You can comb my hair, undress me anywhere...
I am the hunter...

There's a time, a place for everything...

Saturday was fun. Katie and I spent the evening with Kim and Steven, Diane and E, and Tori having good food, good laughs, and good fun playing some games. Thanks to all of you for wanting to get together and having fun. It was a blast.

Yes, Timmy, online friends can be real friends, too.

Of course we followed that up yesterday with spring cleaning... blech.

I know it's thrilling to read about, but Katie and I spent the majority of yesterday doing a variety of activities that I'm going to lump under the "spring cleaning" header, although not necessarily all of you might look at them that way.

Cleaned out the closet/pantry under the stairs? Check.

Result? Four bags, two boxes, and two additional stacks of stuff for Goodwill. One small garbage bag of crap no one would want. Trust me.

Cleaned out the garage? Check.

Result? Two boxes and random other crap including some furniture for Goodwill. Two large garbage bags and two doors' worth of stuff for the dumpster. Yes, doors. Literally.

Cleared off the DVR? Check.

Result? Six less hours of stuff we either needed to watch or just didn't feel like watching in preparation for Comcast coming to switch out our DVR for our new HD TiVo this Friday. Nothing charitable about it at all. ;-)

Clear cut the hair on my head? Check.

Result? I can, once again, feel the breeze through my, er, hair. Believe it or not, the little bit I had was actually getting long. Too long. Annoyingly long. So now it's shortened and I love it. Sadly, nothing charitable about this either. If someone wants to glue it to their head, they're gonna look funny. Like that old magnetic game we played as kids called Wooly Willy where we would drag iron filings onto the picture of the guy's face and make beards and hair and the like. Remember that? That's about how sad you'd look using my pathetic excuse for shorn hair. Samson, I am not.

But everything is much nicer looking for it all. Next steps? Cleaning old clothes out of our closet. Again, too much crap, not enough use for it all.

How does it all collect so quickly?

Funniest Fox Trot ever.

Either click on the image below for the full-size version or give a hit to Bill Amend on his Web site.