Every silver lining's got...
You can comb my hair, undress me anywhere...

Gimme mo-o-o-oney...

I suddenly realized that, as I was creating this new layout, I should've created some sort of badge or banner for Snippet Wednesday. Ah well. Hindsight is 20/20, right? C'est la vie.

I love this guy! He lives in an apartment complex in a nearby suburb and, when he found some intruder just hanging out on his second-floor balcony, what does he do? He runs out to confront him and then throws him off... literally! Dude lands on his ass in the garden below and leaves a buttprint. Rock! Oh how I wish I could've seen it. Actually, more than that, I'm wishing this renter lived on the third or fourth floor of his building. Why the heck is this stranger hanging out on some random balcony anyway?

Reefermech While reading the above article, my eye happened to glance to the jobs ad on the side. No I'm not looking for a job, something weird happened to catch my eye. The ad claimed one of the top jobs in the Chicago area is that of a "Reefer Mechanic." What the hell is a reefer mechanic? Sure, I could just Google That Shit, but what fun is that? I'm sure I'd prefer the fantasy explanation to the reality one. I'm imagining some little known engineering track in college where kids learn the most efficient and cost effective means of growing pot. Or maybe it involves some biology or genetics courses through the science department so you can learn plant hybridization or the like. The classes would, of course, be taught by Donald Sutherland a la Animal House. Oh the possibilities!

Have any of you ever set up a wiki before? I'm doing some research into one for a project and I've never really played with them at all. Like ever save for looking crap up on Wikipedia. Do any of you have any experience setting up a wiki? Do you have preferences for a good, free wiki provider on the Web? I've read about so many and read reviews from random strangers. Now I'd like to hear from people I know and trust. What say you?

A few months ago, Katie and I purchased a new screen/storm door for our front entrance. There was a $128 rebate on the installation of the thing and we sent it in immediately after the install. We promptly forgot about it until a couple days ago when, for whatever reason, Katie suddenly remembered it and we realized we hadn't heard a damn thing about it. Then, this morning, I checked my e-mail inbox and found a message from the rebate processing center saying they just received it and are processing the claim. Three months later they finally receive it? Do they have one person opening mail once a month? Holy crap that took forever! Well, at least we should be getting it soon.

We did it! We got a TiVo HD for our plasma! We are so stoked. We only got the 20 hour unit simply because of the $300 price difference. And the only way we were able to truly justify it was because we found that the hard drive in one of our old TiVos had crapped out, but the unit was still under warranty. We took it back to Best Buy and they gave us the full $200 original price of the thing toward a swap and we had some credit from Katie's return of her iPhone car thingamajig, so we only wound up paying about $70 for it. The weird thing is, though, that Best Buy no longer offers extended warranties on TiVos. Hmm... interesting. Now I just need to schedule an appointment with Comcast to get their crap DVR out of here and give us a pair of cable cards instead.