I want money...
I'm back in the saddle again...

Chicago is...

I love Chicago.

It's the greatest city in the whole damn world.

Fantastic people. Delicious food. Beautiful skyline. Great shopping. Exciting (albeit ultimately unsuccessful of late) sports teams.

BlagoI love the state of Illinois and many other cities as well including Geneva, where I currently live, and many other suburbs.

This is, simply put, a great goddamn state.

And, yet, today marks the first time I'm ashamed to admit I am an Illinoisan.

Fuckin' Blago.

'nuff said.


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Miss Britt

Wait - are you saying this is the first time you've heard of corruption in Illinois/Chicago politics?

I mean, I LOVE Chicago - but come on... it's kind of what they DO. Like good pizza and losing at baseball!


Oh c'mon, how naive do you think I am? ;-) I'm just more ashamed than normal. Usually we just laugh it off. This, though, is some big deal shit. Trying to sell Obama's Senate seat, among others? Damn. That's a new low.


don't be ashamed.

i just posted about this too.

yeah, we're idiots because we elected him TWICE, and also because we let Ryan get away with his shenanigans as long as he did.

but Chicago is a great city. a GREAT city.

Blago is a piss-ant. he deserves everything he gets.

i fucking LOVE Fitzgerald.


oh, and Illinois is a great state. :)

just like America is a great country, irrespective of Bush's antics. i was never ashamed to be an American, know what i mean?


Yeah, we are idiots. And I know I shouldn't be ashamed, but it's hard not to considering all this crap. Oh, and I kinda have a little crush going on Fitzgerald after that press conference too. I saw your post and favorited it in Google Reader.


we all have to be a little ashamed of our hometown, don't we? maybe it's just a boston thing.


There are always reasons to be, I suppose. I just never let myself fall victim to it. I'm just too enamored of the city and other stuff throughout the state. But, damn, Blago. I guess if you're gonna be corrupt, you may as well go all out, eh?


Saw this one coming a mile away... so I am not surprised at all. (Is anyone?) Or really ashamed. Miss Britt is right. This is what Chicago politics are all about ;) Corruption.


We still have Lisa.


Are you using the new commenting system? It's neato burrito, if so.

Anyway, don't be embarrassed. You could live where I live...where every other thing is corrupt. See? Silver lining!


No worries. Each state has to have it's corrupt elite. Otherwise something would be amiss!

Kevin Spencer

Blimey, wasn't his predecessor also not exactly on the up and up? In jail as we speak right?

Loving the new comment system by the way.

Sybil Law

What's up with his mouth, or lack of mouth?! Ew.
He sucks.
And I might be seeing you at Blogher, if I decide to go! I mean, of course, I plan to stalk you and your family. Haha!


Hey... I like the new reply option here. Nice. Always good to see threaded conversations.

As for the Blago, sounds like he's done. Maybe he can contact Elliot Spitzer to see if he's got a writing gig spot over at Slate.com


Threaded is nice, but it seems to artificially inflate the comment numbers because now, instead of one reply to all, I have a reply to each. But that does make me seem more popular. ;-)

We'll have to get the two of them in touch.


You'll stalk me??? SWEET!! Are you definitely coming out? Sizzle is too!


He's the fourth Illinois Governor to be imprisoned since the 1960s and, yes, his predecessor (George Ryan) is still in there although Rep Dick Durbin is trying to convince Bush to commute his sentence as one of his final acts in office. I pray Bush doesn't listen.

Yeah, the new system is cool. Some issues, but I hope they iron them out.


So how do I become one of those "corrupt elite"??


Yep, it's the new system. Only one minor issue with it but otherwise kinda cool.

Yeah, Cali has its issues, too, doesn't it? But how many governors do you have in prison? We'll soon have four!


And Patrick Fitzgerald who I'm liking more and more these days. ;-)


Sad, isn't it?

Marty Mankins

Popular isn't such a bad thing, especially on a blog.


It does help!


Funny. You were the first person I thought of when this story broke.

I heard what they did with your parking meters there in Chigaco. Lucky you.

Iron Fist

Is this not the moment we've been waiting for? Is this not the time for KEVIN APGAR to ascend to the office of Governor of Illinois?! Out with Blago, in with a blogger!


Shhhhhh... I was trying to be discrete about it! ;-)


Amen for public transportation!


Iron Fist is cracking me up. But you know what? I'd trust you more than recent governors for sure. I am just astounded that he was arrogant enough to continue when under investigation. Isn't it correct that he knew he was being investigated? That takes balls. Or not being too intelligent or something. I was kind of stuck in traffic/at the doctor all day yesterday so I may have my facts wrong because I am just now trying to catch up.

I must be naive because no matter how many times stuff like this happens, I am always shocked that there are people in such public positions that don't just do the right thing because it is the right thing to do.


Yeah, he knew and even acknowledged it. He was acting proud at one point that feds thought he was a big enough fish to track. Weird. I don't think it's naivete on your part. I knew it was coming, but was still blown away by the scope of it all. So much more than I ever imagined. Guess he figured he may as well go out guns blazin', eh?

Sheila (Charm School Reject)

Yeah - I was wondering how you seemed to forget about the esteemed Mr. Ryan and that whole fiasco.

Whew! It's a good thing I didn't vote for his brand of change.


Can't ever forget that. Just that I'm on a new gubernatorial hatred of sorts.


You're looking at it the wrong way. It's a good day when they catch the bad guys. (Great little column below.)




I thought everyone in IL knew he was going to jail years ago...we just didn't know what exactly it would be for.

I think we should bring back lynching for this one.


You know, you make a good point. And are you reading my hometown rag? ;-)


I would support lynching. And yes, we knew he was capable of bad things. I just had no idea it would be this bad.

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