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There's a time, a place for everything...

Saturday was fun. Katie and I spent the evening with Kim and Steven, Diane and E, and Tori having good food, good laughs, and good fun playing some games. Thanks to all of you for wanting to get together and having fun. It was a blast.

Yes, Timmy, online friends can be real friends, too.

Of course we followed that up yesterday with spring cleaning... blech.

I know it's thrilling to read about, but Katie and I spent the majority of yesterday doing a variety of activities that I'm going to lump under the "spring cleaning" header, although not necessarily all of you might look at them that way.

Cleaned out the closet/pantry under the stairs? Check.

Result? Four bags, two boxes, and two additional stacks of stuff for Goodwill. One small garbage bag of crap no one would want. Trust me.

Cleaned out the garage? Check.

Result? Two boxes and random other crap including some furniture for Goodwill. Two large garbage bags and two doors' worth of stuff for the dumpster. Yes, doors. Literally.

Cleared off the DVR? Check.

Result? Six less hours of stuff we either needed to watch or just didn't feel like watching in preparation for Comcast coming to switch out our DVR for our new HD TiVo this Friday. Nothing charitable about it at all. ;-)

Clear cut the hair on my head? Check.

Result? I can, once again, feel the breeze through my, er, hair. Believe it or not, the little bit I had was actually getting long. Too long. Annoyingly long. So now it's shortened and I love it. Sadly, nothing charitable about this either. If someone wants to glue it to their head, they're gonna look funny. Like that old magnetic game we played as kids called Wooly Willy where we would drag iron filings onto the picture of the guy's face and make beards and hair and the like. Remember that? That's about how sad you'd look using my pathetic excuse for shorn hair. Samson, I am not.

But everything is much nicer looking for it all. Next steps? Cleaning old clothes out of our closet. Again, too much crap, not enough use for it all.

How does it all collect so quickly?

Funniest Fox Trot ever.

Either click on the image below for the full-size version or give a hit to Bill Amend on his Web site.



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Sybil Law

Haha - love the Foxtrot!
And the spring cleaning - I tend to go through crap all year, but I've wanted to paint my kitchen forever. Maybe this year I'll actually DO it!


I'm so happy you had a good time! We had a blast as well.

Don't you feel better today, having gotten all of that work done yesterday? And next year, you can claim all of those charitable donations on your taxes! :)


No pics of "When Bloggers Collide?"


We also spent the day yesterday doing spring cleaning. We rearranged our bedroom, and cleaned out our closets and I'm pretty sure we'll be spring cleaning for the forseeable future because now the bedroom needs repainting and new curtains and the ensuite needs a reno, and the downstairs bathroom desperately needs an update, and the list goes on and on...

All because we thought we might get better use of space if we moved the bed to a different wall... sigh.


I had such a great time too! And I see a request above in the comments for pictures and I don't even think any of us took any!

Cleaning isn't any fun, but aren't the results worth it? I always feel so good after cleaning something.


I'm holding you to it.


Oh it does feel good. And the process of getting it all cleaned out is truly
cleansing. But motivating yourself to get started is the problem.


That would be funny. But no. :-(


That's when it's bad... when it all spirals out of control. Sorry.


Pictures of us going at it during Catch Phrase would've been cool. Or Diane
swinging her arms to roll the dice in Trivial Pursuit. Heh.


Now that IS funny!!! Although I do dread my kids being on Twitter or blogging when they are older - I will have nowhere to hide ;o)


I've got a work friend who won't get on Facebook because her adult kids have
banned her. They don't want to know how wild and crazy she might get on
there. The prospect scares them.


Since your blog keeps blowing up on me when I sign in (by "blow up" I mean it doesn't give me a nice avatar and it describes me by my Cat-From-Outer-Space name), I'm choosing NOT to sign in.

But that foxtrot is awesome. I'm "friends" with my 14yr old daughter on Facebook and she definitely curbs some of her online activity (which is kind of the point).


I don't understand why you're having so many problems on my site and no one
else seems to.

I think if my kids, when I have them, want to use those sites or whatever
their future derivation is, I would require being able to monitor in the
same way.


Now I'm logged in with my Typepad account, so let's see if it let's me be awesome.


That is so on the money. We over-twitter our every detail! :-)


Twitter has now apparently jumped the shark!


Hahahaha oh too funny!

I would quit twitter if either of my parents joined.

I refuse to spring clean until it officially warms up. I'm still sporting the winter coats!


And it did!


With some people it works, but with the other 99.9999% it does not.


Almost. Not quite. Fox Trot is usually pretty hip to techie trends. However,
if Dagwood Bumstead starts using it, or Beetle Bailey, then yes. Shark meat.


Our weather has been all over the place. We had a nice warm break this
weekend and that's why we cleaned. Now it's colder and wet. Last night was a
pretty bad wind storm around here. Not terrible, but enough to make it sound
like our roof was gonna collapse on us. ;-)


That cartoon shows one of the acceptable reasons for a parent using Twitter.


True. But also a nice alert system for the kiddies. ;-)

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