Gimme mo-o-o-oney...
There's a time, a place for everything...

You can comb my hair, undress me anywhere...

I feel so dirty.

I had to Photoshop a head-and-shoulders photo of a woman I know personally for use on a Web page I was putting together. She's a nice girl and cute, but the photo needed some help. Not her so much as the quality of the photograph. Bad shadows cast by the flash, some visual blur, and the person who took the photo forgot to turn off the dreaded date/time stamp.

Shadows? Not a problem.

Blur? Sharpened up a bit and the rest of it was resolved by cropping it down to a Web-usable size.

The date/time stamp? Well that took some use of the rubber stamp tool in Photoshop. I would have to sample some surrounding areas and fill over where the text stood out in bright orange against her dark sweater.

Oh, and did I mention that the stamp was right across her, um, boobs? Yes, I said "boobs." And I was zoomed in tight, as I always am when rubber stamping in Photoshop, in order to maintain as much detail as possible.

It was disconcerting.

I'm not sure I can ever look at her the same way again.

Help! Help! I'm being followed by the Illinois House Republicans (@ILHGOP).

They're on Twitter and they're following me!! Help!


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I am being followed by Naperville, Illinois. How does one even GET a whole city to follow them???


I always spend a lot of time photoshopping my family for our Christmas photos. Shh...


Oh I've little to no success trying to remove that damn date stamp on pictures. Who still takes pictures with dates stamps?! Argh!

I say block the republicans! hehe


Hmm do you think the republicans are using twitter to try and take over the world? Maybe twitter is really Big Brother, and you all just got suckered into LETTING them watch and control you willingly!!!

So glad I deleted my twitter account. ;)

Now, stop feeling up the photos of other women. Geeze.

Sybil Law

You know you loved messing with the boobies.


Women can never have too many boobs. Heh. Reminds me of the old Steve Martin bit, "There must be ... 57 tits on that stage!"


Very carefully.


I'm afraid if I spent too much time Photoshopping myself in family photos,
I'd just wind up putting Ryan Reynolds in there instead of me just to look
better. Avoid the temptation. ;-)


I can't believe the setting still exists in cameras. Why? What's the
purpose? All the EXIF data on digital photo files lists the date and time


Who said anything about feeling up? You are sick! ;-)


I plead the 5th Amendment.


I don't think I know that one. Curious how he got an odd number, though. ;-)

Just Meee~

57... cauze there is always a BOOB in the crowd!

DATE STAMP ON PHOTOS... cauze when you get old you won't remember where and when these photos were taken... and when you get REALLY old... you won't even remember who these people are...

I'm officially certified to hide my own Easter Eggs this year...


Shame those date/time stamps don't include identification of what's in the
photo. But damn that would make the photography process a bitch.

"Certified" or "Certifiable"? Do you have to clear what will be hidden in
the eggs?


I am cracking up at the title to this post. And now have that song stuck in my head.

I wish I could figure out how to turn the date stamp ON on my camera!


You want to turn it on? Bring it Saturday and I'll figure it out for you.


Steve was pretending to be a bit drunk and slurred out the odd boobies number.

It's from an album that was out when I was in High School (or shortly thereafter). Way back in 1978.

And now I must go to bed ... we old guys need our sleep.


This is Avitable. Typepad is giving me an error.

Anyways, there's something wrong with intently staring at the boobs of women you personally know? I do that, and it's not even on the computer!


I gotta check this act.


They won't do anything to you. You're their boss.


This wouldn't be the first time someone used Photoshop to rubber stamp the boobs. he he


Are you a chronic boob stamper? ;-)


Ha ha ha! About the Photoshopping... I've been there, as you know, and I can relate well!!!


It's a little unnerving, isn't it?


Not personally, but I know of a few photos I've seen over the years. ;-)


You and me both, my friend. ;-)

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