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Howsabout a Christmas Eve edition of Snippet Wednesday?

First the good news, I'm pretty much done with what I had over the weekend. I'm back to having a varied and flavorful diet with few to no gastrointestinal repercussions.

And just in time for Katie to get sick. Which she did yesterday on her first official full day off from both work and school.

Helluva vacation, isn't it?

AmosleeliveI could say that I was building dramatic tension by holding off a couple days on drawing names from the Amos Lee live EP contest. Or I could say that I was trying to give people a little more time to enter. Or I can just face facts and admit I freakin' forgot until I was driving home yesterday from work and Amos Lee played on shuffle on my iPod and burned like a flaming beacon of guilt from the Heavens. CRAP!

Officially six people entered: sizzle, Sheila (CSR), Whit, Marie, Faiqa, and Nanuk the lurker. I'm going to assign numbers in order that they entered and use my fantastic random number generator (Katie) to pick one of you.

What's this? Must be a glitch. Katie picked 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6. Hmmm... okay then. I guess you all get a copy. Consider it my way of abating the guilt of having forgotten. ;-)

Just e-mail me with the e-mail address you have associated with your iTunes account and I'll get that EP gifted your way. Sheila, I know you wanted to wait until you have your iPod, but you can still use iTunes now and listen on your computer even without an iPod. Let me know if you'd still like to wait, though.

Anybody who missed out on the contest but would still like to order the EP (it's only US$4.49) can do so at iTunes.

Last night, I finally saw the Family Guy "Blue Harvest" Star Wars special. I can't believe how faithfully that team recreated many of the scenes from the original Star Wars film. Seth MacFarlane, et al, did a magnificent job of showing their undying love of the original film while still giving it their Family Guy spin that I was floored. The animation was gorgeous without straying from their style, the casting of Star Wars characters was spot on (although I'll never forgive them for killing my love of Obi-Wan Kenobi), and the humor was some of the best I've seen from Family Guy in years.

"Oh wait, now we gotta do the rest of this thing with Danny Elfman?" Brilliant.

And now I'm off to begin work on my "Best Of..." year-end lists: movies, albums, and songs. Since I forgot to do a TV list in May for TV when I usually do it, I think I may include that one here as well. Hey, even the networks have talked about abandoning the traditional season structure for show production, why can't I with the awards, right? This is going to be a lot of work as I just picked up eight CDs from the library yesterday all of which could be contenders as 2008 releases. Aye aye aye. Why do I do this to myself?

Oh yeah, because I love it!

And I'm sadistic. Or is masochistic? I can never remember.


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Shit! I knew I was missing out on good stuff being to busy to read blogs over the past weeks!!! Sheesh... Congrats to Sheila!

OK... I am done whining. Glad you are feeling better :)

Merry Christmas!!!



Blue Harvest ROCKS! HARD!


OMG you are the sweetest! Or maybe I should say that Katie is the sweetest? ;) Thanks so much!

Have a very Merry Christmas and Katie, I hope you feel better soon! Not cool at all when stupid colds hit just as you want to take vacation.


Funny thing is that we may be missing all of our family Christmas celebrations now. Well, not ours. We can be sick and exchange gifts together. No big deal. ;-) And how would that work if I gifted you something on iTunes being over in Dutchyland? I know you have a whole separate iTunes storefront. Can you still get it?


Actually, I think that line is from Robot Chicken, but it is Seth MacFarlane saying it as the voice of the Emperor. And damn, that skit was funny! That was my favorite Robot Chicken bit of them all. "Oh oh! I think Vader's gonna cry!!"


You can still call me sweet. Really, I'm a big boy. I can take it! Should I just use this e-mail address for the gifting?


I won!

Ok everyone won but whatever, I'll take that win. :-)

My iTunes is connected to my sizzlesays account.

MERRY CHRISTMAS, my blog brother.


Glad you're feeling better!! And thanks!!


You won! You won! It's coming to you soon. Let me know when you get it.


Thanks... and you're welcome!

pocket queen

Holiday Greetings from very far away!!...
Looking forward to your lists... I didn't enter the giveaway 'cause I don't have iTunes, maybe next time.
I hope you and Katie both feel fine through the holidays.. Merry Christmas!!! (Are you Catholics?)
ps. I'm still on the look-out for that re-release of our movie deal =)


Thanks for the well wishes. I hope all is better by tomorrow too. And Merry Christmas to you, too. I'm not Catholic, but Katie was raised as one. I gotta get out to see that movie. I should buy the original movie first since it comes with movie cash for the new one.


Love Amos Lee. Mason introduced me to him. Not, like, in person you know. But still. Pretty awesome.

Happy Christmas! (Feeling British today)


Amos is so worth the introduction. And he's pretty cool in person too. Katie and I got to meet him after the concert we saw. Nice guy.

And a right happy Christmas to you too.


Oh no! So sorry you all had a tummy bug for Christmas. That really sucks. :(

I say you celebrate once you all are better so you don't miss out on all of those holiday goodies.

Merry Christmas and happy New Year to you and Katie! *hug*


Oh we plan to celebrate. Not sure just what yet, but we will... I hope. Thanks though!


omg kapgar, where HAVE you been hiding to have only just seen FG: Blue Harvest??!!! Now, you *have* seen the Robot Chicken Star Wars thingy too, I hope? Their first one was excellent - they had an Ep II recently that kinda fell flat, though. Now, Family Guy is working on their own Ep II, and includes a quip where someone uses the nerfherder insult, and gasp you can't use the N word! Only nerfherders can use the N word! I think it's going to be good!! :)


I have seen both Robot Chickens. And I agree that the second one doesn't quite compare to the first, although I was still laughing out loud. I dunno why I hadn't seen BH yet. I meant to, just forgot completely. Weird for a freak like me.

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