And this is my Thanksgiving...
What do you say...

There is nothing left to say...

You would think after blogging only three times in the last week that I would have a helluva lot more to say.

You would think that with a holiday I would have a ton of time to jump online and write up some stuff.

The fact that neither of the above happened really worries me.

It's not as though nothing happened around here. Not as though we didn't do anything interesting. We did. But none of it really seemed blogworthy. Twitter worthy, sure. But not blogworthy. Let's quickly recap...

  • Hung out with family members many times
  • Cooked Thanksgiving dinner (which we never wound up videotaping for a segment of Damn Fool Network like we had planned)
  • Cleaned our house entirely
  • Rearranged our living room twice
  • Set up a Christmas tree for the first time in two years
  • Had a couple snowfalls
  • Went out to dinner for my brother's birthday, my birthday, and my parents' anniversary all combined in one; this also constituted the first time Katie and I had ever had fondue as a meal
  • Went Christmas shopping finally (and got more than half of it done in a mere two hours)
  • Discovered that Target offered rainchecks on Black Friday prices (yay for Target!)
  • Bought a DS game for the first time in about a year (The New York Times Crosswords - interesting, I know)
  • Went to the gym again and started up our diet again, just in time for the holidays
  • Watched nearly all of the first two seasons of How I Met Your Mother on DVD
  • Grew a beard
  • Watched what is probably the worst holiday movie ever, Fred Claus, on DVD (Netflix should offer a free month of rentals to anyone willing to watch that laughless tripe)
  • Watched the Bears get their asses handed to them by the Vikes
  • Rearranged my Netflix queue and discovered that an inordinate amount of our queue is TV shows, not movies
  • Changed the profile picture on most of my Web memberships (save for Facebook, MySpace, and some of the comment systems out there)
  • Am attempting to wade through more than 1,300 articles and posts in my reader; if I don't comment on every one, please understand

See? I told ya. Lots happened. But how much was really interesting?


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On that last note, I can relate to that so well! I don't comment on everybody's post, although I do try to 'take turns'.


Wait... you grew a beard? Awesome!


Go Vikes!

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if it's interesting to you, that's all that matters! and it sounds pretty fun.


I had an entire week off and yet did not blog about it. So there you have it.



I'm always interested - but then I'm a nosy cow ;o)

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I had a busy holiday too. Much of the same sort of thing as you, with a couple of exceptions. I managed to finish all the of tequila in the house, go me.

Welcome back to Monday.

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I played one of my DS games, Yoshi's Island, for the first time in probably over a year recently. I got through maybe 3 levels in two hours. It's fun, but hard for me since I'm not so good at those games like my brother is. He can beat a game in a few hours.


Sue, well, a short, stubbly beard. Nothing ZZ Top-ish.

whall, you are dead to me.

Crys, it actually was fun for me. Just wasn't sure if it was worth mentioning here. Know what I mean?

sizzle, feels nice, doesn't it?

Penelope, nothing wrong with that. But I would never call you a cow.

g-man, I would say that tequila consumption certainly constitutes "interesting."

Nicole, I've always thought how cool it would be to be really good at video games like that. And then I lose interest in trying. Too much effort. ;-)

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This morning I clicked "mark all read except the last 24 hours" in my feed reader. There was just too much...too too fucking much!

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Kevin Spencer

There's nothing wrong with taking time off. Nothing wrong with not blogging much. My rule of thumb is blog when you want, don't force it. If you only blog 2/3 times a week, so be it. We're not all suddenly going to unsubscribe from your feed if you don't post daily ;-)

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Yay for the gym! What made you want to start a healthier diet now? :)

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Memarie Lane

i utilized my "mark all as read" button for the first time this weekend.

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I've not seen Fred Claus, but in order to get it out of your head, you need to watch "Elf" and "Bad Santa"... two christmas shows that really are funny (at least to me they are).

I ended up getting a DS game - Guitar Hero on Tour Decades. It's not bad... it could prove to be fun.

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Hilly, I never realized you could do the 24 hour thing. I'll have to look into that.

Kevin, I'm paranoid that everyone will hate me. ;-)

kilax, helluva time, eh? We just know we need it. Tonight will be our third consecutive day at the gym. Woo hoo!

memarie, that always makes me feel guilty, but with far fewer time constraints.

marty, both are great films. But I tend to go for some of the classics like Christmas Story and Christmas Vacation. Not that I won't be watching Elf, though!


I was fascinated by every word!

I just joined a gym for the first time in 20 years. We put up a tree for our first time together this weekend. AND ... I too have an upcoming birthday!

Clearly, we were fated to be friends. ;)

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SJ, but we've known this for nearly four years now! That's no surprise. ;-)


While I like the newer funnier christmas movies, I do like the classics as well. A Christmas Story is all-around just a fun movie. Of course, we can't leave out any of the Rankin-Bass claymation, with my favorite always being "A Year Without a Santa Claus"

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Ah, good call!

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