There's a time, a place for everything...
Georgia's always on my my my my my my mind...

I am the hunter...

I am the Great White Mouse Hunter.

I have skills that far supercede any mere mortal when it comes to the trapping and elimination of small furry rodents.

BobaFettI am the Great White Mouse Hunter.

When most people fail to capture their disease-laden adversaries, I succeed.

I am the Great White Mouse Hunter.

I am Boba Fett facing down a Wookiee. Dog the Bounty Hunter to a bail jumper. Chris Hansen to MySpace pedophiles.

I am the Great White Mouse Hunter.

In the last two years, I have, with the help of the Great White Mouse Huntress (Katie), killed four furry invaders as of this morning. Three in the house with traps and one outside with a car.

I am the Great White Mouse Hunter.

Our trap-laying skills are second to none. When we lay a trap, it is thought out carefully and with effectiveness in mind. When a trap is set, we will catch you.

I am the Great White Mouse Hunter.

Now if only someone else would come along and pick up the carcasses. I hate that part.

I have renamed my iPod. It was Snap-P because my nickname in high school was "Snappy" (before you ask, no). Now it's iSonic. Why? Because apparently my iPod has an obsession with the music of Sonic Youth.

When on Shuffle, a Sonic Youth song seems to pop up one in every 10 or 15 songs. This has been going on for about two months now. And I only have 110 Sonic Youth songs of the 5,584 total songs on my iPod.

Not that I'm complaining. Sonic Youth is on there for a reason.


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I can't think of what artist my ipod always seems to choose but I know there are one or two that I barely have any songs of and they pop up all the time on shuffle, way more than you would expect if it were truly random. I need to pay attention because maybe my ipod is trying to tell me something.

The mouse stuff makes me sad. You have to do it because the humane traps don't work at all (I know this from experience) but I still don't like to know about the mice dying. I think I told you this before but we actually pay a guy to take care of the mice because I can't do it and my husband isn't home enough to be in charge of that. In my head, he just goes down to the basement and gives the mice a stern talking to and they leave. No killing going on at all. Except I know he does. As long as I don't think about it too much I can deal with it, otherwise I would be a weeping mess about it!


Yeah, I remember you telling me about the exterminator you use. I hate the
killing part too, but we tried the humane ones and nothing at all. They
laugh, I think. And I almost got a little sentimental this morning as I
scooped him up for disposal. I hate having to face my victims.


ow - it hurts. i was told there would be no math....

Sybil Law

I was going to ask why you'd complain about Sonic Youth!
The mousing ain't so fun is it, Tom?!


Yay, you launched the new site! Okay, you could have done this eons ago but I'm on vacay so I just now saw it.

Love it!

Yvonne .

Meh... I'll pass on the picking up the mouse carcasses thing, if you don't mind (and also if you do)


I would never make such a promise. Well, I will promise that you'll never
know what to expect here. That's about it.


Complain about Sonic Youth? BAH!

Jerry's a little bastard.


I think it was last Tuesday. Only a day or two after I had you give it a
once over. Thanks again for your help, BTW.


So you're volunteering? Sweet. Thanks.


So are you going to liberate us girls from male white corporate oppression...

(Mice recon is not a happy place.)


If you ask nicely.


I, honestly, was going to ask how you happened to have white mice, as they are typically pets here. When I started typing this I had the "aha" moment.

The Cranberries pop up far too often on my iPod. I love them, but if I wanted to hear The Cranberries that much they'd be in their own playlist.


Yeah, that would be more a reference to my pasty pallor (is that a word?).


Don't shoot me, but I don't think I could name, hum or recognize one Sonic Youth song.


I would never do that. If there is any one band I listen to that is a truly
acquired taste, it's Sonic Youth.


Only four in 2 years? Amateur! Before we built our new house, we typically caught 4 in a week. Of course we live out in the middle of nowhere, and had a dirt hole under our house for a basement.


Ew! Ew! Ew! I'm not sure how you could get rid of the carcass.

I wasn't much help was I?


I'm thankful it's only four. I'd rather not be in your situation. ;-)


No, not really much at all. Thanks a pantload. ;-)

Kevin Spencer

You're a Sonic Youth fan? Yay. They totally rock. Now I'm off to listen Dirty. One of my fave albums.


I like them. I'm a more recent convert, though. I was into them several
years ago, then I transferred music from one computer to another and lost
their stuff (along with a ton more), but recently got a bunch of it back.
Daydream Nation, The Destroyed Room, Goo, Rather Ripped, Sonic Nurse, and A
Thousand Leaves. I still have to look further into what all I'm missing.
Just keep forgetting to.


I used to have over 6,000 songs on my iPod, but always was running out of space. I spent a good week on reducing the songs and am now down to just under 4500 songs.

As for my iPod's name - "chillywilly" of course.


But of course that's the name. What are you going to do when you get a new
iPod? Keep the name or come up with a new one?


The new iPod normally gets another name. Like when I got my 16gb iPod nano, I decided on "nano-nano" in the spirit of Mork and Mindy.

I had too many version of "chilly" out there and needed to be more creative.


Nano Nano is just fun to say. It's like my grandma with a split personality.


Odie took my comment. Four in two years is nothing. In the last year I've caught so many mice, I long ago stopped counting. We live out in the middle of nowhere in a house built in 1914 with a dirt crawl space. If we don't set out traps regularly we are guaranteed to have mouse orgies going on in our pots and pans under the sink.


That's gotta make the prospect of cooking at home that much more fun. ;-)

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