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Welcome to another fine Snippet Wednesday! Let's get right to it, shall we?

I'm listening to U2's new album No Line on the Horizon right now. It's not bad so far, but the jury is still out overall. However, it's hard to complain on the cost. Amazon's MP3 store was selling it yesterday for $3.99. At that price, almost anything sounds good.

I know that car companies want you to finance because it means more money for them. But considering how bad car sales are and how much trouble all car companies are in, you'd think they would just want any sale they could get, even if it means accepting an all-cash payment right on the spot. What am I missing here? And we're bailing out this sort of stupidity?

I know Rush Limbaugh is a Republican. He makes no qualms about who he supports and why and I admire his undaunted support of his party. However, his recent claims that he wants Barack Obama's economic recovery program to fail really makes me wonder something about him... does he not care about the people who listen to his show? Sure, Rush has money and, if he invests it carefully and doesn't spend it all on spousal support and drug/alcohol rehab stints, he won't have to worry about being affected too terribly should it fail. But the rest of us? If the stimulus plan fails, we could be screwed from here to Tuesday. So basically he's saying he wants to see us all bottom out financially? Sure, it's fine for him to express concern and say he doesn't agree with Obama's decision making process on this plan. It's his right to say that and even I'm on the fence about it all. But saying you want it to fail, to me, is pretty much akin to your own personal condemnation of a vast majority of the population. That's just my take on it, though. Maybe I'm reading into it too much.

Here are the photos from the Blackhawks game that Katie and I attended on Sunday with her family. Fun times. Oh, and if you can't see the Pictobrowser, here's a link to the album on Flickr.

More photos for you from a path that I tend to walk on occasion during my lunch break at work. Yesterday, I took my camera along. Again, if you can't see the Pictobrowser in your feed reader, here's a link to the Flickr album.


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$3.99? I'll have to check that out.

And Rush? He only cares about Rush. And painkillers.


I listened to the U2 album samples at Amazon when it was $3.99... I didn't think it was worth the money and took a pass.

Sybil Law

That story about the Jeep is unbelievable!
Rush - eewwwww. I hate that bloated asshole!
Love the pictures!


I've lost all hope in U2's singing career. They use to be so much better! What happened? Oh right, Bono started saving the world.

Don't get me started on Rush Limbbutt. That kind of comment makes me not only steaming mad but just basically says that he really doesn't give a crap about anyone except that his party must be in power. Sick.


To be fair, I think that Rush is saying that he hopes that Obama's overall policies fail to take hold, rather than specifically that the attempts to fix the economy fail. After all, the actions Obama has taken to fix the economy are really no different than the steps that were already being taken before he took office.

Now, from researching this quote, I think Rush thinks that effectively nationalizing various industries in an attempt to fix the economy is the wrong way to do it and possibly thinks that the economy will recover on its own *after* these attempts fail, but that's probably just my tendency to give everyone a huge benefit-of-the-doubt coming into play.


The Rush thing really made me mad. Did you see where he also went on to criticize and condemn Republican for working with Democrats?

Umm, obviously nothing will be accomplished unless all sides work together. If I were a Republican I'd be embarrassed that someone claiming to be a Republican would rather promote disagreements, arguments, and discord rather than compromise and cooperation. He is just a giant ball of negativity.

IMO, the entire party system is a joke anyway. It nearly comes down to rooting for your favorite football team and that's pretty sick considering that all of our welfare is at stake not just one group or another.


That kid with the Jeep is an idiot. He should have just taken out the printout and shown it to them. That would have been the end of it.


Well, the $3.99 already passed. Sorry. It was Tuesday only. As for Rush,
don't forget about divorce lawyers.


Yeah, I listened to it again on the train from the city today and it's a bit
annoying. I don't know if there was some sound around me, but I kept hearing
a rotary phone ringing in the background of all the songs.


Yeah, sucks about the Jeep. But thanks about the photos.


I was just replying to Dave that I listened to the album a second time today
and I'm discovering I'm not keen on it. Not even at $4.


Maybe you are being optimistic, but I'd like to think that was what he
meant. I'm just afraid of what we'll have to go through to find out.


Nobody should EVER criticize when parties are willing to work together. We
need more of that! And I'm right there with you on the party system. Always
have been. I refuse to align myself with a party. I believe in voting for
the candidate.


That doesn't always work either. I've heard of people taking in the print
outs and it does nothing. They just decline that they have that particular
build of the car and that they cannot get it. They upsell the hell out of
you. In fact, from reports I've read and heard, most dealerships don't even
stock basic cars anymore. Only the ones with all the bells and whistles. No
wonder sales are down.

"...that he wants Barack Obama's economic recovery program to fail..."

He did follow that by adding something to the effect of "IF it undermines capitalism." In fairness, having said that, Rush is a big, fat, hate-spewing idiot.


That's a good point and one I missed out on.


Rush is fucking idiot. At least some of his fans admit he is an entertainer and not the spokesman for the entire conservative base...

I bought the new U2 on Amazon, too. For $3.99, you can't go wrong (and no tax, either)

Kevin Spencer

Rush Limbaugh is a total douchebag. A clever douchebag though, his ratings are probably through the roof. Now that you've had another few days listening to the new U2 album, what do you think? I've held of buying it but will probably take the plunge this weekend.


I'm sure his ratings are rivalled by few.

As for U2, I can't say I'm that big a fan. Listen to it carefully and
tell me if you hear a phone ringing in the background at all.


The more I listen to it, the less I like it. You?


It's growing on me, but I may need another 5-6 listens.

As for the purchasing cars by cash, a friend of mine bought his wife a new car with cash. They cut him a pretty nice deal. I'm totally against any bailout of the auto makers. they are the ones who fucked up by not going into new territory and clinging to doing business the same as before.


I'm totally with you on the bailout. Survival of the fittest even if
that means provinh that few to none of the US makers fall in that
category. Why should we be paying for their inability to do business?

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