amen. : )

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The answer to all of these questions is...42.

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STOP rubbing in that you have a functioning cellphone and I don't!

Oh, that's right... yours is fucking up too...

I feel for ya...

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MIM, the marriage to Guinness isn't working or the separation from it?

Robin, maybe I should try audiobooks.

metalmom, no!

marty, isn't that everyday at work?

John, that would be nice, wouldn't it?

Brandon, shall I call you Ford Prefect?

DutchBitch, mine's not fucking up. The phone is fine. It's the service that seems to be broken a bit. Happens with any phone I own. O, as Dave seems to say, it's all in my head.

Recent blog post: So tell me why-y-y-y...

Kevin Spencer

I used to be a big GnR fan back in the day. I'm somewhat scared to listen to this album as I know I'll be bitterly disappointed.

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A little late in replying back. The internet was down. The marriage isn't working.


I'm not sure if this got answered already or not, but not every song is eligible for buying with Pepsi points on amazon. If you're looking at a list and it's not shown as an option, click on the specific song you want and check its page.

Points are good till sometime in Dec.


Kevin, I listened to an early draft of the album and thought it was only so so. This final version has about 60% of the same track listing.

MIM, you and Guinness aren't getting along? Wow.

claire, I didn't realize it was selective. Hmmm... that might have played a part in it. Thanks!

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