Never gonna give you up...
I ain't fakin', I ain't fakin' it...

Rudie can't fail...

Ladies and Gentlemen, please fasten your seatbelts and return your tray tables to their upright and locked positions. We're about to enter Snippet Wednesday!

Now if ever there was an ultimate example of a corporate FAIL, I must argue on behalf of Spirit Airlines. You see, Spirit overbooked one of their flights out of NYC and moved some of the passengers to, you guessed it, the US Airways flight that splashed down in the Hudson River last week. Clearly, none of these passengers made it to their destination, which was North Carolina, so none of them used the return portions of their round-trip tickets. Spirit decided, in it's, er, infinite wisdom, to charge each of them a $90 cancellation fee. Sure, the decision has since been reversed, but even having initially asked for this has to constitute one helluvan epic fail.

This is kinda cool. Starbucks Coffee has started a program they call Pledge5. You pledge to volunteer five hours in your community, and they give you a free tall coffee. Sure, that's not a lot that they're giving up, but it's still a pretty cool idea. Just a way to get people up and out there and helping to make the world a better, and more caffeinated, place.

Macbook I am an admitted Mac Whore. You all know it. But I would like to posit now that Katie has surpassed me in my Mac Whorishness. The evidence? We both have iPods and Shuffles and we both use the iMac, the PowerBook (even though it was purchased by me), and the soon-to-crap-out Airport Extreme base station. That all cancels out. Yes, I just got my 1TB Time Capsule, even though it will be used by both of us for backups. But Katie now has an iPhone and a brand spankin', and damn pretty, MacBook for school. We got her one of the aluminum ones and it's truly a sight to behold. I still don't get how Apple can make such beautiful and functional products and nobody else seems to get it. How is that possible?

Hey Marty, check it out, Apple does have an upgrade program on iLife!

A month or so ago, I preordered an album by Andrew Bird called Noble Beast. It was released yesterday and I have had nothing but issues with it. When I first received notice about it from iTunes, I went to preorder so I could get the Instant Grat Track, the free early download song from the album. However, when I visited the page for the album, I kept receiving an error that read "This album is no longer available" due to such and such change in the store. This kept going for a week before I was finally able to preorder and d/l the track. Now that it's available to d/l in its entirety, I'm receiving another odd error. I click the link and it's trying to tell me that I have a partial album purchase and that I need to take part in the Complete My Album program and pay the difference to get the rest. If I do this, I would lose out on any preorder only exclusives. So I e-mail iTunes help and explain, the guy contacts me back and says to go ahead and do the CMA and he will make sure it all works out. So I try again last night and now the album is completely unavailable yet again due to the same issues. I don't get it sometimes. Please fix. I need my Bird fix.

Well, I guess I do have the Robyn Hitchcock & the Egyptians five-disc Luminous Groove set to tide me over for now (library pick up).

Have a great first-full-day-of-Barack's-presidency, okay?