I'm back in the saddle again...
Ode to Joy...


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Umm... is it me or do the pics all kinda look the same (meaning I only see gray squares without any pics)

Or is that just for the DutchBitches amongst us... some kind of selective showing?


They're all marked public in Flickr so you shouldn't have a problem. I don't understand what might be going on. I'll Tweet a request to see if anyone else is having issues. Thanks for the heads up.


I can see them. (I saw your tweet. Sounds dirty. Is not.)

It's making me long for a visit to family now and to read Melville. That's an urge I rarely have, too.


Visit family and read Melville? Do you consider your family to be your white whale mortal enemy? That sounds like a therapy session waiting to happen.


I can see them all just fine. I'm using Firefox, if that's an issue.


Cool. Good to know.

BTW, I hope you're enjoying the spike in photography. I remember you saying you missed my pictures. And the Mystery Photo contest which I really need to do too. I miss that one.

Kevin Spencer

Love the snowman pic.

For what it's worth, Google Reader is having problems displaying the pics, I only saw them when coming over here to comment.


Yeah, I know Pictobrowser won't show up in Google Reader. That's why I put links to the Flickr albums in there as well. There is a Firefox plugin you can use so any Web site read in Google Reader shows up exactly how it's meant to. Britt detailed it some time ago, but I never bothered to implement it.


Wow that dick tracy book brings back a lot of memories, including but not limited to the dick tracy nintendo game


I loved Choose Your Own Adventure books. Too cool.

pocket queen

that snow so does (!) look like the joker.. wonder if they have realised that. i like your pics =)


The Nintendo game?!?! Ohmigod. I've tried not to think of that, or the movie, for years!


They were awesome! I had way too much fun with those books when I was a kid.


I've been meaning to ask my neighbor if Joker was the intent with that snowman. But I haven't seen her out and about the last several days. I need to ask though.

Sheila (Charm School Reject)

Love the snow man!

I bought one of those choose your own adventure books for my son for Christmas.


They still make the books? Woah. I knew they were turning a couple of them into interactive DVDs. Still want to check those out.

Marty Mankins

I think that first photo gives me an idea for a future Snowy Sunday.

That camera does pretty well. My friend has the Alpha 350 and loves it. He's getting pretty good with some of the pics he's taken.


Cool. When you do and I link to it, I'll use Peter Cetera's "You're the Inspiration" as my post title!

Marty Mankins

you got it.


i love your snowman :D


I wish it was mine. But it was a neighbor's. Now it's not much more than a snowball.

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