Into the great wide open...

Today is my travel day. I get to fly into Manchester, N.H., and then grab a shuttle into Nashua.

NewhampshireBut I feel the need to clarify one thing. After re-reading some of my earlier posts about this trip, I realize it may come off that I'm feeling a bit negative about traveling to New Hampshire. That I think it's not going to be fun or beautiful or whatnot.

This is simply not the case. I'm actually very much looking forward to seeing New Hampshire. It is one of only two states east of the Mississippi River I've never visited (the other being Maine). And, having lived in New England (a few years in Connecticut), I know how beautiful it is out there.

My only regret regarding this trip is that I'm not going out there in the fall when all the leaves are changing and the true beauty of New England shines. Instead, the weather report for that area is predicting 4-8" of snow. I hope this doesn't delay my arrival or my subsequent return home this Friday.

Okay, two regrets... that Katie's not going with me. She's too busy with work and school, so she has to stay behind and this bums me out. I hate traveling without her. Especially since she's never been to New England at all.

But I'm going and I know I'm going to enjoy it and I'm going to eat some fresh seafood and take lots of pictures and that I'm likely going to make it a point to return, but this time with Katie.

So, bring it on, New Hampshire! Let's rock.

Totally Unrelated Aside (TUA): I'm a bit rusty here, but does this e-mail mean that Tibor accepted my friend request or did he tell me to bugger off?


Any creative translations from all of you?

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Good luck with the traveling.
Sorry, I don't speak Tiborian.

Sybil Law

I think Tibor wants to hump your leg.
Have fun in NH!!! (We're getting the snow, too!)


That's a 1/2 hour from me, enjoy and bundle up!


Actually, I think it's Tiborese, but, again, I'm rusty. ;-)


Oh dear God I hope not! Yeah, there's more than just a bit of snow here in NH. Looks an awful lot like Chicago... but with real trees... and hills.


Come on out and hang!


You'll have to take Katie to New England! Preferably in warmer weather though. Have a great time!


Oh, believe you me, we both want to. She wants to see Boston and I haven't been there in way too long. Then there's my old house in Connecticut and the beaches in Rhode Island and oh so many other places. Plus I'd like to head south and into NYC.


I think (s)he's having trouble with the zamboni and would like your help because he thinks you're an odd cat!

Have a great trip.


Hey, I'll help with a Zamboni any day of the week!


Nice I can see my hometown on your map! ::w00t!::


Sounds like you need a trip with Katie sometime in the future so she can see New England. It's worth a week and a rental car in mid-October to see the leaves changing color. So awesome.




Believe me, I wish. And October would be ideal as it's the month of our wedding anniversary. However, Katie will be smack dab in the middle of her student teaching at that time, so a week off won't happen. I can't wait until she's done with school. She can't either. ;-)

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